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Steel Building Kits Guide

If you are looking for metal building kit, you’ll probably have some questions like how much do they cost, what are the pros & cons and how to get the perfect building for me?

If so you’ll want to keep reading

Steel building kits are built using prefab construction which is convenient and cost-effective. The components of the metal building are made in a factory, then shipped to your building location for assembly. This saves time and money on both design and construction costs. 

Kits are popular for many other reasons beside this cost effectiveness. Below, we’ll check out a full range of pros and cons. By taking an objective look at the features of these buildings, you can decide whether these steel buildings are right for you. 

But first, you can see some average ball park prices.

Steel Building Kit Prices

Price is a large consideration with any construction project and metal buildings are no different. The price of steel building kits is highly variable and depends on a large number of factors, including size, location, interior and exterior features, structural design, and cosmetic changes.

Standardizing a price for steel buildings isn’t possible, but we can give you general price ranges that you can expect to pay depending on the basic structure.

These buildings are highly cost-efficient, and the prices below reflect significant savings when compared to traditional construction projects.

Average Steel Building Kit Prices

Shell only, no options.

DIY $4 per sqft
High-end $25 per sqft
Standard shell $8 per sqft
Average cost $10 per sqft

These estimates will give you some ball park figures to work with, it’s also important to consider these additional costs on top of your basic shell.

Delivery 10%
Windows & doors 20%
6″ Foundation $5 per sqft
Fittings $20-80 per sqft
Construction $2-4 per sqft

Typical Steel Building Price Ranges:

  • “Lean-to” steel buildings cost from $5.52 per square foot
  • Steel churches cost on average $18 per square foot
  • Metal carport kits cost from $5.95 per square foot
  • Metal home kits cost from $31.49 per square foot
  • Steel aircraft buildings cost from $4.37 per square foot

Steel Warehouse Price Example

With no options


Building Dimensions Square Foot Estimated Cost Price Per Square Foot
24×24 576 $5,800 $10
30×40 1,200 $9,100 $7.50
40×60 2,400 $17,500 $7.30
60×80 4,800 $33,600 $7
50×100 5,000 $31,000 $6.20
80×100 8,000 $48.800 $6.10
100×100 10,000 $60,500 $6.05
100×200 20,000 $120,000 $6

Residential Steel Home Price Example

With quality options, windows & doors, finishing, plumbing, electrical fitting, lights and dry wall

Houses 30x50 home metal building rendering 3

Building Dimensions Square Foot Estimated Cost Price Per Square Foot
24×24 576 $69,120 $120
30×40 1,200 $120,000 $100
40×60 2,400 $252,000 $105
60×80 4,800 $480,000< $100
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First, let’s check out the benefits of these steel buildings. 


Prefabricated metal buildings have pieces constructed beforehand that are then shipped to the building site. The result is that it is much less time consuming and expensive than traditional construction. You can also save a lot of money on the design process because you don’t have to hire an architect to design your home. 

Additionally, steel is less expensive as a building material, cheaper than wood, brick, and stone. Steel has a higher strength-to-weight ratio, too, so you will often require less of it to support a full structure. This also means it is cheaper to ship the lighter components to your construction site.


Steel buildings have a high strength-to-weight ratio which means you don’t have to worry about them being damaged by the elements or by harsh winds and seismic activity. 

You can be confident in your steel structure, and it’s a choice building material of those who want their building to last for a long time. 


They don’t encounter many problems that result in increased maintenance and structural faults. Steel is highly resistant to fire damage, rotting, and pests. If you use galvanized steel, it is also very resistant to rust and corrosion. 

The result is you encounter fewer regular issues that require maintenance. Upkeep costs are lower, and you also won’t have to spend the time required to fix these issues. An added bonus is, since there are less regular issues, insurance premiums are lower as well. 

Energy Efficient

Steel prefab buildings are generally easy to insulate, relatively speaking. The walls and ceiling are large sheets of American-made steel which provides wide open areas to attach insulation to the interior of the building. The prefab pieces fit together tightly and efficiently as they were built to exact specifications using sophisticated 3D models. The result is the interior is efficiently insulated to prevent any heat loss and you require less energy to heat the space. This is better for the environment and better for your wallet! 

The actual construction of the prefabricated components is environmentally friendly as well. Because they are built to exact dimensions based on computer models, there is very little waste involved in the process. Any excess metal is simply recycled and used again. 

Variety of Uses

Prefab construction has become a very popular method of building, largely due to the reasons we mentioned above. Because it has become so popular, there have been prefab buildings designed for all different purposes. If you work with metal building suppliers, you find prefab buildings designed for any use you could imagine. There are residential buildings, commercial buildings, agricultural buildings, and much more

When it comes down to it, these are strong, cost-efficient buildings, so it makes sense that their construction has been adapted to a variety of different purposes. 

