If you’re fortunate enough to have a large backyard, your push-along lawn mower might not be up to the job.

Sometimes, you need something with a little more ‘oomph’: enter the riding lawn mower.

These mowers do an incredible job at trimming back large areas in no time, plus you get to sit down as you do it – what’s not to love?

However, these machines require a LOT of maintenance, and one of the most important things you can do to keep your mower secure is to choose the right shed.

If your current shed is looking a little worse for wear, it might be time to invest in something bigger and better. So we’re here to help. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate storage space for your new riding lawn mower, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to explore our handy guide of some of the best riding mower sheds on the market – plus, we’ll even walk you through those all-important questions you need to be asking yourself when you’re shopping around. 

Keter Factor Large Outdoor Shed

Keter Factor 8 x 11 Foot All Weather Durable Resin Outdoor Storage Shed with 2 Solid Shelves and Built-in Ventilation for Backyard Organization, Taupe

Let’s kick off our review with the Keter Factor Large Outdoor Shed. This 8 x 11-foot large outdoor resin shed has a storage capacity of 550 cubic feet.

It’s made from high-quality polypropylene resin plastic and reinforced with steel, to ensure your shed maintains its durable structure, even with long-term exposure to the elements. 

This shed also boasts a realistic wood-like texture that gives it an authentic feel, and its built-in skylight provides this shed with a light, spacious feel that’s guaranteed to suit almost any home or garden. 

This shed weighs around 400 pounds, and it’s waterproof, UV protected, and weather-resistant to prevent any rotting or rusting.

It even features air vents at the top of the shed to ensure any unwanted fumes or chemicals can escape, keeping you and your family safe.

Its large double doors also make it easy for you to move large or heavy items (such as your riding lawn mower!) easily.

This shed does not come assembled (so you’ll have to piece it together yourself). However, Keter provides comprehensive instructions to get you started.

When we put the Keter Factor Shed to the test, we were impressed by how easy it was to assemble.

We’d be lying if we said it was a quick process (after all, it’s a colossal shed); however, once we followed the instructions to the minute, the construction process was relatively straightforward.

We found ourselves enjoying the time spent building the shed, and we’re confident you will too! 

When we first put the shed together, we were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to move our riding lawnmower in and out.

However, we discovered that the mower slid in perfectly, and it required no extra effort on our part to maneuver it. 

Our only complaint with this shed is that the roof panels aren’t as durable as the rest of the shed.

After consistent exposure to the sun and high temperatures, we noticed that the roof began to warp slightly. This may also cause issues with leaking and structural integrity in the future. 


  • Durable & Weatherproof: The Keter Factor Large Outdoor Storage Shed is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as rain, snow, wind, and heat. It’s also water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about getting your shed wet when you store your lawn equipment inside. Additionally, the shed is UV resistant, which won’t fade over time.
  • Easy To Assemble: The Keter Factor sheds are manufactured using high-quality materials, making them sturdy enough to last through years of use. They also feature pre-drilled holes to make assembly easier. Furthermore, they include detailed instructions to help you complete the project quickly and easily.
  • Large Capacity: The Keter Factor shed offers a massive 550 cubic feet of space to store everything from small tools to larger pieces of furniture. You’ll find plenty of room to store your lawn equipment, garden supplies, and other household items.


  • Roof Warps: After spending several months storing our riding lawn mower inside the shed, we noticed that the metal roof panels had warped slightly. While this didn’t affect the functionality of the shed, it did cause us concern regarding structural integrity.

Arrow Shed WR106

Arrow Shed WR106 Arrow Woodridge Low Gable Steel, Coffee/Woodgrain 10 x 6 ft. Storage Shed, Brown

The Arrow Shed WR106 is an attractive design that makes it stand out among its competitors.

This 10 x 6 ft shed has plenty of room to store your valuables. This is constructed almost entirely from electro-galvanized steel. 

It also features UV-resistant panels, and its sliding doors really make it stand out from the crowd.

These doors offer a low-hassle way to move your riding mower in and out, so you won’t have to worry about holding them open (or securing them open) to move large objects in and out. 

Unfortunately, this shed doesn’t come assembled, but it includes everything you need to get started, including pre-cut and pre-drilled parts.

Arrow has really gone out of its way to ensure that this product is as easy to assemble.

