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Agricultural Building Kits & Prices

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Building Overview

Your agricultural building doesn’t need to win any design awards, it’s needs to be low cost, expandable and fast to set up.

Large multi-use buildings are frequently constructed on agricultural properties or rural hobby farms to provide a variety of uses that support your needs. Examples of uses for an agricultural building kit include: equipment storage, vehicle storage, shelter for animals and hay or animal feed storage.

Metal is an extremely popular building material for building applications because it is durable, resilient, and cost-efficient in general. One popular type of metal building design is the use of prefabricated metal building kits to complete building projects that offer many flexible designs.

If you want to find out more about steel agricultural buildings, including pros & cons, rough price estimates and handy building guide you’ll want to keep reading.

Metal Agricultural Buildings

Metal has become a popular construction material for agricultural buildings because it is strong, durable, and cost-efficient by nature which has made it a go-to for anyone who requires a functional structure for their agricultural space. In this article, we’ll be examining whether a prefab steel agricultural building is right for you.

Metal Agricultural Buildings

What is a Prefab Agricultural Building?

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of prefab construction, then let’s start with the basics. Prefab is short for prefabricated, which means that the structural components are designed, manufactured at one time and then packaged up as a kit before being shipped to the building location. They are measured and cut to be pieced together with relative ease (compared with traditional construction).

There are numerous benefits associated with this method of construction, which we’ll examine next.

Pros of Metal Agricultural Buildings

In the section below, some of the benefits of metal prefab construction will be presented so that you can evaluate if these structures are right for you.

Many Agricultural Uses

Agricultural building is quite a broad term as these buildings need to cover many different needs and uses that could occur on an agricultural property. When you own an agricultural property, you will have a variety of activities and equipment required to support the functioning of this kind of property. Prefab metal building kits are highly versatile and able to be customized to suit your on-site needs. Not only can you choose from many building templates which are available in all shapes and sizes, you can work with a manufacturer’s in-house designer to build an agricultural building that meets your exacting standards.

Whether you need a barn, horse stables, a riding area, or general storage and production facilities, you can make it happen with the use of a prefab metal building.

For anyone looking at investing in building an agricultural building on their property, the primary importance is that the buildings work with you to perfectly fit your needs and support your property activities. Prefab metal buildings provide a flexible and cost-effective way to meet your present and future requirements.

Energy Efficient

Metal prefab buildings are suitable as basic structures and function well as metal framed and sided “shell” style structures. If your needs extend beyond this, for example if you have valuable farm equipment that should be stored at ambient temperatures, you have options with metal buildings to upgrade from a basic shelter function.
Prefab buildings can be very energy efficient when properly insulated because of two factors. Firstly their pieces are manufactured with precision and they fit together well at their seams, minimizing heat loss. Secondly, when insulated, they retain heat very well which will save you money on your heating bill over time and provide an ambient workspace, storage space and preserve your valuable farm equipment.

Beyond the benefits of cost savings on utility bills, you can feel good about a building that doesn’t use unnecessary heat energy and will leave a positive environmental footprint.

Open Space

Agricultural equipment and storage needs require a lot of space and steel framed metal buildings are able to provide for this need. When it comes to any building meant for utility purposes, space will always be at a premium. Metal prefab buildings utilize strong center beams to support large roof spans and provide a strong framework for 26-gauge steel roofing and siding sheets. Because metal is so strong, this style of building requires fewer internal support beams than a comparable building of traditional design.

The result is more interior space and less space occupied by columns and beams, which means more space that you can use however you require – more storage space, livestock space, or general-purpose space.


One of the biggest advantages is the cost savings possible with metal prefab agricultural building kits. Because prefab metal buildings use sophisticated 3D modeling to fully design the structure prior to manufacturing, when the components are manufactured it massively cuts down on materials wasted. This is quite different to traditional building on-site from scratch. Prefabricated building kits provide major cost savings throughout the process.

Additional cost saving can be achieved because there’s no need to hire an expensive architect for a long and complicated construction process. The entire design and construction process is streamlined, meaning you save time and money along the way. That said, the cost can still vary widely depending on the size of your structure, the interior & exterior options, and more. For a more exact cost breakdown, compare quotes to receive a tailored price.

Cost Efficient

Cons of Metal Agricultural Buildings

The following section will investigate potential challenges to consider when building an agricultural building on your property so that you can make an informed decision. so you can consider whether a prefab agricultural building kit is right for you.


Zoning regulations vary from place to place and may depend on the size and location of your property. There are usually building and zoning guidelines relating to the types of buildings that you can erect on a property specific to your area. Similarly, there may be a home owners association that you might be part of and that you’d need to investigate their specific zoning requirements.

Commonly, zoning is oriented towards traditional wood framed buildings so extra care and investigation might be required if you plan to construct with metal. This is because in some places prefab metal structures are considered non-traditional design projects, so regulators may have difficulty applying the same sets of rules.

The best practice is to look into the rules and regulations ahead of time and keep regulators in the loop with your project. Often your local municipality will have a staff member that you can inquire with or use as a touch-point for further investigation.

Non-Traditional Look

There is concern among some home or property owners that a big metal building is not what they are looking for from an aesthetic point of view. If you are seeking a more traditional looking building such as one made from wood or brick, then a metal prefab building might not be the best choice for you.

That being said, it’s worth mentioning that there are many exterior options for prefab buildings, including siding, color options, wraps, or cladding including brick, stone, or wood that can be added to metal prefab buildings. These options effectively disguise or improve the look of your prefab metal building, creating an exterior that is both durable and aesthetically aligned to your needs.

