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Your Guide to the Best Metal Building Types

Best Metal Building Types

It goes without saying that metal remains an extremely popular building material. So in this article, we are focusing specifically onbuildings made from metal.

Metal buildings are quite popular for their durability, relative ease of construction, and more. We are going to run you through the top varieties of metal building system that you should consider, and help you make the decision as to which is the best type for you.

Are you looking for a metal building, but you aren’t sure which type might be best for you and your company or home?

Or, do you want to find out about each of the best building types, such as what they are used for and advantages?

Then you’re in the right place.

In this guide, you’ll find out what you need to know about the best metal building types, including what they are and the benefits. We will start by outlining the many different varieties of metal structure that you can build, and then jump into an outline which shows you how to pick the best one for you. We will conclude it all by running you through the best manufacturers for you to consider.


What’s in this guide?

Building types

Simply focusing on metal as a building material won’t get you far. You need to understand the types of structures that are actually attainable with metal as your primary tool. It is quite a versatile building material, and you might actually be surprised at the type of options available to you.

There are many different options available to you, especially if you want to keep steel as the primary material involved.In this section, we will cover the building methodsof metal structure that you can expect. After that we will go into the most popular usages of metal buildings (such as a metal garage, a metal barn, metal residential buildings, and more).

They can also be used for individual purposes as well, but you can find out more about that below.

Arch style

A quonset hutis traditionally the most popular form of arch style buildings, which were often used in WWII and the Vietnam war as shelters or as a place to store military supplies and weapons.

They are an affordable option because they don’t require as many materials as other buildings. And, you won’t necessarily have to worry about a build up of snow.

On the negative side of things, they offer less interior space because they have a sloped roof.

And, you’ll need a concrete slab to build your arch style building.

Open web

Web truss buildings closely resemble traditional i-beam structures, but instead of using thick steel beams they often use v cross sections, which means using less steel and making the buildings more affordable.

On the other hand, this does make them less reliable than some of the alternatives available.

This means that if you want to expand your building, or you need a large one to begin with, you’ll need to use additional columns to keep the structure upright and safe.

Because of the intricacy of the building, you’ll usually need professional builders and construction might be more expensive, but materials will be lower.

Hybrid open web truss

With a hybrid open web truss building, there is a combination of the V-shaped cross-sections as well as solid steel columns, which can help to keep your structure safe and stable.

It is important to remember that these types of buildings are as yet unproven, so they should be considered potentially with a specialist before you make any decisions.

One of the main benefits is that you can run electrical wiring through the rafters. But, on the negative side, they might need some welding on your site.

Tube steel

Tube steel buildings are typically for use in carports because they are simple structures that feature a roof, columns to keep the roof up, and generally there won’t be any sides.

This keeps the building open and not enclosed, which makes it perfect for storing cars or other vehicles.

Anything that might need protection from harsh weather but not necessarily security.

Tube steel buildings are typically the easiest to put together yourself thanks to the simplicity of the structure, and light because they are hollow tubes of steel.


C-channel buildings, as the name suggests, feature a C shaped steel frame which comes with a one-person door opening, and frames opening, which can be applications with rolled or sectional doors.

Although this option provides you with a full steel structure for less money, your geographical location or size might limit you.

You should speak to an engineering specialist to ensure that your location won’t be an issue regarding constructing a C-channel building.

Rigid Frame

Rigid frame buildings are some of the most popular steel solutions, as they feature a strong structure which is made from beams and joints.

This allows your building to be able to take a significant amount of weight from at least one direction.

These types of buildings are an excellent match for warehouses and equipment shelters, thanks to the benefits which include the