What Makes A Building Material Sustainable? Top 5 Picks

Sustainability means a lot of things to a lot of different people. It’s a hugely broad concept that often frustrates people with its many different definitions. In general, sustainability means the capacity of something to endure forever and commonly it’s important to consider the social and environmental impacts of decisions made.  The same happens in the building industry regarding sustainability so we’re out to shed a bit of light on this topic; what characteristics does a building material need to…

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How Did COVID Affect 2021 Steel Prices?

What Influences the Price of Steel? Steel is a global commodity that has a complicated pricing structure and just like gold and silver markets, steel price varies on a daily basis. Everything from the cost of the raw materials to fuel prices has a direct impact on the price of steel on a daily basis.  Prices are influenced by other factors including: Global Economy Health Forecasted Supply and Demand Industry Trends: auto industry, construction, packaging Cost of Materials: Scrap metal…

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