The A-frame home is an architectural style that is fast gaining a resurgence in today’s construction industry. What was once popular only in lodge cabins and vacation homes, many homeowners – notably among first-time home buyers – are choosing this home architectural style.

The popularity of the A-frame kit home could be fueled by the recent kit home movement, wherein efficiency and practicality reign over design and style. Or perhaps a more modern take on a woodsy log cabin kit. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that A-frame kit houses are here to stay!

Introduction to the A-Frame House

As the name implies, the A-Frame house is shaped like the letter “A.” It consists of steeply-angled roofs on each side. This design concept provides a covered shelter with less living space than traditional homes.

Contrary to popular belief, the A-frame house is not innovative or a new home design concept. It has existed since early civilization, especially in Asia, wherein ancient people lived in thatched huts built in an A-frame.

In the US, the first A-frame home was recorded in 1934. Since then, it has become a popular design choice in the post-World War II era. But by the 1970s, the popularity of A-frame houses waned, and other design choices overshadowed it such as barndominium kits which is a type of steel home kit.

But like most trends, the A-frame house is making a revival, which can be credited to the tiny house movement. Although not perfect and does have some problems, it is a practical and aesthetic design choice for anyone looking for a tiny home.

What Are A-Frame House Kits For?

Do you want to jump into the A-frame house trend? If yes, you must either purchase one that is listed for sale, build a new from an A-frame home plan or invest in an A-frame house kit.

A prefab (or prefabricated) home kit is the perfect solution to build this style from scratch. The kit includes the tools and pieces needed to build an A-frame home. Most kits do not require carpentry experience to build an A-frame home, which makes it more accessible. 

The accessibility of A-frame house kits also explains its growing popularity, especially since you can buy them in many big box hardware stores at affordable prices.

The actual prices vary based on the style and manufacturer, but each A-frame house kit can range from $60-$140 per square foot.

The bigger the A-frame home and quality of the finishes the more expensive it will be.

Top A-Frame House Kits Worth Investing

If you’re looking for the best A-frame house kits, we’ve done the homework for you. We’ve compiled the best A-frame house kits, and we’ll discuss the details of each to help you make an informed choice.

1. System 00

BHC A Frame Cabin System 00

This house kit is one of the smallest on this list. It has room for just one person because the ground layout measures 10 feet by 10 feet. However, it is also the easiest to build with no power tools required. Four people could build this A-frame house in a week!

The System 00 A-frame house kit features the barest essentials in a home – an open space that you can convert into a bedroom or an office space. It has no bathroom or kitchen. You can build this in the woods for a quiet getaway. The base price for the kit is $42,000, making it among the cheapest A-frame house kits available. 

2. Avrame DUO 120

Avrame DUO 120

The first of the Avrame kits featured on this list is the DUO 120. It is the largest and most expensive kit available from Avrame. The total livable space is 727 square feet, with enough room for two bedrooms and one bathroom. 

This A-frame house kit fits up to six people. Avarme can deliver and install the entire kit on-site. The base price starts at $73,150. 

3. Avrame Duo 100

Avrame Duo 100

The Avrame line offers several options for an A-frame house kit to fit your needs. The Avrame DUO 100 kit offers 585 square feet of living space. Once built, this kit has room for two bedrooms and a bathroom. 

Avarme can deliver this kit to your preferred location. It is easy to put the pieces of this kit together without any power tools or heavy machinery. The starting price for the kit is $66,500. 

4. Klein A45

Klein A45

The Klein company develops this prefab A-frame house kit. This small A-frame design has all the elements of a tiny house. It features a modern exterior made of black asphalt on the walls and roof. The great thing about this A-frame kit is that it is made with sustainable materials using a zero-waste production method. 

The entire house includes a built-in kitchenette and a full bathroom (with shower, toilet, and sink). This home design measures 183 square feet, enough for 2-4 people. This design is best for a staycation or a second home. The kit costs $140,000.

5. Madi

Madi a frame

If energy efficiency is what you’re looking for, look no further than the Madi A-frame house kit. The design includes solar panels and a storage battery, so you always have backup power. It is the best option for home buyers looking to live off the grid

You can choose from three kits from the Madi range, with the smallest kit offering 375 square feet and the biggest at 1,100 square feet. The prices for the Madi kit start at $66,000 and can go up to $166,000. 

6. Avrame Solo

Avrame Solo

Popular A-frame house kit manufacturer Avarme introduced the Solo line, which features a few model variations to suit home buyers’ unique needs and specifications. However, you can expect to find tiny A-frame houses ranging from 184 (Solo+ 42) to 413 (Solo+ 100) sq ft of living spaces. 

The smaller Solo kits have enough room for one bedroom and no bathroom, but the bigger cabins include a bathroom. The price range for the Avrame Solo kits is $29,000 to $39,000. 

7. Bivvi


The Bivvi A-frame cabin kit is a prefab kit available at an affordable price of $29,000. It is unique from other A-frame house kits featured here because it is built with wheels, making it portable.

You have a few options for add-ons to this kit to suit your needs, such as a platform bed, a kitchenette, and a water closet. A conventional or compostable toilet is also available as an add-on. You can incorporate as few or as many add-ons as you prefer or according to your budget. 

