The Best Metal Building Companies in 2024

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Erecting a metal building is a significant investment, and the fact is, your metal building contractor can make or break your project. In this article, we are going to be taking a look at the best metal building company out there. We are examining 15 of our top picks so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

Metal Building Contractors are the people who transform your ideas on paper into actual structures that you should be proud to call yours.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew which Metal Building Contractor is the best choice for you?

Great news.

So, after combing through the best contractors around the country, our team at Green Building Elements has narrowed them down to this iron-clad list of the Top 15 Metal Building Contractors.

To guarantee we picked the best of the best, the criteria that we used to distinguish these companies covers every critical aspect of Metal Building Contractors.

In this guide, you will find key details about the products, services, and reputation these 15 companies offer.

Which would equip you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision.

What’s in this guide?

Before We Start: Making The Right Choice

With choosing between different metal building companies, the important factor is making the right choice. But the right choice will be different for different people. This is because everyone has different requirements and preferences. Therefore, the best way to make the right choice is to first outline what your own requirements are.

So, to make a proper decision, we recommend you first decide which criteria is important to you in deciding on a metal building construction company.

It is helpful to divide your analysis into a few key areas. There are certain features which will make some companies more suitable than others. We have included them below. Match these features to your specific requirements, and you will be able to make a great decision from the companies that we outline below.

Product and Services Range

The first thing you should look into is what products and services the company actually offers. No metal structure is the same. So if a company doesn’t offer the products and services necessary to help you achieve your specific project, then it simply isn’t the right company for you.

This is why it is so important to have clear plans beforehand. If you have a clear idea of what you need to build, and the services you require to build it, then you can easily see which company offers the best range of services.

Certain companies specialize in building different types of metal structures – be it for a steel barn, a garage, a commercial building, an airplane hangar, or much more. Different companies also offer different construction services when it comes to helping you build the structure. Know what you are looking for in this regard, and find the company that offers it.


Of course, having the proper certifications to do the work that they offer is pretty much a bare minimum for any construction company. However, this is also a pretty great indicator of the level of experience of each company. While not a concrete rule, you can expect a contractor with more certifications to have a better understanding of the industry. And while a more experienced company may cost a bit more, the extra experience is often worth it for the higher level of service.

Cost and Fees

Of course, price! Price is a valid consideration in just about any decision you make. However, when shopping based on price, it’s best to think in terms of the quality that you are receiving for that price.

Price alone isn’t a very good metric, because that doesn’t consider what you are getting for what you pay. You should first decide on which products and services you actually want, and then shop on price based on that. See which company can give you the most value for the lowest price, and that’s the decision you want to make.

Customer Support

Customer support is a big one as well. This is especially important in this industry. Ongoing support is important when you may have frequent questions about your construction process and your prefabricated metal building materials.

With metal building companies, look for one that has a customer support line that is easy to reach, and covers many hours of the day. And with a construction service, good customer support also includes a competent and efficient construction team.

Overall, try to find a company that is friendly, responsive, and very knowledgeable about their products and services. They should also be quick to solve any problems or issues that may arise.


Compare Prices and Save

To start, answer a few short questions online to tell us what you are looking for. You will receive up to 5 FREE price quotes from the best building companies to compete for your business. Then you can compare quotes and select the company that works BEST FOR YOU and SAVE UP TO 30%.


Quality of Work from Real Reviews and Portfolio Gallery

It’s a great idea to research a company by looking at their website and their service offerings, but this can only tell you so much. To get a truly objective view of a company’s competence, you should be looking at reviews. Reviews give you an honest look at what you can expect from each company, and they tell you the good and the bad.

Check out Google Reviews, or any other message boards or online review sources which examine the company you are considering. Reviews are a great source to help you make your decision.

Top 15 Metal Building Companies

1. Green Building Elements

Location: Manchester, CT (nationwide service)

Services: Residential, commercial and agricultural steel buildings

Green Building Elements is a nationwide service that connects you with the top metal building companies in your area. Our service allow you to easily submit your metal building requirements online and then we get multiple quotes sent to you so you can choose the best one for your situation.

This means you get the best deal on your metal building and you can customize your steel building to your exact specifications, by working closely with respected, local steel building companies without any friction of having to haggle on your own.


