Metal Outbuilding Kits

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Building Overview


A metal outbuilding can be used for many purposes, such as garages, sheds and greenhouses for example.

With steel buildings, you can fully customise with aspects such as how many windows or doors you want as well as the size, and aesthetic elements like the style of your roof and the colour of the walls.

Easily expand your structure

If your needs change or you want to add enough room for another car, steel buildings are a lot easier to extend than some of their alternatives.

This is because you can remove each part and add more steel walls to make your building larger, sometimes without needing to do any complicated construction work.

Steel outbuildings are affordable

Steel is an affordable material because it is much easier to produce than it was, and there are more supply and demand for steel.

Plus, unlike wood, steel isn’t flammable, it won’t corrode quickly, and it won’t rot, meaning that you will be able to depend on your steel outbuilding for a long time without needing to replace it.

Customise your outbuilding

Being able to customise your outbuilding is an essential part of choosing a steel building for many customers.

This is because you can make sure that it will fit your exact needs.

For example, if you are using your outbuilding as a greenhouse, you might want to use large windows to allow a lot of natural sunlight in.

Or you might want to use your outbuilding as a garage, which means you will need a large roller or sectional door, big enough for your vehicles.

Protect your tools or valuables

Steel is one of the most popular choices for protecting valuables and tools because they have been known to survive many extreme weather events, such as seismic activity for example.

How to save money on your steel building ?

Locking in a price when steel prices are low, along with a break in the production calendar can be a great way to save. Fill the form to talk with expert!

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