Can Be Fully Outfitted

There is even the option to fully outfit them like you would a normal home. They can be outfitted to include insulation, electricity, heating, light, and everything in between! 

How extensive you need the design to be largely depends on what you are using the metal building for. For example, a garage might require a simple steel structure while a home or office space will need to be fully outfitted. Of course, this also greatly influences the price of the structure as well as how long it will take to build. 


While it is true that many buildings are constructed based on existing templates, there is also a lot of room for customization. If you work with a steel building supplier, they will give you many options to outfit a steel building to your specifications, including the exterior, interior, and overall stylistic appeal of the space.

There are many cosmetic options, such as colors, textures, panelling, windows, and doors. Additionally, you can customize the 3D model with the designer before the prefabricated materials are made. The prefabricated structures are designed beforehand using 3D modeling software and respected suppliers won’t manufacture your components until you approve the designs. Further changes can be made to the interior, exterior, frame, roof, and more. 

Other additional benefits of steel buildings are:

  • Steel components are reliable and more consistent
  • Cheaper to insure than wood buildings
  • Lower maintenance & operating costs
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Stronger and customizable
  • More secure
  • Low time to build


Of course, there are drawbacks to any sort of construction, and prefab steel buildings are no exception. Here are some factors to consider to see whether this is the ideal type of design for you: 


If you’ve already dealt with building new structures in a residential neighbourhood, then you might have run into problems with a homeowner’s association. Prefab steel buildings are not an exception to these rules. It is good practice to clear any new buildings with an HOA beforehand so that you avoid arguments down the line. 

But the HOA isn’t the only governing body you have to worry about. There are many zoning and building regulations that apply to any structure, and you’ll need to make sure you comply before building your prefab steel building. Check with your municipality to see what is required and whether you’ll be permitted to erect a structure in that location at all. This is of particular concern with metal buildings as they are non-traditional structures, and government workers might have difficulty knowing which rules apply. 

Up Front Cost

Steel buildings kits tend to save money over the length of the entire process, but they sometimes cost more money up-front. This is because you not only are you paying for the materials, but also to have them prefabricated before they ship. This is an additional expense that you wouldn’t incur if you bought the building materials yourself. 

That said, you need to balance this potentially higher up-front cost against the money you save on the construction and design process. Every project has trade-offs, and this is the main one to consider with prefab steel buildings. 

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Getting Your Ideal Metal Building

If you’re interested in constructing a prefab metal building, you might be wondering how to turn your thoughts into action. In this section, we’re outlining the general process for getting it done. 

Step 1: Your Needs

To make the best choice, you have to accurately assess your needs. Give some thought to what you require out of a structure, be it for residential, commercial, agricultural, or any other use. Then, decide what type of building meets these needs and come up with a general idea of the structure, size, and interior that you require. It doesn’t need to be exact, but it should be enough that you can get an accurate quote from a supplier. 

Also, be sure to research any zoning or building regulations in your area. This is a good idea for any construction project. Consider these from the outset so that they don’t become a problem down the line. 

Step 2: Contact Supplier

Next, you need to contact a supplier to help design your prefab metal building. A supplier will let you choose between a number of standardized prefab designs and give you the option to customize them. Of course, a custom design is pricier. 

A prefab supplier works with you to generate sophisticated 3D models according to what you are looking for. This way, you can review the models before the prefab components are made. The models are also accompanied by cost estimates or quotes. A good supplier will not have your prefab building manufactured until it is exactly in accordance with your requirements. 

Step 3: Manufacturing

Once you have approved the prefab building of your choice, the prefab pieces can be manufactured in a factory. Once they are manufactured, they are shipped to your construction site. This process can take days or weeks, depending on how busy the manufacturer is. 

Step 4: Construction

Once you have the pieces, you can start construction. Construction of a prefab metal building can be anything from a simple task, like a prefab shed, to a complicated endeavor, like a prefab warehouse. It might be something you can do yourself, or it might be something for which you’ll need to hire a team of professionals. Prefab metal buildings might need to be outfitted with wiring, heating, insulation, plumbing, and the works. It depends on what you are trying to achieve, but it is often a job best left to the professionals. 

Either way, the construction process will be more efficient than traditional

Popularity of Steel Building Kits Across the US

We hope this article helps you to understand the benefits of steel building kits. As you can see, this is a rather extensive area of construction. A steel building kit can refer to many types of buildings. The key is to choose the one that most aligns with your needs. Weigh the pros and cons, and make the decision that is best for you.

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