If you’ve been keeping an ear to the ground in the real estate world, you’ve probably heard the term “barndominium” buzzing around. These unique, versatile, and cost-effective homes are making waves, especially in the heartland of America.

And if you’re considering diving into the world of barndominiums in the Sooner State, you’re in for a treat. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a list of the top 10 barndominium builders in Oklahoma that you’re absolutely going to love. Whether you’re someone looking to build a new barndo right away or simply curious about this emerging trend, this article is for you. Let’s dive in!

1. JAG Buildings

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Image Source – JAG Buildings Facebook

Address: Tulsa, OK 74169

JAG Buildings is an owner-operated company, which is reassuring when you hire them for a project because you can guarantee they will be hands-on with every detail to maintain excellence. This focus on delivering quality work and maintaining customer relationships has made JAG Buildings the preferred builder for barndominiums in Oklahoma. It’s evident in the reviews posted online; their clients love them and they are glad to refer their services to their friends and family.

JAG Buildings is a fully insured and bonded company, so clients can have peace of mind when hiring them. They add to your confidence as they insist on using first-class materials meant to last for many years. But what clients are really happy about when working with them is they are honest with their scheduling; they don’t try to win over clients by promising a faster delivery only to fail in meeting that timeline. Instead, they discuss timelines clearly and honestly with clients that they can adhere to without compromising on the quality of the work delivered.

2. BC Steel Buildings

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Image Source – BC Steel Buildings

Address: 9900 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Operating since 1972, BC Steel Buildings lead the industry in pre-engineered metal buildings. Their long history in the industry reflects the experience and capability of the team behind it. Their range of quality products and services range across various market segments, which include homes, hangars, and storage facilities. With their knowledge and experience, they can handle small to large-scale projects, which is another testament to their flexibility.

The company uses high-quality components that are longer lasting than other materials. All components are coated with a superior primer to prevent corrosion and other damage-causing factors. Their investment into each part and component of every structure they build allows their customers to enjoy products and structures that endure the test of time, even under harsh conditions. And for that, BC Steel Buildings generate many positive reviews from clients.

3. United Built Homes

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Image Source – United Built Homes

Address: 15815 E Skelly Dr, Tulsa, OK 74116, United States

United Built Homes has been building quality homes in the US since 1958. With several decades of experience, they have a reputation to preserve, and they continue to uphold it with their quality products and services. They have numerous design centers in the US and two in Oklahoma – Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The design center is convenient for their customers since it allows them to collaborate with the team to create a visual idea of what their homes will look like before they move on to the construction process.

UBH specializes in building barndominiums in clients’ lands, which gives them the unique opportunity to build a home in locations that are meaningful to them. Their flexible home-building experience enables them to build designs under various terrain conditions. UBH’s clients have praised them for their sincere and genuine interest in supporting and assisting clients from the initial inquiry to the completion of the project. Their commitment to understanding the client’s needs and preferences is a testament to how well they consider every detail because that’s what their customer wants!

4. Legacy Barn Company

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Image Source – Legacy Barn Company

Address: 16308 US-62, Tahlequah, OK 74464, United States

Legacy Barn Company is a family-owned construction company in Oklahoma. At its core, Legacy emphasizes loyalty, honesty, and integrity as a business. They uphold these values in their business practices, such as committing to the highest level of customer care. They spend time to get to know each customer and their needs; they understand that their building not just structures but homes and living spaces. There is a human element to their service, which is how they set a new standard of customer care in the industry.

Their customers enjoy endless possibilities with numerous customization. And because they are a value-oriented business, Legacy Barn Company are flexible enough to meet the client’s budget. They can provide cost-effective building solutions, because the financial aspect of building a home is one of the most challenging for consumers.

5. Greg James Designs

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Image Source – Greg James Designs

Address: 941 NW 164th St. Ste. 2, Edmond, OK 73013

If detailed plans and unique home styles are what you want, Greg James Designs is the barndominium builder in Oklahoma for you! The company designs and plans barndominiums, pole barns, and metal buildings. They produce those highly detailed plans in collaboration with their experienced team and customers, ensuring they can create structures that are as accurate to the client’s vision as possible. It requires constant and personalized communication to achieve the highest level of customization. They are also open to modifications until clients are fully satisfied.

