Metal Garage Kits

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Building Overview


Content written by Shane Dobson – a construction expert with over 15 years experience estimating and planning building projects in the USA.


If you have ever thought about adding more storage space to your home, or wanted to find a way to keep your vehicles safe from the weather, a steel garage kit could be the answer.

Metal garages come in all shapes and sizes. If you only need your garage for some extra storage space for your home, you might only need a small garage which is detached but close to your home. In other circumstances, you might want to store one or more cars, and prefer to have it attached to your home, to protect you from harsh weather.


Steel components are reliable and more consistent

Can lower your vehicles insurance costs

Lower maintenance & operating costs

Lower environmental impact

Stronger and customizable

Can cost up to 50% less

Less chance of vehicle theft

Low time to build

Steel is strong and resistant. Steel can be resistant to infestations, rust, and corrosion. This gives your valuables even more protection and will allow your garage to last a very long time, requiring less maintenance.

Your steel garage should reflect your needs. For some, a garage simply provides additional storage. For others, a garage provides an excellent opportunity to work on projects, by turning your garage into a workshop as well as a place to store your items. While customizing your garage, you can choose the details:

  •  Choose exterior color and style
  •  You can use other materials like wood and stone
  •  Choose number or windows and doors
  •  Decorate your interior
  •  Easily add insulation

And because the cost of steel is relatively low compared to other materials, such as stone, wood or brick, choosing a steel garage is typically less expensive over the life time.


Easily add more cars with flexible designs

Keep vehicles safe with lower fire risk

Low maintenance required


More upfront costs

Concrete foundation required

Potential resistance from HOA


Lower initial investment


Can rot, crack and decay

Popular sizes:

Steel garage FAQs

How much does a metal garage cost?

A metal garage can cost from $3499 including shipping and depending on size. At Green Building Elements we offer a unique quote comparison service which can save you money by finding you the best metal garage supplier “near me”.

How long do I have to wait for my garage to be installed?

On average 50% of garages are installed within 7-30 days. This dips off to 1% installed in under 90 days. It all depends on the production calendar, and material availability.

How long does a steel garage take to build?

Once the supplier arrives at your property your garage should be built within 6 hours.

Can a garage be built in any size?

Yes, your steel garage can be made taller, wider or longer in 1 foot increments.

What colours can a garage be?

There are almost limitless combinations of color options for your garage, you can see some examples on our colours guide.

Is there a warranty?

Most suppliers we deal with offer a warranty of 12 months for workmanship, and 10-20 years for rust.

How does the quote comparison service work?

After you complete the fast form, we’ll search our national database of selected suppliers who will provide you quotes within a few hours. It’s free to use, no obligation and can save considerable amounts of dollars.

How to save money on your steel building ?

Locking in a price when steel prices are low, along with a break in the production calendar can be a great way to save. Fill the form to talk with expert!

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