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Steel Building FAQs

energy codes

Energy Codes for Metal Buildings

A metal building must meet all the same building code requirements as a building constructed from any other material. However, ...
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Metal Building Colors and Finishes

If you can dream it, you can pretty much make it a reality when it comes to finishes for your ...
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Top 4 Essential Tips To Ensure Your Metal Building Stays Within Budget

Are you considering erecting a metal building? If so, then you’ll definitely want to keep the following essential tips in ...
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choosing a site

Choosing a Site for Your Metal Building

Metal buildings are a popular type of construction for everything from hangars, storage units, and manufacturing facilities to shopping centers ...
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permits codes

Metal Building Codes & Permits

When you start your metal building project, you will find many steps that need to be checked off before digging ...
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Financing a Metal Building

Your Guide to Financing a Metal Building

Introduction Did you know that there are several ways to finance your metal building? Or, that by financing your metal ...
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Quonset Hut

Your Guide to Quonset Hut Prices in 2019

Introduction Did you know that the name Quonset comes from where these huts were first produced, in Quonset Point, Rhode ...
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Steel Buildings

How Steel Buildings have Evolved

Introduction Did you know that steel has only really been used in buildings since the 1800’s? Or, that since steel ...
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Steel Buildings for Business

Can your Business Benefit from a Steel Building?

Introduction Did you know that steel buildings aren’t just for barns or storage, they can be used for retail shops ...
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Metal Buildings vs Wooden Outbuildings

Metal Buildings vs Wooden Outbuildings Guide

Introduction When it comes to choosing the material for your outbuilding, there are a vast amount of different choices available ...
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Metal Buildings Direct

How to Buy Metal Buildings Direct?

Introduction When you’re deciding whether to buy a metal building, there are a few questions you might want to be ...
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Metal Building Framing

Your Guide to Metal Building Frames

Introduction Did you know that there are many types of metal building frames? Or, that each one has its benefits ...
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Best Metal Building Types

Your Guide to the Best Metal Building Types

Are you looking for a metal building, but you aren’t sure which type might be best for you and your ...
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Metal Building Siding Options

Metal Building Siding Options: Choose Your Decorations & Look

Introduction Did you know that with a metal building, there are various siding options available such as aluminium, copper, stone ...
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Metal buildings vs Modular Buildings

Metal buildings vs Modular Buildings 2019 Guide

Introduction If you’re looking to build either a modular or a metal building, you might be stuck with an essential ...
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Church Building Loans

Your Easy Guide to Church Building Loans

Introduction Did you know that you could potentially get a church building loan, even if you don’t have a substantial ...
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Metal Building Components

Your Guide to Metal Building Components, Parts & Accessories

Introduction Are you looking for a prefab building, and you’re wondering what parts you will receive? Or are you a ...
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rv garages 40x60 metal building rendering 3

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Steel Garage?

Introduction If you’re thinking about building or purchasing a garage, there are a few essential questions that you might need ...
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Base building packages 80x100 metal building rendering 3

Top 3 Metal Building Design Types

When it comes to building your metal building, there are many questions that you need to answer before you start ...
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Pole Barn vs Metal Buildings

Pole Barn vs Metal Buildings: Compare Pros and Cons

Introduction Are you looking to build a new barn, or replace an existing one, and you aren’t sure whether a ...
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Churches metal building rendering 2

Why are Prefabricated Church Buildings a Popular Choice?

Introduction If you’re considering purchasing a prefabricated church building, you’re in the right place. You might want to consider these ...
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Why Future Steel Prices are Inconsistent

Why are Future Steel Prices Inconsistent?

Introduction Steel can be used for many different things, such as for railways, ships, infrastructure and even weapons too. This ...
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Houses 30x50 home metal building rendering 3

Your Guide to Steel Frame Homes: Compare Kits & Prices

Introduction When it comes to steel frame homes, they can provide you with a cost-effective solution, while giving you the ...
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Houses 30x30 home metal building rendering 3

Cost of Building a Metal Home in 2019: See Prices & Compare

Introduction Are you considering building your own metal home? If you are, then you’ll want to keep on reading. There ...
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Steel Prices

Steel Prices Forecast for 2019: See Analysis & Prices

Introduction By now you know that steel prices, along with building design and size, play a large part in determining ...
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Steel Church Rendering

How to Design and Build Your Steel Church

Introduction If you’re thinking about getting a steel church for your congregation, you might have some crucial questions that need ...
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Red Iron Buildings

9 Top Benefits of Red Iron Buildings

Introduction Did you know that red iron refers to the colour steel is sprayed with after it is manufactured? Or ...
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Metal building rendering

58 Examples of Steel Building Prices: How Much is a Steel Building in 2019?

Introduction Every smart buyer needs to know the cost of something before they buy it. This very principle also applies ...
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Top 15 Metal Building Companies

The Best 15 Metal Building Companies in 2019

Introduction Erecting a metal building is a significant investment, and the fact is, your metal building contractor can make or ...
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Steel Building Cost Per SQFT

Steel Building Cost per Square Foot: Prices For Quonsen, I-Beam, C-Channel, Modular

You would never spend money on something when you don’t know what you’re getting in return. This exact principle applies ...
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Quonset Huts vs Metal Buildings

Top 5 Comparisons Between Quonset Huts and Metal Buildings 2019

Are you feeling defeated while trying to decide whether to invest in a Quonset Hut or a regular Metal Building? ...
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Metal Building Insulation Options

Metal Building Insulation Options and Costs

If you want guaranteed success in selecting the best insulation for your metal building, you need to understand two things: ...
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