Storage sheds are great for extra storage for keeping things out of sight including yard equipment.

They come in various sizes and shapes, from simple wooden boxes to metal containers and even shed kits are available. The price depends on the size, materials, and other features.

Storage sheds are useful for keeping items safe and secure. They can also be used for outdoor storage, such as garden tools, lawnmowers, bicycles, and even cars.

Storage shed costs anywhere between $1000 and $15,000 depending on its size, material, and design.

If you want something sturdy and durable, then you should opt for a wood-framed structure. Wooden sheds are usually cheaper than their metal counterparts.

If you’re looking for a more modern look, then consider going with an aluminum or steel shed.

These types of storage sheds are typically more expensive than their wooden counterparts, but they offer better insulation.

In this article, we look at storage sheds in a little more detail and work out pricing ranges to find a shed that works for your budget! Let’s jump in.

What Is a Storage Shed?

A storage shed is essentially a small building designed to store all sorts of stuff. It could be anything from gardening equipment to bikes, toys, or even car parts.

You might have one in your backyard or garage, or maybe you live in a rural area where it would make sense to build one yourself.

The main purpose of a storage shed is to keep things safe, secure, out of the way, and organized while still being easily accessible.

This means that if you need to get something, you don’t have to go through a whole lot of effort to do so.

The best part about having a storage shed is that you can use it for many different purposes.

For example, you can use it to store garden tools, lawnmowers, bicycles, sports equipment, or even cars. You can also use them for outdoor storage, like putting up garden furniture or barbecues.

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to buy a storage shed. Some people just prefer the convenience of having everything stored away safely.

Others may not have enough space in their house to store all their belongings. Still, others may simply want to create some extra room in their home.

Whatever your reason is, there are lots of benefits to owning a storage shed.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the storage shed special.

How Much Does A Storage Shed Cost?

The price of a storage shed will depend on different factors. First off, you’ll have to decide whether you want a metal or wooden shed.

Metal sheds tend to be more expensive than wooden ones. However, they’re stronger and last longer over time.

On the flip side, wooden sheds are often less expensive because they’re lighter weight and easier to transport.

You’ll also need to think about how big you want your storage shed to be. There are two basic options here: single story and double story.

Single story sheds are smaller than double story sheds and are only suitable for storing small amounts of items. Double story sheds are larger and can hold much more.

Finally, you’ll have to factor in the other materials that you’d like to use.

The most common materials used for making storage sheds include wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and corrugated plastic.

Depending on which type of material you choose, your storage shed will cost you anywhere from around $1000 to $15,000.

A normal shed in this price range is about 10 feet by 12 feet. Not only materials can contribute to the cost, however, but also customization like electrical work, extra lights, shelves, and windows add to the overall price.

If you want to have your shed professionally installed, the labor will cost you as well.

On average, a shed will cost you $6,750 with all of the factors above considered.

A high costing shed will be around $12,000 and the lowest you can usually expect, whilst still being provided a good enough quality shed is about $1,500.

What About Storage Buildings?

Would you prefer a building to a shed?

Storage sheds can range from cheap to expensive depending on what you want them to do.

Some storage sheds are very simple while others have elaborate designs. You can also choose if you want your shed to be permanent or temporary.

But if you wanted to keep your things in a permanent facility such as a storage building instead, how much would this cost you?

Storage buildings can cost you $350 at the very least, but for some commercial facilities, you will be looking at a price tag of $80,000 or more.

What Costs Are Associated With Modern Sheds?

Sheds are very expensive and since modern sheds are becoming more and more popular, the price is only increasing.

On average, a modern-style shed is about $9,500 before you take into account shipping and installation fees.

They can, however, cost you as little as $5,000 to as much as $16,000 depending on size and other factors.

Glass doors, real wood siding, and a shed larger than 10 x 12 square feet will increase the overall cost.

Smaller modern sheds cost less than $7,000, however, you should get a bigger shed if you want to store more stuff.

What Costs Are Associated With Farm Sheds?

A farm shed costs anywhere from $3000-$4000 depending on what kind of insulation you want and how you plan on using the space.

You may be able to buy an open-ended shed for much cheaper than this. However, if you want something enclosed, it will cost you quite a bit.

