Valspar has unveiled its paint color of the year for 2024: Renew Blue. The brand describes this color as a “nourishing, green-influenced blue” that transforms any space into a peaceful enclave.

The choice is not purely aesthetic; since the pandemic, many people have been dealing with burnout from work, stress, and anxiety.

The calming effect of Renew Blue on the interior space invites people to slow down and relax. Incorporating this paint color into the interior design helps in the evolution of the home as a quiet space for recharging.

Renew Blue is also easy to pair with other neutral colors, opening up a world of exciting opportunities to express your personal style.

We’ve collected 21 decorating ideas inspired by this paint color to help achieve your dream space.

1. Sophisticated Living Room Palette

valspar renew blue 16
Image Source – Valspar

The living room is a place where you spend time with family or entertain guests. Elevate this space by painting the walls in Renew Blue, Valspar’s Color of the Year. It is a rejuvenating palette but also energizing. Take your home styling to the next level by coordinating with your couch, rug, and other decor elements.

2. Chic Bathroom with Vintage Bathtub

valspar renew blue 17
Image Source – Valspar

Get ready in style with this stunning color palette in your bathroom decor. Mixing it up with white walls and accents of gold delivers that effortless sophistication. The chandelier above the bathtub takes your styling to the next level.

3. Soothing Retreat with Renew Blue

valspar renew blue 18
Image Source – Valspar

Transform your home into a soothing retreat in a palette that delivers an eye-catching style but never feels overdone. This space is the perfect example of how easygoing this palette is as it creates a calm and serene space. The strategic use of the color can make all the difference in how the entire space looks.

4. Dreamy Kitchen in Renew Blue

valspar renew blue 19
Image Source – Valspar

Make your dream kitchen a reality with the use of this color palette. The beautiful cabinetry becomes the focal point of the space using the Renew Blue color scheme. It perfectly complements the white countertop, the kitchen island with a wooden base, and the soft and neutral undertones in the kitchen styling.

5. Cozy Breakfast Nook

valspar renew blue 20
Image Source – Valspar

This bright and vibrant space is the best spot to start your day. Feel energized and inspired because the beautifully painted accent wall and the neutral walls can put you in a good mood. The wall cladding and simple pendant lighting tie all the styling elements together.

6. Eye-Catching Outdoor Space

valspar renew blue 21
Image Source – Valspar

When giving your home a makeover, make sure to give the outdoor space some love, too. The beautiful color palette elevates the look of this outdoor space. Outdoor entertaining, whether you’re having BBQ or drinks in the summer, will never be the same again.

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7. Victorian Walls in an Exquisite Dining Room

valspar renew blue 1
Image Source – Architectural Digest

Renew Blue is a calming and rejuvenating color making it the ideal choice for the walls in this Victorian dining room. The color also infuses a modern touch to complement the Victorian design elements, which include the Italian chandelier, Victorian painting, and elegant chairs. This choice of wall paint colors infuses a sense of joviality in the dining room whereas a darker color would have made it appear gloomy and uninviting.

8.  Eye-Catching Modern Bedroom Door

valspar renew blue 2
Image Source – The Nord Room

Renew Blue is a highly versatile color that you can use anywhere in the house. In this example, the bedroom door is painted in this calming hue to create a relaxing entry that beautifully complements the light-colored walls. The matching blue couch and a gallery wall filled with neutral-colored artwork bring cohesiveness into the room.

9. Warm and Inviting Refurbished Living Room

valspar renew blue 3
Image Source – Architectural Digest

The addition of Renew Blue walls transforms this living room into an inviting space suited for relaxing and entertaining. The paint offers a gorgeous pop of color, especially as the paint color blends seamlessly into the built-in shelves. This color matches the sectional couch and the contrast with the crown molding makes it more eye-catching.

10. Mix and Match Bathroom Style

valspar renew blue 4
Image Source – The Nord Room

Need to reinvigorate your bathroom? Painting the walls with Renew Blue is a clever idea, just like this inspiration. The nourishing hue adds a dash of contemporary feel to the bathroom that blends nicely with classic elements, such as the antique vanity and checkerboard floor. The stylish mirror and brass fittings transform this into an extraordinary bathroom.

