Barndominium Kits

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Building Overview


Content written by Shane Dobson – a construction expert with over 15 years experience estimating and planning building projects in the USA.


A barndominium can offer you an opportunity to merge several different needs for a building into one; storage for your items, vehicles as well as comfortable living spaces. Using a steel building kit for your barndominium can help you to keep your costs low while maintaining the quality of your building high.


Steel components are reliable and more consistent

Cheaper to insure than wood buildings

Lower maintenance & operating costs

Lower environmental impact

Stronger and customizable

More secure

Low time to build

Multi-use Living Space

Choosing a steel barndominium building kit offers a nearly limitless number of design options for where you live, work, and play; home office, workshop, horse stalls, or just secure space for your vehicles and toys.

At the same time, providing a living space that reflects your own style and personality.

Simple and Affordable

Steel is cheaper to produce and fabricate than most other traditional building materials. The major components of your barndominium are prefabricated to exact specifications before being shipped to your site. Kits come with easy to follow assembly instruction, and won’t require the need to hire an architect.

This makes construction quick and simple for your team, with much less waste to dispose of. In many cases, your barndominium can be constructed on your slab, or basement, in just a few weeks.


Fast construction time using kits

More weather and environment resistant

Low maintenance required


More upfront costs

Concrete foundation required

Prices fluctuate with supply


Lower initial investment


Lots of maintenance and high labour costs

Prefabricated kits can be built quickly

Prefabricated kits are a popular choice for many customers, primarily because they allow you to develop your barndominium in a fraction of the time it would take to build a traditional home.

This is because the parts of your building will be manufactured elsewhere, then brought to your location for assembly.

In total, this will save you a lot of money in regards to on-site costs, as well as time and effort as well.

Sometimes, a barndominium might only take a few weeks to build.

Your Vision, Your Home

Being able to customize your barndominium with colours, textures and extra materials can turn your steel barndominium into your dream home, by reflecting your personality and style. The interior will not require any load bearing walls, so the possibilities are nearly endless.

You can select colors, textures, vaulted ceilings, and skylights. You can even add second floor living space, for entertaining, or a growing family. Optional components such as wood, stone, and brick also add to the design possibilities of your new home.

Popular sizes:

How to save money on your steel building ?

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