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2. Steel Structures America

Location: Post Falls, ID

Year Founded: 1995

Services: Residential, commercial and agricultural steel buildings

Steel Structures America specializes in residential, commercial and agricultural steel buildings for their customers, with a wide range of options available which include size, materials and styles for example.

This means that you can customize your steel building to your exact specifications, by working closely with this respected steel building company.

They have many reviews which state that Steel Structures America has saved them thousands of dollars with their steel buildings.


3. Ameribuilt

Location: Oviedo, FL

Year Founded: 2001

Services: Steel homes, commercial buildings, industrial and storage

Ameribuilt is a company that ships steel buildings worldwide, with custom designs and quotes which depend on your needs when it comes to steel structures.

They give you the opportunity to either work with a team of builders to erect your building, or you could even do it yourself thanks to the simplicity that they offer.

Ameribuilt works with a few select companies who they freely talk about when it comes to their buildings, so you can see where each part of your building comes from. They aim to make metal building construction an easy and intuitive process.


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4. Metal Building Homes

Year Founded: 2013

Services: Kits, barns, shipping containers, pole barns

Metal Building Homes was born like many companies, out of necessity, or out of remorse – in this case; it was the latter.

The owner wanted to buy a steel home from a local supplier, hoping that he wouldn’t experience the same issues traditionally associated with stick buildings.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as expected, and after a frustrating length of time trying to build his dream home, Metal Building Homes was established.

Now, they provide connections with many unique buildings such as barns, kits and repurposed shipping containers, which give you a single and excellent quality metal home.


5. Rhino Steel Buildings

Location: Denton, Texas

Year Founded: 1998

Services: Pole barns, warehouses, prefabricated steel homes, churches

Rhino Steel Buildings offers its customers exceptional service, which is why approximately 33% of their orders in the last year has been made by either a past customer or through referrals.

They provide shipping services throughout America in all 50 states and claim to be able to give you a customized solution that can match your specific needs.

The Rhino Steel Building’s designers will take your concept, and develop a plan that has the structural integrity to match your ideas, help you pick out extra accessories and the options which suit your new steel building.


6. American Steel Span

Year Founded: 1979

Services: Steel and metal buildings such as workshops, homes, commercial buildings

American Steel Span was founded in the late 1970s, and they have provided sturdy steel and metal buildings for over 38 years.

One of their benefits over their competitors is that their experienced technicians will get back to you within 24 hours of your initial inquiry, to make sure that they can provide you with the metal building you need.

According to their testimonials, customers who bought their metal building ten years ago still have the same quality of building today, which shows you how much you can depend on your steel structure.


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7. SteelMaster Buildings

Location: Virginia

Year Founded: 1982

Services: Residential and commercial steel buildings

SteelMaster is an established company in the steel building industry, and offer an extensive range of steel buildings such as residential garages, farms, homes, carports and commercial buildings like storage and agriculture.

They have served over 40,000 customers around the globe, with distributors in over 50 countries. So regardless of where you are, you might be able to acquire a high-quality steel building.

SteelMaster offers buildings which can suit your custom needs and requirements, so you should ask them about what they can offer.


8. All American Steel Buildings

Location: Colorado

Year Founded: 2005

Services: Residential, agricultural and commercial buildings

All American Steel is a team of experienced professionals who are fully certified, and as a leader in the steel building industry, they can provide buildings as small as residential garages, or as big as industrial factories.

They can offer you a bespoke solution which includes the design and manufacture of your building, with a free consultation to see whether they are a right fit for you.

Established in 2005, All American Steel has been providing their services for almost 15 years.


9. Downs Construction Company LLC

Location: Thomasville, North Carolina

Year Founded: 1991

Services: Affordable Design, Building, and Consultation services

Downs Construction is a family-owned and fully licensed general contractor and metal building erector that primarily serves clients based in the East Coast.

They specialize in a variety of pre-engineered buildings that are the perfect solution if you are looking for an affordable and efficient structure that still provides you with the same capabilities of a custom metal building.

Their 25+ years of experience and willingness to work with a broad range of clients enable Downs Construction to understand your goals much better than other less experienced companies. Their span of projects includes athletic venues, practice facilities, and office spaces, which were all built to the specifications and likings of the respective clients.


