Stepping into your bathroom should feel like entering a mini spa retreat.

Ever scrolled through social media late at night, hoping to find that perfect blend of luxury and function for your bathroom?

Yeah, you’re not alone.

Bathrooms aren’t just spaces to get clean anymore – they’re sanctuaries. They’re where you wash off a hard day’s work and soak in Sunday’s lazy vibes.

Now, if the idea of a seamless blend between a relaxing tub and a refreshing shower gives you goosebumps, you’re in for a treat.

Through years of sifting through designs, and noting the oohs and aahs of homeowners, I’ve handpicked 25 tub-shower combos that are more than just functional.

They’re art.

Whether you’re a minimalist who dreams of Zen-like serenity or someone who craves the opulence of a five-star hotel, there’s something in this list for you.

So, lean in, fellow home lover.

Let’s embark on this design journey together, and by the end, you might just find yourself planning your next bathroom renovation!

Top 25 Tub Shower Combo Ideas

Whether you enjoy soaking in a long bubble bath or a quick and steamy shower, you can enjoy both with these tub shower combo ideas.

1. Pretty in White

tub shower combo ideas 1
Image Source – DecorPad

Elevate your bathroom with this open shower design featuring an oval tub. The marble shower wall adds an elegant flair, especially when paired with the polished nickel shower. The white cabinets and vanity create a white minimalist look that is sleek at the same time.

2. Clean and Modern

tub shower combo ideas 2 1
Image Source – Kadilak Homes

Clean meets modern design in this tub shower combo from Kadilak Homes on Instagram. The main downside to a tub and shower combo is that most designs look dated. Not in this case. It looks clean and contemporary with the choice of tiles, particularly the gray herringbone tiles creating an accent wall. The glass shelves provide storage while keeping it sleek.

3. Vintage Tub Shower Set

tub shower combo ideas 3
Image Source – Homes to Love

If you’re a vintage soul, this tub shower combo idea is for you. The freestanding vintage tub is the focal point of the bathroom decor. The copper shower set, vintage artwork, and the white shower curtain beautifully accent it. The black-and-white floor ties it all together.

4. Coastal Style Bathroom

tub shower combo ideas 4
Image Source – Big Sky Design

The clean lines and light blue hues dominate this tub shower combo bathroom. It makes for a clean and fresh space while looking modern at the same time. When you’ve got a beautiful tile covering the tub and shower zone, the sliding glass enclosure is the best choice to showcase those beautiful tiles. It also creates an open and airy space.

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5. Elegant Guest Bathroom

tub shower combo ideas 5
Image Source – Nina Azoulay Design

Give your guest bathroom some love. Even with a tiny space, you can elevate the look of this bathroom with this tub and shower combo idea. Switch the fixed shower head for a handheld one, which is a practical choice to suit any height. The light gray finish and tile choice give it a polished look. And the textured shower wall adds a layer of styling that looks professionally done. The rest of the bathroom decor is complemented with contemporary fixtures and finishings, like the modern vanity and chrome sink faucets.

6. Modern Coastal Bathroom

tub shower comboideas 6
Image Source – The DIY Mommy

Using a combination of marble and faux marble tile, == and the blue accents from the cabinet, this modern coastal bathroom idea is worth drooling over. The marble tiles give a traditional look to the bathroom, and the coastal details, like the shiplap walls, give it a unique touch. It’s hard to believe this renovation was done on a budget!

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7. Sleek and Contemporary Bathroom

tub shower combo ideas 7
Image Source – GIA Bathroom & Kitchens

This tub shower combo idea perfectly demonstrates a sleek and contemporary bathroom style. It features two-tone walls and brass fixtures. The brass fittings visually stand out against the white bathroom tiles and the marbled bathtub. The patterned floor tiles provide another element of visual contrast.

8. Modern, Monochromatic Bathroom

tub shower comboideas 8
Image Source – Design Milk

This tub shower combo idea is worth copying if you’re into the monochromatic and minimalist style. The sleek lines and black-and-white tone give off a zen vibe. Its the kind of mood you want to inspire in this space, making it the perfect sanctuary, whether you want a long and relaxing bath or a re-energizing shower.

9. Modern, Luxury Tub/Shower

tub shower comboideas 9
Image source – Kallista

Create the ultimate spa-like oasis in your home with this tub shower combo inspiration. The freestanding bathtub becomes the focal point of your bathroom, especially when against the modern black tiles. The chrome shower and faucets provide a reflective element in this tub shower for an elegant yet contemporary aesthetic.

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10. Timeless White Tiled Bathroom

tub shower comboideas 10
Image Source – Chris Loves Julia

This bathroom decor inspiration is the perfect example that white subway tiles need not be boring. The white tiles go all the way up to the ceiling in the shower zone and halfway across the wall in the vanity zone. The choice of sink gives it a vintage touch, which is the perfect finish to this bathroom concept.

11. Traditional Elegant Decor

tub shower comboideas 11
Image Source – Kallista

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to traditional decor elements for your bathroom. You can add a hint of elegance to your tub shower decor with an earth-tone palette, such as these seafoam green tiles. Incorporating the bronze fixtures provides the luxurious elements to keep it from looking bland. The recessed shower walls provide ample storage space for this small bathroom.