This shed also features a beautiful coffee-color exterior design, which complements the outdoors and looks natural (NOT industrial) in your garden. 

We found the construction process relatively straightforward when we tested the Arrow shed.

It took two of us around six hours to assemble, and the instructions were clearly written; however, we struggled to interpret the intention behind some of the pictures. 

The screws and bolts all lined up perfectly, and our set came with no bends or cosmetic blemishes.

Once constructed, we found this shed to be the perfect place to store our riding lawn mower.

The sliding doors were easy to use, and the shed itself is incredibly well made, so we weren’t worried about our mower being damaged. 

Unfortunately, we did feel that the sidewalls of the shed weren’t as well made as the rest of it.

Once erected, if we put too much weight near the sidewalls, we could see evident warping.

If you’re not going to overload your shed, though, we have no problem recommending this as a storage space for your mower! 


  • Large capacity: This shed has a large storage capacity, so it’s perfect for storing large or valuable items. 
  • Easy assembly: Although it took a long time to construct, this shed was easy to set up. 


  • Warping on sidewalls: Unfortunately, if you place too much weight on the sidewalls, they begin to warp. 

Also available at shedsdirect.com

Keter Newton Large Resin Outdoor Shed 

KETER Newton 7.5x7 Large Resin Outdoor Storage Shed Kit – Perfect to Store Patio Furniture, Garden Tools, Bike Accessories, and Lawn Mower, Mahogany Brown

Next up, we have this large resin outdoor shed by Keter. This 7.5 x 7 shed has a generous storage capacity, and it features a stunning exterior that would complement any modern home or garden.

This shed has a storage capacity of 303.7 cubic feet, and it weighs just under 300 pounds.

Just like the other Keter shed on our list, this one is also made from polypropylene resin plastic and reinforced steel to protect against the elements and prevent any damage from rodents or insects. 

This stylish shed also boasts two windows and a skylight, so whenever you spend time in here, you’ll never feel cooped up! This also makes the shed feel much larger than it is, making it a pleasant place to spend your time. 

Despite being made from polypropylene resin plastic and reinforced steel, this shed has a completely natural wood-like appearance, so it’ll complement almost any outdoor space.

It also features heavy-duty flooring, carefully reinforced to prevent any scuffing or damage from your riding lawn mower or other heavy-duty equipment.

It also has a lockable door, so you have the peace of mind of knowing that your valuables are locked up securely! 

When we tested the Keter Newton Large Resin Outdoor Shed, we were impressed with its sturdy construction and attractive design.

The reinforced flooring did a great job at protecting against any damage or scruffs from our riding lawn mower, and it managed to fit in perfectly. 

Unfortunately, our only complaint with this shed is that it takes a little longer to erect than some of the others on our list.

We had to take into account the fact that it’s quite heavy, and we needed two people to lift it into position.

However, this shed proved to be an excellent space to store our riding lawn mower once assembled. 


  • Stylish look: The Keter Newton Large Resin Outdoor shed looks fantastic, and it really complements any modern outdoor space. 
  • Sturdy construction: This shed is built to last and will withstand the elements for years to come. 


  • Heavy: Although it’s relatively light compared to most sheds, this one does weigh over 300 pounds. So, if you don’t have enough manpower, you might need to hire some help.

Lifetime 60079 Outdoor Shed 

Lifetime 60079 Outdoor Storage Dual Entry Shed, 15 x 8 ft, Desert Sand

Now, let’s explore a new brand and look at the Lifetime 60079 Outdoor Shed. This shed weighs an average of 601 pounds and boasts a wind resistance of an estimated 65 mph.

If you live in areas with heavy snowfall, we have good news too – this shed has a snow load capacity of 23 PSF! As you’d expect from any quality outdoor shed, it’s also weatherproof, UV protected, and firmly reinforced, so you won’t have to worry about any damage from the elements, rodents, or other animals. 

This shed is constructed from heavy-duty plastic, and there are no steel reinforcements like we’ve seen on other sheds.

However, it does include two screened vents, two windows, two shelves, a stylish skylight, and a strong polypropylene floor that holds up well when heavy-duty items, such as riding lawn mowers, are stored on it. 

This 15-foot wide shed also has a low-maintenance design that’s easy to clean and care for, and its generously-sized doors are centrally located to make moving your lawnmower easy. 

