Green Building Elements Editorial Policy & Standards

At Green Building Elements, maintaining the quality of our content is our top priority. Our authors produce unique, helpful, and engaging content that adheres to the highest ethical standards, free from any conflicts or concerns.

Should you encounter any article you believe does not meet our editorial policy and standards and requires updates, we encourage you to contact us at or our Contact page.

What We Write About

At Green Building Elements, we write about current insights into residential and commercial building spaces, focusing on sustainability and eco-friendliness from blueprint to maintenance.

Our articles cover various topics, focusing on modern, innovative, resource-saving, and sustainable approaches to modern living and working spaces.

We provide practical advice and inspiration for creating responsible and beautiful spaces, exploring topics like metal buildings, modular buildings, solar, construction, DIY, interior and exterior design, building kits, renewable energy, off-grid living, smaller-footprint living, and so much more.

Our content, written in a friendly and helpful manner, aims to equip readers with the knowledge and tools needed to make the best decisions for every building project.

Who We Write For

At Green Building Elements, we deliver content that appeals to a wide audience interested in modern, innovative, resource-saving, and sustainable approaches to modern living and working spaces, including homeowners, architects, contractors, DIY enthusiasts, and even people choosing to live off-grid.

We are committed to promoting green building and sustainable design through transparent, accurate, and engaging content, aiming to inspire individuals to reduce their ecological footprint.

We aim to produce helpful content people bookmark and share with their trusted friends and family.

Why We Write

At Green Building Elements, we aim to educate our readers about modern, innovative, resource-saving, and sustainable approaches to modern living and working spaces through engaging and shareable content.

We aspire to do our part in creating a sustainable future by inspiring our readers and raising awareness about the importance of eco-friendly building practices.

Upholding high editorial standards, we strive to be a trustworthy source of accurate and relevant information.

Our content, written in a friendly and helpful tone, seeks to make learning enjoyable and accessible, encouraging environmentally responsible decisions in construction projects for a greener future.

Upholding the Integrity of Our Content

As a dedicated team of professional writers, we continuously strive to deliver up-to-date, accurate, and reliable content that prioritizes our readers’ needs.

We take pride in offering original, useful, and helpful content articles written by humans, for humans.

The name of each individual behind the article can be found in the byline, along with the date of the latest update. Furthermore, we refrain from using AI-generated content, ensuring genuine human input at all times.

Because humans write our content, we fully admit, that sometimes we can make mistakes and encourage you to let us know if we do.

Our transparent approach lets us quickly address any discrepancies openly and encourages readers to report errors by contacting us at or our Contact page.


Our writers are experts in their fields, with years of industry-specific experience gained from education, professional work history, and extensive networking with other industry experts. You can view each writer’s biography, work experience, and education by clicking on their byline to view their profile. We are passionate about what we do here — we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. 

Fact Checking

Our organization relies on rigid fact-checking processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information we present in our articles. These processes, carefully developed from journalistic standards, and our writers have the responsibility of scrutinizing all factual statements.

They confirm that the news and details used in our articles are accurate and sourced from current and reputable sources.

In case you come across any inaccuracies or issues you would like to report, please contact us at or our Contact page.

Your feedback is valuable in our pursuit of providing accurate and trustworthy information.