12. Open and Airy Bathroom

tub shower comboideas 12
Image Source – The Fox & She

Simple bathroom decor can be eye-catching, too. Case in point: this open and airy bathroom featuring raw wooden floors. The white subway tiles and large windows invite plenty of natural light into the bathroom. Even the sink and faucet with the black-framed mirrors are subtle yet sophisticated.

13. Cozy Tub Shower Idea

tub shower comboideas 13
Image Source – 614 Now

You’ll want to spend all day soaking in this lovely bathtub or look forward to taking a hot shower in this bathroom. Whichever you prefer, this style creates that inviting atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, thanks to the white tiled walls and the dark ceilings with dim lighting. It’s the ideal haven after a stressful day.

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13. Luxurious Bathroom Decor

tub shower comboideas 13 1
Image Source – A Beautiful Mess

Subway tiles are a classic and timeless choice when decorating a bathroom. This decor inspiration for the tub shower combo creates a luxurious style focusing on elegant details. The greenery and wooden table add the perfect finishing touches.

14. Laid Back Bathroom Style

tub shower comboideas 14
Image source – Brown Stoner

Strategic use of tiles and decorative elements can transform any bathroom, no matter how small. This decor idea is a great way to make an impact with a tub shower combo with the use of statement floor tiles to liven up the space. Everything else is kept simple and traditional to balance the style and give it a laid-back feel.

15. Modern Luxury Bathroom

tub shower comboideas 15
Image Source – Zee Home Decor Idea

This tub shower combo idea brings the essence of modern luxury into your bathroom. The accent wall and the modern colored tiles blend perfectly against the black fixtures and glass enclosure. Even the floating shelves and toilet are a clever addition that gives a touch of luxury to the space. Dream bathroom alert!

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16. Dreamy Vintage Bathroom

tub shower comboideas 16
Image Source – Vintage Tub

Here is a tub shower combo idea for the vintage souls. The vintage clawfoot tub is the focal point of this dreamy bathroom decor. It also comes with a wall-mount shower enclosure and a shower head. The finishes blend seamlessly with the tiled bathroom walls, and the greens make it stand out visually.

17. Farmhouse Tub Shower Bathroom

Influencer Mindy Gayer
Image Source – Mindy Gayer Design

What happens when you combine rustic with elegance? You end up with this stunning bathroom decor idea! This beautiful inspiration from Mindy Gayer Design shows how you can perfectly execute combining two different style elements into one space. The early colors of the tiles accentuate the rich chocolate-colored vanity with black knobs. Using horizontal lighting takes this tub shower combo bathroom inspiration to the next level.

18. Timeless Elegance with White

tub shower comboideas 18
Image Source – Design with Frank

Make a statement with white tiles and a classic bathtub design. It’s easy to overthink the details when you want a bathroom makeover. But aside from the practicality of the tub shower configuration, you can impress with the modern look of using white tiles, as shown in this inspiration. It’s the perfect choice to create a spa-like atmosphere in your own bathroom!

19. Green & White with Mosaic Floor

tub shower comboideas 19
Image Source – Mosaic Factory

This bathroom with tub and shower combo is the ultimate decor inspiration if you want to create a style that makes a statement. The colorful marble aggregate wall tiles and the colorful Terrazzo floor tiles deliver the bold statement you seek. The mirror, sink, and shower fittings add more eye-catching details.

20. Bold Tile Statement

tub shower comboideas 20
Image Source – Bedrosians

Make a big and bold impression with this tub shower combo idea. The striking porcelain tiles on the shower zone provide a visually arresting backdrop to the bathtub. Meanwhile, the statement floor tiles provide another exciting detail to this bathroom space. These eye-catching elements blend seamlessly with the white walls.

21. Contemporary Country Bathroom

tub shower comboideas 21
Image Source – Homes to Love

This contemporary country bathroom with tub and shower combo offers a lot of style pizzaz. This country home boasts a vintage interior and is filled with antiques. Therefore, it became the style inspiration for the bathroom., especially in its use of red and black tiles. The waterfall showerhead over the freestanding bathtub adds to the vintage feel.

22. Sophisticated Transformation

tub shower comboideas 22
Image Source – EST Living

This tub shower combo idea offers wonderful inspiration to turn something simple into extraordinary. A Melbourne-based design firm created this style to bring a sense of light and luxury into the bathroom. The freestanding bathtub, brass showerhead, and fittings exude that modern sophistication, and the tile choice offers understated elegance.

23. Pretty in Pink

tub shower comboideas 23
Image Source – Rbrohant

Transform your bathroom into a charming oasis using soft pink tiles and soft hues. This combination creates an elegant yet playful space. The marbled tiles and strategic lighting help set the mood with the right accents.

24. Fresh Country Bathroom Style

tub shower comboideas 24
Image Source – Homes to Love

This tub shower combo is the best example of not needing over-the-top details to create beautiful bathroom decor. Stick to classic elements that work together effortlessly, such as this vintage clawfoot bathtub with an overhead rain shower. The polka dot shower curtain adds a vintage flair like the patterned floor tiles do.

25. Eclectic Bathroom Style

tub shower comboideas 25
Image source – Havenly

When in doubt, make a statement. And the best way to transform this tub shower combo bathroom is to incorporate an accent wall using patterned tiles. The moody color palette and dramatic walls surrounding the shower area make it a stylish sanctuary. The skull art piece and dramatic light fixtures make it not-your-ordinary bathroom decor.