The biggest thing to consider when buying a farm shed is whether or not you want one that’s insulated. Insulated sheds are great and worth the extra expense because they help keep out heat and cold.

This means that you won’t have to worry about your crops freezing during winter and your chickens getting too hot during summer.

If you’re planning on having animals inside the shed, then you’ll probably want to look into purchasing an insulated shed.

What Costs Are Associated With Tool or Machine Sheds?

Tool or machine sheds typically cost between $300 and $2000. Standard size sheds are about 120 square feet. They can also be larger or smaller depending upon your needs.

Other uses for these types of sheds include liquor storage, garbage cans, lawn care, gardening, workshop, repair shops, home studios, and more.

Tool and machine storage sheds are often used by people who need to store their tools and equipment.

When you’re choosing a tool shed, make sure that you pick one with enough room for all of your tools and equipment.

If you don’t have enough room, you’ll end up storing everything outside. This could cause damage to your property and even lead to theft.

What Costs Are Associated With Garden Sheds?

What Costs Are Associated With Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are the most popular type of storage sheds and are usually made from metal and come in different sizes.

The most common sizes are 8×10, 12×12, 16×20, and 20×24. These sizes are ideal for small gardens.

Garden sheds are great for storing garden tools and equipment. They are also useful for storing outdoor furniture like chairs and tables.

You can find garden sheds for sale online or in stores. Some places offer free delivery while others charge a fee.

Some will also offer services like fitting and putting together the shed for you, so all you need to worry about is paying and organizing your stuff. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Shed?

Prefabricated sheds are very expensive to install. You should plan and buy a kit if you want to save money.

A shed kit may cost between $1,710 and $4,550 depending on how much work you do yourself and whether or not you need an electrician. You can save on electric bills by powering your shed with solar.

If your shed does not come with installation, you should be prepared to pay between $50 and $100 per hour for labor.

Installing a new shed requires a lot of time and effort. You’ll have to dig holes for posts and footings, build walls, put in the plumbing, install windows and doors, and finish off the exterior.

Depending on where you live, this might require permits and inspections.

You can add insulation to your shed but adding insulation isn’t cheap. Make sure you know what kind of insulation is right for your needs before you buy it.

Insulation will cost about $0.35-$3 per square foot, but this will depend on the type of insulation you were after. 

If you choose to customize your shed, you will come across additional costs too which you need to consider.

An electrician would cost around $40-$100 per hour, and a plumber would cost you $45-$150 an hour.

Installing a new shed is a big job. But it’s well worth it if you get a quality product. You’ll enjoy your new shed for years to come.

But make sure you install your shed in the correct final location because moving your shed can be a large project.

How Can I Cut The Cost Of My Storage Shed?

A good way to cut down on the cost of building a storage shed is to purchase a pre-built model.

Pre-built models are cheaper than custom-made ones because they already include all the parts needed to build them.

You could also cut costs if you cut out electricity, decorative finishes, and other extras.

Pre-built models don’t always come with the best materials. However, you can still make improvements by purchasing extra parts.

If you’re looking for more durable wood, you could opt for cedar instead of pine. Cedar is stronger and lasts longer than pine.

If you decide to go with a prefabricated model, you should look into getting one that has been certified by the National Wood Preserving Institute (NWPI).

This certification ensures that the building meets certain standards for durability.

Prefabricated sheds are often made from pressure-treated lumber. Pressure-treating is used to protect the wood against rot and insects.

However, it doesn’t last forever. After a few years, the wood starts to lose its protection. So, it’s important to inspect the wood periodically and treat it if necessary.

It’s also a good idea to check the manufacturer’s warranty to see if there are any guarantees on the products.

Some manufacturers offer lifetime warranties while others only provide five-year coverage.

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Other Uses For Your Shed

You can use a shed for many things besides just storing items. Here are some ideas:

  • Use it as a workbench
  • Put a kitchen sink in there
  • Build a greenhouse
  • Use it as an office
  • Make a garage
  • Create a playhouse
  • Have a party at it
  • Store bicycles
  • Use it for hobbies
  • Plant flowers
  • Grow vegetables

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helped you understand the different types of storage sheds available today.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a shed, and one of the most important is price.

Hopefully, we’ve given you enough information to start planning your next project and you know how to budget your shed according to what you need!