Price of Metal Agricultural Buildings

Price is a major concern with agricultural buildings, especially if you consider that these buildings are for business purposes so a major focus will be how to keep your costs down and maximizing your return on investment.

Because prefab metal buildings are so variable, your cost may differ greatly depending on the project you undergo and the full size and scope of your project.

Below you will find tables outlining general pricing charts for your reference. The first is for a rigid frame barn building of various sizes. The second is for various types of I-Beam structured prefab buildings. Keep your needs in mind, and reference these charts to get an idea of what your project baseline costs might be.

Example Price Chart of a Rigid Frame Barn Building:

Rigid Frame Building Size (SQFT) Price $ / SQFT
Rigid frame horse barn building 70×60 (4200) $25,620 $6.10
Rigid frame horse barn building 60×80 (4800) $27,840 $5.80
Rigid frame horse barn building 65×80 (5200) $28,600 $5.50
Rigid frame horse barn building 90×60 (5400) $28,080 $5.20

Example Price Chart per Sq. Ft. of Various I-Beam Agricultural Structures:

I-beam Structure Size (FT) Price $ / SQFT
Regular Roof 12×21 (252) $2,955 $11.72
Boxed Eave 12×21 (252) $3,055 $12.12
Vertical Roof 12×21(252) $3,255 $12.92
Regular Roof 18×36 (648) $4,410 $6.81
Boxed Eave 18×36 (648) $4,885 $7.53
Vertical Roof 18×36 (648) $5,235 $8.08
Regular Roof 24×36 (864) $6,050 $7
Boxed Eave 24×36 (864) $6,575 $7.60
Vertical Roof 24×36 (864) $6,925 $8.0

If you have a specific project in mind and require a more accurate estimate, click here to compare affordable quotes from suppliers.

Average Prices

Horse Barn $5.50 per sqft
Hay storage $6 per sqft
Barndominium $22 per sqft

These estimates will give you some ball park figures to work with, it’s also important to consider adding 10% for delivery and $6 per sqft for foundations.

Types of Agricultural Buildings

As we’ve touched on in this article, an agricultural building can be suitable for a wide range of different purposes and needs that occur on agricultural properties. Metal prefab buildings are up to just about any task so no matter your needs, you can build a metal prefab building to match.

In this section, we’re taking a look at some of the top uses for a steel agricultural building. It is far from an exhaustive list, but it does represent the versatility of these buildings.

Barns: Barns are the most classic of all agricultural buildings. Metal prefab building kits are great for constructing agricultural barns. Their strong supports and resilient metal frames result in barns with serious structural integrity, which is especially important for a building exposed to the elements.

Their open, spacious design ensures that there is plenty of space for storage, livestock, or for whichever usage you require and of course, you can customize the interior and exterior as you see fit.

Stables: Metal prefab kits are also a popular choice for horse barns or stables. They are built large enough to stable many horses and can be customized to include storage space, equipment space, and more.

You can also insulate them for colder months which allows you to provide only the best conditions for your valued horses. Metal prefab horse barns provide a strong, stable, and spacious space for your animals’ needs.

Riding Arena: In addition to horse barns, some equestrian professionals have built entire covered riding areas with the use of metal prefab construction. Metal construction lends itself to these structures very well. Their spacious interiors ensure minimal obstruction from support columns and beams, giving you open space for riding arenas under cover.

Hay Storage: Whether you need to store hay, or any other agricultural tools or equipment, metal prefab structures are perfect for the job. The buildings are large, spacious, and durable. You can keep the interior contents safe and construct a building large enough for an interior that doesn’t become cluttered.

Barndominium: Who says that agricultural buildings are just for practical purposes? A hot new trend in real estate is the barndominium. A barndominium is a barn structure that is transformed to be used as a home. You get the benefits of a large building with wide-open space, combined with all the comforts of home. It’s a cool mash-up that we like and further goes to show the versatility of metal homes.

Types of Agricultural Buildings

Getting Your Agricultural Building Built

If you’re considering embarking on this building process but if you don’t know where to start, the following section outlines a mini-guide on how to get started.

Step 1: Outline Needs

The first step is to know what you want so take the steps to fully outline your needs for an agricultural building. Have a rough idea of what you want the size and shape of the building to be as well as what you would like the interior to look like.

You don’t have to have an exact plan but it’s a good idea to know roughly what you want so that you can work with a pro to make a building that meets your needs.

Step 1(a): Zoning and Building Guidelines

As we’ve mentioned throughout this article, there may be specific zoning and building guidelines that apply to your area specifically to this style of building. It’s better to know about these as early in the process as possible. A visit to your local city hall or municipality office may be necessary, or even a quick Google search. Either way, you should know about these ahead of time so that you ask informed questions and receive the feedback needed to create a successful project.

Step 2: Contact a Supplier

Contact a supplier to get a quote and choose from a template that matches your exact agricultural needs. There will be many options to choose from, all of which are fully customizable.

And if you don’t find anything you want, suppliers can build 3D models from scratch for a truly custom project.

Step 3: Manufacturing

Once you have approved a prefab design and the supplier is confident in your ability to pay, the manufacturing of the building can begin. Manufacturing is done off-site, packaged as a kit and then shipped to your location.

Step 4: Construction

Although prefab building kits are quite a bit simpler than traditional construction, you will probably still require professional contractors and builders to help you and expedite the process of erecting the building. Even with the cost of hiring these professionals you can expect it to be a faster process than traditional construction because the parts will arrive at your site pre-built ready to assemble.

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