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Metal Horse Stable Kits & Prices

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Building Overview

Horse stables are frequently constructed on agricultural properties or rural hobby farms to provide shelter for animals such as horses as well as storage for their equipment, feed and other supplies needed to keep a barn fresh and maintained for the animals.

Metal is an extremely popular building material for building applications because it is durable, resilient, and cost-efficient in general. One popular type of metal building design is the use of prefabricated metal building kits to complete building projects that offer many flexible designs.

We’re specifically going to examine prefab metal horse barn kits to give you all the information you need to decide if this is an answer to your building needs.

Metal Horse Barns

Building a horse barn is an extensive project, and prefab metal building kits offer a unique, cost-effective solution for larger projects such as this. In this article, we’ll examine the pros and cons of this area of construction so that you may decide whether it’s right for your next project.

Metal Horse Barns

What is a Prefab Metal Horse Barn?

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of prefab metal building kits, this is a great place to start. Prefab is short for prefabricated, which means that the building components are constructed ahead of time, usually as a package or kit before being shipped to the building location. The components are designed and manufactured in large sections that are pieced together once they arrive on site. The result is a construction process that is efficient, cost-effective, and precise.

Metal prefab buildings have a lot to offer beyond this cost-effectiveness. To best understand their appeal, let’s look at the top advantages of prefab metal horse barn design:

Pros of Metal Horse Barns

Customizable to Your Needs

Prefab style of construction has evolved greatly over the last decade due to the development of 3D computer modelling. These buildings had the reputation of being more like a cookie-cutter structure, meaning simple in design and not very customizable. Fortunately, the designs for prefab construction are very flexible and you can work with a supplier to design a building that meets your specifications. The size and shape of the barn have a lot of flexibility, including the number of stalls, interior layout, and more.

Flexibility is especially important when designing a horse barn because your needs will differ quite considerably based on the number of horses that you own, needs specific to your location such as weather and how much animal feed you want to store in the barn. You’ll want a structure that meets not only your needs, but your horses’ needs and that is very achievable with a prefab metal horse barn design.

Open Design

A metal prefab building uses strong metal support beams and 26-gauge metal sheets for the ceilings and roof. They feature both I-beam and C-channel framing, and because of this, these barns don’t need to use as many interior support beams compared to other types of construction. The result is that the building’s interior is more open and spacious, giving you more space overall which is always a huge benefit for anyone with agricultural properties and animals.

This design is a particular advantage for a horse barn because you’ll likely want as much interior space as possible. You’ll want to give your horses as much space as you can, create as much storage for horse tack, blankets, equipment and materials like animal feed and wood shavings for the horse stalls. This style of horse barn can provide you with much customizable space for your needs.

Energy Efficient

Due to the precision of how these metal horse barn kits are manufactured, their pieces fit together tightly at the seams. This feature minimizes air escaping at the seams and when the barn is further insulated, the interior space can become very efficient to heat and cool.

This means you’re able to stop the barn from being excessively drafty, keep the animals comfortable and healthy and provides the flexibility to heat certain sections of the horse barn such as the tack room, washrooms, offices and utility rooms for example. You can design your barn in a way that meets your exact needs and keep your utility bills reasonable as well.

Durable and Resilient

Another advantage of metal construction is that it is durable and resilient. Metal is a strong material by nature and is an excellent material to use in the construction of various buildings. Prefab metal buildings use high-quality steel, including 26-gauge sheets and heavy support beams. The construction process is extremely precise, ensuring that the support structure is resilient and strong, providing long-lasting durable value over the length of the building’s life.

This durability is an especially important feature for a barn; many of which often sit in open areas, exposed to elements such as direct sunlight, heavy winds or snow, hail and powerful rains. The durability of using a metal horse barn kit will provide security to your building’s longevity and keep your animals safe inside.

Routine Maintenance

Metal is not susceptible to many common problems associated with traditional barn building materials; specifically wood or brick. Over time wood will degrade and is susceptible to rot, fire and burrowing creatures such as termites or rodents. The benefit of metal is that it will not rot, is not a fire hazard, and it is difficult and unattractive for pests to build their homes, saving you quite a bit of money on routine maintenance over time. Typically using metal to build your barn will be favourably viewed by insurance companies as it dramatically lowers their risk and can lower your insurance premiums as well.

Routine Maintenance

Cons of Metal Horse Barns

To support you to make a robust evaluation of this style of building prior to making a purchasing decision, we’ll review some possible challenges in the next section. Consider these factors to decide whether a metal horse barn kit is right for you.