When we tested the Lifetime 60079 Outdoor Shed, we were impressed with its durability. Even after spending several weeks using it, we didn’t notice any signs of wear and tear.

The polypropylene floor held up exceptionally well, and we didn’t see any scuffs or scratches anywhere, even when moving our heavy riding lawnmower in and out of the shed frequently.

Although this shed isn’t wholly watertight, it’s still pretty darn close. However, we noticed that when water came into the shed, it took a long time to dry out.

So, if you ever experience any leaks, you may want to keep a close eye on your valuables. 


  • Durable: This shed is made from high-quality materials, and it should hold up well for many years to come. 
  • Easy to assemble: The Lifetime 60079 Outdoor shed includes plenty of instructions, which makes assembly very straightforward. 


  • Not Completely Waterproof: Although this shed is fairly waterproof, it doesn’t completely seal off all moisture. So, if you store anything inside that could get wet, you’ll probably want to cover them with something else.

Also available at www.lifetime.com

Shelterlogic Shed-In-A-Box

ShelterLogic 12' x 12' Shed-in-a-Box All Season Steel Metal Frame Peak Roof Outdoor Storage Shed with Waterproof Cover and Heavy Duty Reusable Auger Anchors, Grey

Next up, we have this unique Shed-in-a-box by Shelterlogic. Before we start, we urge you NOT to be put off by the name.

The Shelterlogic Shed-in-a-box is ideal if you want an easy maintenance, low-profile shed to store your riding lawn mower in.

While this shed may not be as elaborately constructed as our other models, it still does a fantastic job at keeping your valuables secure and looking the part while it’s at it. 

This shed boasts a durable, all-metal frame – so, while you may think it looks flimsy, we’re here to tell you it’s not.

This frame is incredibly secure, and even in strong winds, it doesn’t buckle.

The frame itself is 1-3/8 inches thick, and it’s bonded with a premium powder coating that prevents any corrosion or rusting.

Its gray top cover is more than just a sheet. This cover is made from a triple-layer ripstop material, and it’s also been UV treated to resist any fading from the sun.

It also boasts a covering tension system that keeps the shed looking tidy and your valuables secure. 

With 148 square feet of storage space, you’ll have plenty of room to keep your riding lawn mower safe and any other mechanical equipment or bikes you need to store.

When we tested this shed-in-a-box, we were impressed by its strength. 

We had no trouble assembling it (although it did take two people and a bit of patience), and because it’s a more compact design than our other models, it’s easier to move around and store in smaller outdoor areas.

It was easy to store our riding lawn mower here, and we actually found it was easier to get our lawnmower in and out of this shed than our other models!

The only downside to this shed is that it’s not completely weatherproof. Unlike our other sheds, this one has a fabric top.

Although this is incredibly durable (it holds up well even in strong winds), after a few months of use, a small tear appeared, resulting in a leak.

This shed will be ideal if you live in a warmer climate with minimal wind or rain. Otherwise, we’d recommend purchasing a more secure model. 


  • Durable metal frame: The metal frame on this shed is incredibly durable and holds up well in strong winds. 
  • Compact design: The compact design of this shed makes it an attractive choice for anyone low on storage space or looking for a model that’s easy to maneuver. 


  •  Fabric roof isn’t completely weatherproof: Unfortunately, the fabric roof on this shed isn’t completely weatherproof. If you live in a rainy climate, we’d recommend a more secure model. 

Truss Easy Shed Builds 

EZBUILDER 50 Structurally Stronger Truss Design Shed Builds 6in - 14in Widths Any Length Storage Garage Playhouse Easy Framing Kit 2x4 Basic Barn Roof Wood NOT Included

Next on our list is this Easy Shed Kit Builds by Truss. This shed builds kit claims to be 50% stronger than other kits; its galvanized steel brackets offer unparalleled protection and security. 

With multiple screw points and a reinforced truss design, you can tell you’re getting a worthwhile product.

One of our favorite things about this kit is how versatile it is.

When you order a Truss easy shed build kit, you get to choose exactly what size shed you want, and you won’t need a contractor to help you put it up! Despite their complex design, these sheds are designed to be easy to assemble.

After all, they boldly placed ‘easy shed builds’ in their design name!

Not only can you choose the size of your shed, but you can also choose the perfect finish to match your home and outdoor space.

This is a unique approach not offered by our other competitors, and it really helps Truss stand out from the crowd. 

