Covered Riding Arenas

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Building Overview


If you are looking to build a riding arena for your horses and your customers, steel can provide you with quick construction time, a full indoor space as well as an affordable option.

Let’s take a look at how steel could benefit you.

Prefabricated kits can be built quickly

Prefabricated kits are quicker and easier to construct than other traditional forms of building, which is why they are preferable for many customers.

In fact, in some cases, you could have your arena up and running in mere weeks, or even a few days depending on the size and complexity of the building.

Keep your horses and customers safe

Steel is resistant to many risks associated with other materials like wood, such as the fact that steel isn’t flammable, it won’t be infested with insects, and when treated, it won’t corrode or rust.

The structural integrity of steel will last for a very long time, and might not need replacing, which is part of the reason why it is so cost-effective.

Steel is a budget-friendly option

Now, steel is a much more budget-friendly option than it used to be, thanks to developments in the production of steel as well as the fact that there are more supply and demand.

However, you can rest assured that you won’t be sacrificing on quality, as each steel building will be specialised to match your needs.

Give your horses the space they need

When you work with a steel building provider, you will usually receive a bespoke service, that allows you to create the riding arena of your dreams.

This means ensuring that you have enough space for all of your horses and riders, and any additional needs such as attaching your riding arena to your stables for example.

How to save money on your steel building ?

Locking in a price when steel prices are low, along with a break in the production calendar can be a great way to save. Fill the form to talk with expert!

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