8. AYFRAYM Cabin Kit


If you’re willing to splurge on an A-frame kit, this one’s for you. AYFRAYM Cabin Kit will likely set you back at more than $280,000. It is not a modular kit but still mighty impressive. The entire A-frame cabin house has enough room for three bedrooms and two bathrooms in one cozy cabin!

The only downside to this kit is that it isn’t customizable. But if you’re looking for an easy assembly kit, this one is easy to put together to create your ideal A-frame house worth every penny. 

9. Nolla Zero A-Frame Cabin Kit

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The Nolla Zero A-Frame Cabin Kit is your ideal choice if you’re into minimalist living. The entire cabin assembly uses up only 97 square feet of living space. No matter where you set it up, it takes up little space but offers a convenient space for you to occupy. 

It is one of the most affordable A-frame kits in the market today but it is eco-friendly in design and visually appealing. This kit helps you build an A-frame cabin that runs with renewable energy to reduce your carbon footprint. 

10. Backcountry Hut Company A-Frame

Backcountry Hut Company A Frame

Backcountry Hut Company is a Canada-based A-frame house kit manufacturer, which is among the top names in the industry. Therefore, they deserve a spot for the top prefab cabin kits as they offer three modular cabin designs. Each cabin kit can be shipped and assembled anywhere in North America.

The most expensive cabin kit and design available is at $21,000. These kits can be assembled by a few people in a week or less. 

How Much Does It Cost To Build An A-Frame House?

You can expect to pay $150,000 for an A-frame home with 1,000 square feet of living space. This cost already includes the labor and materials with basic finishes. You must consider the additional expense of the land on which you intend to build the A-frame house, which can cost $20,000-$30,000 per 1.5 acres, this all depends on so many location factors though.

Overall, the total cost could amount to $200,000 or more. 

FAQs On A-Frame Homes

How do I get a floor plan for my A-frame house?

There are several floor plans available for A-frame homes online. Most of them are available for free, but others are paid. Look for websites specializing in house plans for various architectural styles like A-frame houses. But if you want the highest quality floor plans, you can buy paid floor plans for A-frame houses from Floor Plans and Architectural Designs.  

Where can I find A-frame house kits?

You can buy A-frame house kits online or locally. You can search for high-quality manufacturers of A-frame house kits online and find several options. Or, you can check your local big box hardware store for prefab A-frame house kits. 

When shopping around for the best A-frame house kits online, the top manufacturers include Avrame, Klein, and Bivvi. You can shop around various A-frame house kit manufacturers to find the perfect fit for your budget and needs. 

How big is the A-frame house interior?

Unlike traditional houses, A-frame houses have smaller interior living spaces. Most A-frame house plans have enough room for two people. A typical house plan ranges from two-bedroom to three-bedroom plans with a smaller second floor or loft. 

How long does it take to build an A-frame house?

Building an A-frame house kit from scratch can take one to several weeks. It varies according to the size of the A-frame house and the homeowner’s unique specifications. The time it takes to build the house also depends on the type of A-frame house kit you buy. Consider the assembly requirements when choosing the best kit. 

What kind of foundation do I need for an A-frame house?

An insulated floor slab serves as the ideal base for an A-frame house. A strip foundation is also ideal for maximum support for this type of house.

Building this type of house won’t require a flat foundation slab. However, you must leave at least enough clear space between the bottom of the floor construction and the ground.

What mistake should you avoid when building an A-frame house?

If you buy an A-frame house kit, you must ensure that the foundation on-site matches the one specified in the kit. Otherwise, you won’t have a solid foundation and must re-do the entire build or require a new kit. It is one of the most common mistakes that people commit when building an A-frame house that you must avoid.

Another common mistake that people make when building an A-frame house is to fail to consider their spatial needs. Many are surprised to find that the A-frame house is too small for their needs, but you can easily overcome a limited space by choosing the right house plan that maximizes the interior living space. Some A-frame house plans have loft designs that make use of the vertical space and add more bedrooms. 

Meanwhile, don’t commit the mistake of not properly insulating your A-frame home. It’s a common mistake with an A-frame house that could make the interior space uncomfortable, especially during summer and winter. 

Can A-frame homes have a basement?

Yes. It is possible to add a basement to an A-frame house. However, you must note that adding a basement will add to the total cost of the build. If you want to add a basement to add to your living space, consider the total cost and what requirements you must comply with. 

Does insurance cover A-frame houses?

Some insurance companies provide coverage for A-frame homes, but your options can be limited. A-frame homes are highly risky to insure because of their location and the material. But there are specialized insurance policies for these types of homes, which you must explore to obtain additional protection. Shop around various insurance providers to learn about your insurance coverage options and how much you are covered. Keep in mind that you might have to pay more for your insurance premium. 

Is an A-frame a good investment?

The unique architectural style and limited living space make it difficult to resell A-frame homes. This architectural style does not appeal to most people. But for those who prefer minimalist living, it is an excellent choice since you can build a home even with a limited budget. 

However, they are popular as a rental property investment, especially if built in a great location. A-frame homes and cabins are a common design choice for many vacation rental homes. 

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