Because of the above factors, Greg James Designs have a steady stream of clients and new referrals. Their clients appreciate their unique and personalized homes, and how they exceed customer expectations for the delivered results.

6. Millennial Custom Homes

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Image Source – Millennial Custom Homes Facebook

Address: 7012 NW 63rd Street Suite 102, Oklahoma City, OK, United States, Oklahoma

Millennial Custom Homes is a full-service builder in Oklahoma, and their clients love their stylish homes and attention to detail. They achieve superior construction results by combining skilled craftsmanship with premium materials. Their homes feature high-end touches like granite countertops, designer colors, and custom cabinetry. With their personalized design consultation that uses 3D rendering, it’s easy to create homes that are distinctive and unique to each client.

As mentioned, they’re a full-service builder, which means they handle all aspects of building a custom home. This full-service approach makes working with them a seamless and efficient process. The company communicates directly with clients, keeping communication channels open to ensure clients are informed of the progress. In addition, Millennial Custom Homes has a long-standing relationship with financial lenders in Oklahoma, helping clients find financing solutions for their custom-built homes.

7. Gober Buildings LLC

Gober Buildings
Image Source – Gober Buildings LLC

Address: 3726 NW 32nd, Newcastle, OK

For many of their clients in Oklahoma, Gober Buildings is synonymous with quality and superior performance. Reading the reviews of their former clients, many are keen to give them more than a five-star rating! It’s impressive the kind of love that Gober Buildings has received from its clients simply because of their consistency and reliability from start to finish. The distinguishing quality of Gober Bulidings LLC is that they don’t work with subcontractors. They build an in-house specialist team to maintain their quality control processes and offer no compromises in their services.

Since starting out in the construction industry, Gober Buildings LLC has served more than 5,000 satisfied customers using premium materials and a customer-centric approach. As a bonus, they offer competitive pricing, too! It’s no wonder they get most of their clients through referrals!

8. Meadows Buildings / Pole Barns

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Image Source – Meadow’s Buildings

Address: 1485 N Highway 66, Catoosa, OK, United States, Oklahoma

For two decades, Meadows Buildings has been Oklahoma’s recognized top builder of barndominiums and pole barns. This distinction highlights the company’s commitment to satisfying customers and ensuring their needs are addressed at every step. They assist clients in handling permits, site preparation, construction, and delivery of barndominium kits. Hence, their customers praise their professionalism and commitment to enhancing the customer experience, whether hired to do dirt work or build a new home.

Great pricing is another area wherein Meadows Buildings shine! Their clients are satisfied with their reasonable pricing without compromising the quality of the strong steel structures they offer for barndominiums, custom homes, and pole barns. As a result, clients feel they get more value for money when hiring this team!

9. Okie Barndominiums LLC

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Image Source – Okie Barndominiums LLC

Address: 3400 E Houston Street, Broken Arrow, OK, United States, Oklahoma

OKIE Barndominiums LLC is the one-stop solution for clients looking to create their ideal living space. They can offer services from drywall construction to flooring, electrical work, and HVAC installation. Since OKIE Barndominiums LLC is a locally owned and operated business, they have a strong sense of community. They treat clients like neighbors and friends; as a result, they have a high level of accountability with each project because they don’t want to disappoint those entrusted with their trust.

As part of their customer-centric service, OKIE Barndominiums LLC offers clients a visual representation of all custom home designs. This visual aid helps with the design planning and finalizing the overall design. And they also choose to integrate energy efficiency in the design process, helping their clients understand the importance of promoting energy efficiency so they have fewer headaches (and costs) to manage later!

10. Callahan Steel Buildings

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Image Source – Callahan Steel Buildings

Address: 448 E State Highway 152, Mustang, Oklahoma 73064

Callahan Steel Buildings is a company rooted in Western Oklahoma in the 1960s. They started out by selling steel carports, and now they’re a well-reputed company that builds custom steel homes and barndominiums. Their custom-built homes are made with steel, a durable material known for its longevity. Thus, this company is committed to building structures that last a lifetime, if not for many years.

Competitive pricing is one of the strongest features of Callahan Steel Buildings. As a locally-owned business, the company believes in the value of competitively priced services. They want more Oklahomans to consider steel building options, and keeping their custom-built homes within their budget reach makes it more attractive. These qualities are like the icing on the cake, given that this locally-owned business is well-praised for customer satisfaction and quality construction.