Taipei 101 is World’s Tallest Green Building

Being in Taiwan, the building must also deal with the high humidity that is a natural part of the climate. To do this, the building has two sensors on each floor that monitor the humidity level and activate the chilled water system within the air conditioning units to reduce the humidity.

Taipei 101 also includes a variety of energy-efficient lighting, motion-controlled lights that help reduce energy use, rooms designed to encourage the use of desk lamps rather than the overhead lights, and many other features that helped Taipei 101 achieve an 18 percent savings in energy use over the last three years.

In addition to these features, the landscape surrounding Taipei 101 is 100 percent watered by harvested rainwater, reducing the amount of water use by a significant amount. All of the sinks, toilets, and urinals are motion-sensor activated as well. These combined features help Taipei 101 save 28.0 tons of water annually.

Taipei 101 also sponsors the nearby Zhong-Qiang Park in order to preserve the green environment and reduce CO2 emissions, helping improve the air quality for the entire city. Even the location of the parking lots, in the basement level, contributes to Taipei 101’s environmental efforts, as this location reduces the urban heat island effect.

SOURCE: Taipei 101, Earth Techling

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