11. Bright and Fresh Workspace

valspar renew blue 5
Image Source – BHG

Colors can affect your mood; hence, it is critical to choose energizing colors to inspire you. Renew Blue is the no-brainer choice for this modern workspace and desk. This color adds a softer feel to the space and adds a much-needed freshness to keep the inspiration flowing. The artwork and floral curtains pair beautifully with the fresh palette.

12. Contemporary Hexagon-Tiled Bathroom

valspar renew blue 6
Image Source – The Nord Room

This hexagon-tiled bathroom is another inspiration for incorporating Renew Blue into your home décor. The vibrant-hued tiles create a sense of serenity in the bathroom space that extends to all sides of the shower zone. It looks beautiful with the glass partition with black frames for a modern bathroom look.

13. Eye-Catching Wall Color

valspar renew blue 7
Image Source – Pinterest

The right color can transform a room and that’s exactly the case with this paint inspiration. This color brightens up the wall and gives the space some character. The eye-catching color visually stands out against the hardwood flooring and wooden cabinetry.

14. Vintage Bathroom with a Modern Twist

valspar renew blue 8
Image Source – Home Esthetics

If you’re ever looking for a dreamy bathroom idea, this is it. The clawfoot bathtub beautifully color coordinates with the vibrant wall color and the window frames. Even the vanity stool matches the color scheme. The cheery color palette is balanced by the herringbone wooden floor tiles and the subway tiles on the wall for the perfect combination of vintage and modern elements.

15. Dreamy and Cozy Reading Nook

valspar renew blue 9
Image Source – The Nord Room

This cozy nook will become your new favorite spot at home. The use of Renew Blue for the window frames adds a pop of brightness to the space that is made for relaxing. You can play up with colors and textures in decorating this area with the use of different-sized and colored pillowcases, including patterned ones.

16. Serene Bedroom with Floating Shelves

valspar renew blue 10
Image Source – Pinterest

If there is any room in the house where this color palette fits the most, it would be the bedroom. The color inspires a sense of calm and peace. It’s the kind of mood you want to create once you step inside your bedroom. The wall lighting fixture and floating shelves elevate the look of your bedroom.

17. Elegant and Modern Kitchen

valspar renew blue 11
Image Source – The Nord Room

This sleek and modern kitchen features cabinets and open shelving that uses the same shade as Renew Blue. It is a bold take on the paint color but it succeeds in creating a kitchen space that features subtle elegance. The light hues invite more openness to the space and have enough traditional elements, such as the light wood floors and white marbled countertop.

18. Fresh and Young Bathroom Design

valspar renew blue 12
Image Source – Home Esthetics

A bathroom makeover is one of the best investments as it can boost your home’s market value. For your next project, you can try this bathroom design inspiration using this color palette. Choosing to paint the cabinetry in this color creates an understated elegance to the room while keeping the rest traditional with white bathroom tiles and brass fittings. It transforms your bathroom into a fresh and inviting space.

19. Stylish Fireplace in a Living Room

valspar renew blue 13
Image Source – The Nord Room

The fireplace is the focal point of a living room and you can transform it with this serene color palette. This fireplace is the perfect example of that. It is framed by the calming hue that extends to the walls surrounding the fireplace. Toss in more decorative elements to spice up the look of the living room with the addition of lighting fixtures, a mirror, and framed artwork.

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20. Calm and Elegant Bedroom Décor

valspar renew blue 14
Image Source – Dyer Grimes Architects

This color scheme is just perfect for creating a calm and elegant bedroom décor. This example perfectly showcases how you can incorporate this color into your bedroom that achieve maximum styling impact. The rejuvenating and soft color creates the most beautiful accent wall, especially against the white ceiling and neutral-colored bedding. Even the different fabric (linen and velvet) provides a beautiful textural contrast. The dark wood floors complement the color palette in the best way possible.

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21. Inspired Open Kitchen Design

valspar renew blue 15
Image Source – The Nord Room

 For most homeowners, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. The use of this color scheme for the kitchen brightens up the room some more. It adds a burst of freshness and complements the natural elements from the rattan light fixtures, wood flooring, and greenery. The color palette brings a cozy comfort feel that makes you want to spend more time in the kitchen.