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The Best Metal Building Companies in 2020

Metal building strip mall


Erecting a metal building is a significant investment, and the fact is, your metal building contractor can make or break your project. In this article, we are going to be taking a look at the best metal building company out there. We are examining 15 of our top picks so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

Metal Building Contractors are the people who transform your ideas on paper into actual structures that you should be proud to call yours.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew which Metal Building Contractor is the best choice for you?

Great news.

So, after combing through the best contractors around the country, our team at Green Building Elements has narrowed them down to this iron-clad list of the Top 15 Metal Building Contractors.

To guarantee we picked the best of the best, the criteria that we used to distinguish these companies covers every critical aspect of Metal Building Contractors

In this guide, you will find key details about the products, services, and reputation these 15 companies offer.

Which would equip you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision.

Let’s get started.

What’s in this guide?

 Before We Start: Making The Right Choice

With choosing between different metal building companies, the important factor is making the right choice. But the right choice will be different for different people. This is because everyone has different requirements and preferences. Therefore, the best way to make the right choice is to first outline what your own requirements are.

So, to make a proper decision, we recommend you first decide which criteria is important to you in deciding on a metal building construction company.

It is helpful to divide your analysis into a few key areas. There are certain features which will make some companies more suitable than others. We have included them below. Match these features to your specific requirements, and you will be able to make a great decision from the companies that we outline below.

Product and Services Range

The first thing you should look into is what products and services the company actually offers. No metal structure is the same. So if a company doesn’t offer the products and services necessary to help you achieve your specific project, then it simply isn’t the right company for you.

 This is why it is so important to have clear plans beforehand. If you have a clear idea of what you need to build, and the services you require to build it, then you can easily see which company offers the best range of services.

 Certain companies specialize in building different types of metal structures be it for a steel barn, a garage, a commercial building, an airplane hangar, or much more. Different companies also offer different construction services when it comes to helping you build the structure. Know what you are looking for in this regard, and find the company that offers it.


Of course, having the proper certifications to do the work that they offer is pretty much a bare minimum for any construction company. However, this is also a pretty great indicator of the level of experience of each company. While not a concrete rule, you can expect a contractor with more certifications to have a better understanding of the industry. And while a more experienced company may cost a bit more, the extra experience is often worth it for the higher level of service.

Cost and Fees

Of course, price! Price is a valid consideration in just about any decision you make. However, when shopping based on price, it’s best to think in terms of the quality that you are receiving for that price.

 Price alone isn’t a very good metric, because that doesn’t consider what you are getting for what you pay. You should first decide on which products and services you actually want, and then shop on price based on that. See which company can give you the most value for the lowest price, and that’s the decision you want to make.

Customer Support

Customer support is a big one as well. This is especially important in this industry. Ongoing support is important when you may have frequent questions about your construction process and your prefabricated metal building materials.

 With metal building companies, look for one that has a customer support line that is easy to reach, and covers many hours of the day. And with a construction service, good customer support also includes a competent and efficient construction team.

 Overall, try to find a company that is friendly, responsive, and very knowledgeable about their products and services. They should also be quick to solve any problems or issues that may arise.

Quality of Work from Real Reviews and Portfolio Gallery

It’s a great idea to research a company by looking at their website and their service offerings, but this can only tell you so much. To get a truly objective view of a company’s competence, you should be looking at reviews. Reviews give you an honest look at what you can expect from each company, and they tell you the good and the bad.

Check out Google Reviews, or any other message boards or online review sources which examine the company you are considering. Reviews are a great source to help you make your decision.

Top 15 Metal Building Companies

Steel Structures America

Location: Post Falls, ID

Year Founded: 1995

Services: Residential, commercial and agricultural steel buildings

Steel Structures America specialises in residential, commercial and agricultural steel buildings for their customers, with a wide range of options available which include size, materials and styles for example.

This means that you can customise your steel building to your exact specifications, by working closely with this respected steel building company.

They have many reviews which state that Steel Structures America has saved them thousands of dollars with their steel buildings.


✔ Agricultural storage

✔ Houses

✔ Offices

✔ Retail