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Metal Garage Kits

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If you have ever thought about adding more storage space to your home, or wanted to find a way to keep your vehicles safe from the weather, then you’ll want to keep reading. 

What Are Metal Garage Kits?

A metal garage kit is a fully enclosed building that can be a stand alone structure or added onto an existing building like a shop or a home. Garages are typically used for the storage of personal vehicles such as cars and trucks. The addition of a garage space to your home can add significant convenience to your lifestyle, keep your cars, equipment and valuables safe as well as increase your overall property value. 

Metal garages come in all shapes and sizes. If you only need your garage for some extra storage space for your home, you might only need a small garage which is detached but close to your home. In other circumstances, you might want to store one or more cars, and prefer to have it attached to your home, to protect you from harsh weather.


Steel components are reliable and more consistent

Can lower your vehicles insurance costs

Lower maintenance & operating costs

Lower environmental impact

Stronger and customizable

Can cost up to 50% less

Less chance of vehicle theft

Low time to build

Metal Garage Prices

A metal garage kit can start at a basic cost of $9600 or a larger 24’x40′ building can cost $25,410. These estimates will increase in cost depending on the building location, options, shipping and overall building size. 

The factors that affect price are:

  • Site preparation, drainage and construction of foundation
  • Installation of essential services such as power and water (if needed) 
  • Internal finishing of garage: paint, insulation and electrical 
  • Any custom design alterations such as adjusting windows and doors 
  • Upgrades requested on roofing, windows, insulation or doors 

The following table provides suggestions on cost ranges you can use to generate an estimate of overall costs to finish your full metal building garage kit project.

One Stall Garage
Size Price
12’x20′ $9,600
14’x20′ $10,405
14’x22′ $11,710
16’x24′ $12,688
Two Stall Garage
Size Price
20’x20′ $12,365
20’x22′ $12,895
22’x22′ $14,170
22’x24′ $15,060
22’x26′ $15,705
24’x24′ $15,985
24’x26′ $17,360
24’x28′ $18,170
24’x30′ $18,900
Three Stall Garage
Size Price
24’x32′ $21,100
24’x36′ $23,300
24’x40′ $25,410

See here for more on metal garage prices

You’ll also need to consider the following costs

Delivery 10%
Windows & doors 20%
6″ Foundation $5 per sqft
Construction $2-4 per sqft


Pros and Cons of Metal Garage Kits

Let’s take a look at the main benefits and drawbacks of metal garage kits to help you make an informed decision. We recommend that you first settle on a set of criteria that you are looking for in a new garage and keep those in mind as you consider the factors below. 


Steel is Strong and Resistant

Steel is one of the most sustainable and durable building materials you can use. It is sustainable in a few ways; it will last many decades lowering your overall need to do care and maintenance on your building. Secondly, much of the steel used in building on the market today contains up to 25% of recycled metal content. 

Its durability is a massive benefit as it is resistant to infestations, rust, and corrosion as well as able to withstand heavy snow loads, driving rain and strong winds. This gives your valuables even more protection and will allow your garage to last a very long time, requiring less maintenance, keeping your costs to upkeep the building extremely low.

Your Steel Garage Can Easily Meet Your Needs.

For some, a garage simply provides additional storage. For others, a garage provides an excellent opportunity to work on projects, by turning your garage into a workshop as well as a place to store your items. While customizing your garage, you can choose the details:

  •  Choose exterior color and style
  •  You can use other materials like wood and stone as design features or add ons to match existing building styles
  •  Choose number of windows and doors
  •  Decorate your interior
  •  Easily add insulation to make the garage building energy efficient

And because the cost of steel is relatively low compared to other materials, such as stone, wood or brick, choosing a steel garage is typically less expensive over the lifetime of the building.

Easy To Build

Garage kits are shipped to you in large pieces. This means that the pieces are extremely easy to assemble, and assembly can be done quickly and efficiently with just some simple tools. The most extensive part of the installation process is laying the concrete foundation. 

Once the foundation is laid, an experienced builder can construct a metal garage kit in roughly six hours. You can do so without professional help and you can save a lot of money on installation costs. 


Although metal garage kits aren’t as customizable as if you were to design a garage from the ground up, there are still several design options to choose from. You can fully customize the size, including the length, width, and height. Additionally, there are several colours and exterior options available as well. 

While there may not be the extensive customization options that you’d receive if you designed a garage entirely from scratch, there are still opportunities to make this space your own. Especially when you consider that you can fully customize the entire interior. 

Vehicle Insurance and Theft Protection

The primary reason for this is garage deters theft. Anything you can do to protect your vehicle makes it less expensive to insure because the insurance company takes on less risk. 

Better for the Environment (and your wallet)

Garage kits are designed in large pieces with tight joints and straight lines, the result being that less air is lost and less heat escapes. The buildings can be insulated easily if you choose to do so, which further increases your energy efficiency. 

The bottom line is that less heat loss means less heating is required, which makes a positive environmental impact. Many choose to heat their metal garage to prevent the cold weather from damaging their belongings or if they want to spend time inside the garage during the winter.  