When we ordered our easy shed builds kit, we were impressed by the quality of the instructions.

These seemed a lot more thorough than those offered by our other competitors, and although it took more than one of us to set up the shed, there was very little time spent trying to understand complex jargon.

The shed’s quality was also apparent from the get-go – each component looked incredibly well made, and we were suitably impressed. 

Once we’d set up the shed, we stored our riding lawnmower in it for a few weeks, and we had no issues at all! Because we could choose the size of our shed, we didn’t have to worry about dimensions or whether our mower would actually fit. 

We were also confident in the materials used, and we had no concerns that they would buckle or break with the weather.

All sounding too good to be true? Well, unfortunately, there is a catch. Truss Easy Build Kits don’t come with wood or finish materials, so you’ll have to source these yourself.

Instead, you’ll get around 24 steel angles, 12 steel base plates, four door header brackets, an EZ Miter template, and plans. 


  •  Versatile design: If you’ve ever struggled to find a shed that fits your needs, then you’ll love this kit. You can choose between two different sizes, and you can even add a second floor if you’d like.
  • Simple Assembly: This kit is easy to put together if you follow the instructions carefully. However, it’ll be a tough job by yourself, so you’ll probably need an extra pair of hands. 


  • No Wood Included: Although this kit comes with most of the things you need to build a shed, you’ll still need to buy some additional materials. 

Buyer’s Guide 

Your riding lawn mower is an expensive piece of kit, and you’ll want to do everything to keep it in tip-top shape.

Aside from all the maintenance, you’ll also need to invest in a quality storage space for your mower. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on some of the best sheds for your riding lawn mower.

Before you go and purchase your new shed, though, let us take you through some of the most important things you’ll need to look for in a quality shed. 


The first thing you’ll need to consider when buying a shed for your riding lawn mowers is the size.

Most people will opt for something larger than they originally planned because it turns out that they need more room than they thought.

In fact, many people choose to buy bigger to give themselves a bit of headroom for acquiring new things. In light of this, you should think carefully about what you may need to store in the future.

Having said that, you also need to be aware of the location — will you have enough room to accommodate your shed? Before you start looking for a shed, make sure you know exactly how big you need it to be. 


Another thing you’ll need to think about is the material of your shed. Personally, we’ve only included high-quality material sheds in this article.

Materials such as steel and plastic are easier to maintain, and they’re less likely to get damaged in harsh weather.

Therefore, we advise you not to select a wooden shed for your riding mower, as these are more susceptible to damage, rot, and rodent infestations.


Although you might be tempted to go for a cheap option when building your shed, we recommend going for something better.

Cheap sheds aren’t built to last, and they won’t provide you with any real protection against the elements. In fact, many cheaper options will end up rusting away after just a couple of years.

So it’s worth spending a bit more money on your shed because it will give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve got a sturdy structure protecting your riding mower.

Customer Reviews 

Nowadays, you can find plenty of online reviews for various products, including sheds.

You can check out what other people have said about their experiences using them.

It’s always a good idea to read through customer reviews before purchasing anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Shed Do I Need? 

When choosing the right size shed for your riding lawn mower, you’ll first need to consider how much room you have available.

You should also factor in the size of your riding lawn mower. If you’re looking to store a larger model, you might require a bigger shed.

It’s worth noting that smaller models will usually require a slightly smaller shed, which means you won’t have any wasted space. 

How Easy Is It To Set Up A Shed? 

Setting up a shed by yourself should be simple, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

We also recommend getting another person to help you lift heavy parts.

Most shed assembly jobs will require a few tools such as a hammer, drill, screws, nuts, and bolts.

Remember to check with the manufacturer which materials you will receive to see if you need to source any extra. 

Are Metal Sheds Better Than Plastic Sheds? 

We’ve found that metal sheds are better than plastic ones because they’re stronger and last longer. They’re also easier to clean and they’re cheaper to maintain.

The downside is that metal is much heavier than plastic. But on the other hand, plastic sheds tend to be cheaper, and they don’t rust or corrode over time.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you decide which type of shed is best for your riding lawn mower.

There are so many different types of sheds available today, but we hope this guide helps you make an informed decision! Remember: when it comes to choosing the right shed, the material is a significant factor.

Consider your climate, and choose something that will hold up for years. Sheds are a big investment, and you’ll want yours to last for as long as possible!

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