Might Lack Traditional Appeal

When you picture what a traditional barn might look like, you might think of stone, brick and wood or a combination of these building materials. If you’re really wanting a traditional style barn, metal barns may not be what first comes to your mind as an option.

With the advancement of prefab construction, there are options to customize the exterior of a prefab metal barn, making it quite versatile. There are several options for exterior wrap or cladding that mimic the look of a traditional barn, including wood and brick finishes.

Compare quotes to learn more about the aesthetic options to make these barns rival the look of traditional horse barns.

HOA/Zoning Requirements

If you live in an area with a strict homeowners association (HOA), it’s prudent to explore if there are any bylaws related to metal structures. This will wholly depend on where you live, and while the presence of a HOA is less frequently an issue in rural areas, it is still something worth considering. At times there are special rules that apply to metal buildings so prior to erecting your metal structure, do as much research as possible.

These requirements for metal buildings can also extend to building codes and zoning regulations. Check your municipal guidelines to know whether any special rules apply to building a metal horse barn or any agriculture building in general. It is often more difficult for regulators to apply these rules to metal structures, so you will want to check early in the process so this doesn’t cause delays in your project timelines

Price of Metal Horse Barns

When it comes to any construction project, the cost to build your project will be a primary consideration. As we have mentioned above, prefab metal buildings provide several areas of cost-effectiveness. Primarily, you save money in the design and construction stages of the process and the nature of prefab building makes the construction process very efficient.

There is no need to hire an expensive architect as you can choose from a template or work with a supplier to generate a 3D model that matches your specifications perfectly. The construction process is expedited too you may require professional assistance to construct a prefab horse barn due to the size of the project. If you add services such as power, water and sewer services, you will need to hire specific trades to help The chart below represents what you can expect to pay for the metal barn kit depending on the size of the barn.

Size Price
70×60 $4,804.53
60×80 $4,901.29
65×80 $5,112.62
90×60 $5,119.15

What to Consider When Building Your Barn

Here are some common areas of consideration in planning a prefab metal horse barn:

Future Expansion

If you run a business related to horses or think that you may own more horses in the future, then you should consider these future needs in building your barn. Take these future needs into consideration, and construct a building that will allow you to meet your present goals and allow space for future growth.

If you’re unsure of your future expansion plans, prefab metal buildings are highly expandable if you need to add more space at a later time. You can easily design and order expansions for a metal barn kit and an experienced contractor can add these expansions to your barn. Other Agricultural Needs

Perhaps you’ve come to this article and realized that a metal horse barn is not exactly what you’re looking for. Luckily, metal prefab buildings are very versatile. You can choose from many pre-made templates for different agricultural buildings or work with a designer to construct the perfect option. Here are some examples of common agricultural metal buildings:

Metal Barns: If you need a more general-purpose barn area, then metal prefab design has you covered. You can choose from many varieties of a general barn design in all shapes and sizes. No matter the reason you need a barn on your property, you can build it to fit your needs. Metal barns have all the advantages and flexibility of metal building design, and they are quick & easy to design and construct.

Hay Storage: Metal buildings make excellent agricultural storage buildings and meet the needs for storage of equipment, tools and provides large areas for hay storage. The buildings are big in size, provide open, spacious areas to house hay and the equipment needed to harvest it. Metal barn buildings are resistant to the elements so that you can feel safe & secure that your hay bales and valuable equipment are protected. It is one of the most cost-efficient methods of building large storage facilities for your agricultural needs.

Riding Center: If you are planning an extensive equestrian center, you may choose to pair your horse barn with a covered riding arena. These riding centers are a popular choice among breeders and horse trainers and they make it possible to ride your horse in any weather condition. Metal prefab buildings make for excellent indoor riding centers due to their spacious nature and ability to protect riders and horses from the elements to training can continue year round.

Getting Started

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A supplier allows you to choose from premade templates or work with you on a more custom job. They’ll help you design what you need and provide you an accurate quote to manage your expectations.

Once you have settled on a design, provided payment for the job, the components can be manufactured. They are manufactured off-site and shipped to the area where they are to be built. Once they arrive on-site, construction can begin provided you have secured the proper building permits and have the foundation ready.

Construction is more efficient than typical construction, but you will still require professional assistance. The components ship in a semi-complete form, so construction won’t take nearly as long as traditional barn-building. You can have a completed horse barn in a fraction of the time compared to traditional construction.

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Metal Prefab Horse Barn Kits

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