Garages 20x20 garage metal building rendering 3


To help you make an informed decision, we’re also going to evaluate the drawbacks of metal garage kits. There are a few things you should consider to determine whether these buildings are right for you, including:

Construction Labor

Most people do not have experience in building or construction or might not even own a basic set of tools. If this accurately describes your building experience, building a metal garage kit might present a slight challenge.  Before proceeding, make sure you’ve accurately budgeted for the input of labour needed if you’re not able to provide it yourself or have friends or family that can lend a hand to your project. 

Building Permits / Zoning

Before proceeding with your building project, it’s a necessary step to investigate if your building site zoning allows for this kind of structure to be built in many cases, the local city or municipality will require you to pay for an oficial building permit.  It’s best to check these prior to ordering your kit so this aspect is taken care of well ahead of time and doesn’t pose a major block or challenge to your building project. 

HOA Complaints

People with metal garages have occasionally run into problems with their homeowner’s association. We can’t tell you exactly what your HOA does and doesn’t permit, just that it’s a good idea to know the guidelines and requirements before you enter into any construction project. Many are quite strict about what you can add to your property and because metal garages are a non-traditional project, they sometimes do not make the cut. 


Easily add more cars with flexible designs

Keep vehicles safe with lower fire risk

Low maintenance required


More upfront costs

Concrete foundation required

Potential resistance from HOA


Lower initial investment


Can rot, crack and decay

How to Build a Metal Garage Kit

There are several planning stages that go into building a metal garage kit. The following steps provide a good step-by-step approach to follow for how to build a metal garage kit. 

Outline your needs

Evaluate your building site and determine the location of your garage. This will help to identify the correct size for your project, orientation of the building and any specific needs to consider regarding placement of windows and doors. 

Check your local permit / zoning requirements

Visit your local city or municipality land planning office to inquire about zoning restrictions for your property and to apply for a building permit if necessary. This step is crucial to complete as early as possible so that you’re not surprised with these obligations later on or are issued a “stop work” order because you don’t have the proper building permissions in place. 

Standard Kit or Custom Kit

Decide if your garage project can be completed with a standard kit or if you’re going to require a bi tof custom design support from the manufacturer. Typically when you keep to a standard design, the costs stay lower as you avoid asking for additional design changes. In some cases, depending upon your site needs, you might need to ask for a custom designed building kit. Most manufacturers have in-house design teams so the costs are still lower than hiring an architect to help. 

Order Your Prefabricated Garage Kit 

Once your final size and design needs are determined, you select the best manufacturer for your project and order your kit to be delivered to your site. We can help with this << insert link>>

Construction of Your Kit 

Once your kit arrives onto your site, assuming your foundation and services have been prepared, you now need to assblem your kit. If you’ve hired a construction team to help you, they will make sure to put your kit together and indicate if there’s anything amiss. If you’re doing the labour yourself, you will have complete control over the speed and accuracy of your project. In either case, the constitution will be relatively simpler than a traditional build as all the pieces are prefabricated and connecting parts are included in your kit. 

Popularity of Metal Garage Building Kits Across the United States

As homeowners continue to look for ways to build affordable, durable and cost-effective storage spaces, many are turning to metal garage building kits. Here’s a look at recent trends in this style of building across the United States. 

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Types of Garages

Garages can serve a variety of different functions. Here are some of the various usages and functions that you can get from a metal garage kit. 


An attached garage is one that is attached to your home with a door connecting them. Often, this is done to keep the garage insulated and secure. You can access the garage directly from your house, without the need to exit the house during the cold winter. 

When building an attached garage, you factor in the additional labour costs associated with attaching the garage to your home. 


A detached garage is the simplest garage to construct, provided you have space for it. It is detached from your home and can serve a variety of purposes. Because they are freestanding structures, they are cheaper to construct since there isn’t the extra cost associated with attaching the garage to the home. 

Detached garages can be placed anywhere on your property. Typically, they are built to match the style of your home. This is usually the most cost-effective way to build a steel garage kit. 


Carports 12x24 tube frame carports metal building rendering 2

A carport is a type of garage that has a roof but no sides. It is purely to protect the car from the elements but offers no protection. 


Whether you have a detached or attached garage, it doesn’t have to be just for storing vehicles. You can use your garage as a workshop, a home gym, or even for additional storage. Insulating the garage opens up even more possibilities, like residential usages such as a guest house or office. Think of a garage as an extra room. What you do with it is up to you! 

Steel garage FAQs

How long do I have to wait for my garage to be installed?

On average 50% of garages are installed within 7-30 days. This dips off to 1% installed in under 90 days. It all depends on the production calendar, and material availability.

How long does a steel garage take to build?

Once the supplier arrives at your property your garage should be built within 6 hours.

Can a garage be built in any size?

Yes, your steel garage can be made taller, wider or longer in 1 foot increments.

What colours can a garage be?

There are almost limitless combinations of color options for your garage, you can see some examples on our colours guide.

Is there a warranty?

Most suppliers we deal with offer a warranty of 12 months for workmanship, and 10-20 years for rust.


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