10. Universal Steel of America

Location: Georgia

Services: Industrial, storage, barns and recreational steel buildings

Universal Steel of America strives to establish great relationships with its customers, and steel buildings that can be depended on.

Many of their buildings have survived harsh weathers such as those in Puerto Rico during hurricane Maria, as well as hurricane Irma in the US.

They do not only offer prefabricated buildings, but also building parts such as insulated roof panels, wall panels, accessories, specialty items and waste management.


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11. Sure Steel Inc.

Location: South Weber, Utah

Year Founded: 1993

Services: Metal and Pre-Engineered Building Erector and Management Solutions

Sure Steel is an AISC-certified metal building erector that provides services in structural steel, pre-engineered buildings, and steel management that give you cost and time savings.

They take a design-build approach, whereby Sure Steel is the primary point of contact for the entire process. From development to completion. By doing so, they significantly reduce the inefficiency and miscommunication that happens when too many companies are involved.

In recent years, Sure Steel has expanded their outreach to cover Dallas and Raleigh. Their success has also allowed them to work with a wide range of sectors including religious, retail, warehouse, government, and aviation.


12. Image Building Systems

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Year Founded: 2009

Services: General Contracting for a wide range of sectors

Image Building Systems are a commercial and industrial general contractor that both designs and installs pre-engineered and conventional metal buildings. They offer competitively priced services, while also ensuring that every project receives as much attention as possible, for you to receive the most benefit.

What’s more, Image Building Systems has the resources to handle construction projects of any types. For example, they have completed a variety of projects including large-scale sports training facilities. As well as hotels, worship buildings, and riding areas.

Their versatility is shown further by their track record of completing over 300 buildings in the 9 years since their establishment.


13. Dunn Building Company

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

Year Founded: 1878

Services: Design, Construction, and Specialty Contracting

Dunn Building Co. is one of the oldest construction firms in the country. And has firmly established themselves as an industry leader. It’s no doubt that they are well-known throughout Alabama. With their head office in Birmingham and local offices in Saraland and Athens.

Dunn Building Co. provides full-coverage services for metal buildings including design, construction, and speciality contracting for heavy concrete and metal roofing.

Their versatility is shown by their experience working with a considerably broad range of sectors including warehouse, power, manufacturing, and automobile. As a result of their expertise and customer care, Dunn has built long-lasting partnerships with clients such as FedEx as well as Honda, Airbus, and smaller companies that trust Dunn Building Co. with their visions.


14. Dublin Building Systems

Location: Dublin, Ohio

Year Founded: 1970

Services: Commercial and Industrial Design and Construction

Dublin Building Systems is a metal building and construction company that specializes in commercial and industrial projects such as manufacturing plants, corporate offices, and sports facilities.

By taking a design-build approach, Dublin Building can efficiently deliver creative and customized solutions that cover every stage. From the design and development, to construction. This also means that they are your single point of contact and responsibility throughout the project, which streamlines the process and dramatically reduces any cost or time inefficiencies.

Dublin’s positive client reviews praise the company’s efficient designs, quality work, and an overall straightforward process from start to finish.


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15. Moltus Building Group

Location: Midland, Michigan

Year Founded: 2013

Services: One-stop-shop for Design, Construction and Management

Moltus Building Group is a relatively new construction company that takes a customer service-based approach to metal building.

Firstly, they provide you with an impressive range of services including general construction and construction management. With the goal of being your one-stop shop for anything building-related.

Despite being a newcomer, Moltus has since built almost 15 million square feet of the metal building since their formation in 2013. Their ability to succeed in a competitive industry is due to their unique customer-focused outlook and relationships.



All in all, metal building companies aren’t the same as each other. Each of these companies has differences in their approaches, experience, and services provided. The important part is which builder is the best choice for you.

What this means is that it’s your responsibility to find the one that best suits your purpose and objectives. Which is an understandably difficult task for any person to do alone.

Luckily for you, this list of the Top 15 Metal Building Companies has narrowed down your choices further. And at this point, I’m guessing that you have a clear idea of which company you believe is the best fit.