Sheds are usually made out of wood or metal. You can easily move them by using a truck or a trailer – but you’ll likely need to use a forklift to move them in and out of place first.

This handy guide shows how to move a shed with a forklift.

You’ll learn about the different types of sheds, what materials you need, and how to get them safely into your new location.

So How Do You Move A Shed With A Forklift?

You can either move it by hand with PVC rollers, or hire a forklift truck to move it from one place to another. Those are the most common methods.

You should start by finding the perfect spot for your new shed.

Make sure that it is far enough away from any buildings or other structures. This will make it easier to move later on. 

Next, you’ll want to dig out the hole. Use a shovel if possible, but you can also use a trowel or even a pickaxe if necessary. 

After digging the hole, you’ll want to fill it back up again. Then, you’ll want to add some drainage holes around the base of the structure.

Finally, you’ll want to lay down some gravel to help hold everything together. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to place the shed!

Where Is It Going?

Sheds should be located away from the house and next to the garage. They should be built on land that’s as flat as possible – it must have a slope of less than 1/4 inch per foot.

You shouldn’t place a shed near any gas or water pipes.

Look out for other possible obstacles that are in the way.

Take your time to find the right spot when it comes time to place the shed.

New Foundation

A foundation should be made before building or moving a shed. Rocks should be cleared out, and the area should be tamped down.

Hollow block foundations are bad because those foundations settle unevenly.

Solid concrete block foundations are better than hollow ones. A concrete slab foundation is the best option.

Prepare The Shed And Lighten The Load

Get every piece of lawn equipment out of the shed. Clean out the inside so you don’t have to deal with extra weight inside the shed.

If this weight is left inside and shifts while moving, you could have a horrendous accident with the shed falling off the forklift. Stay safe!

Sheds need to be as light as possible, so empty everything from inside before starting to move it, including lawn tools, bikes, workshops tools, supplies, and anything that could’ve piled up inside over the year.

Remove any glass panes ahead of time. If the windows or doors are heavy, remove them.

If the shed’s frame is bolted or attached to a foundation, detach it.

Fasten 2x4s diagonally to the framing on the interior side of the shed. Screw 2x4s vertically to the floor joists underneath the shed.

Use 2x4s to support the weight of the shed. Make sure to use screws instead of nails.

The Right Tools For The Job

Moving a shed requires a lot of work. You need to get a truck or trailer to haul it away.

A Bobcat or forklift are basic tools needed to lift it –  especially if you need to get it onto a flatbed truck. Make sure you know how to operate the equipment before using it.

You might find that you need to lift the shed before or after using the forklift. A simple method of lifting a shed uses a lever.

You place a fulcrum near the shed, and then apply leverage by using your body weight.

With this method, the shed can be lifted so the concrete blocks can be removed and replaced with rollers if necessary.

Sheds seem heavy but aren’t if you’re using the right tools. You can lift them up by using a hi-lift jack or floor jack.

Don’t try to lift something too big though because you’ll end up damaging the shed or yourself!

Make Life Easier With Rollers

You might not be able to access every area you need to with the forklift, so to move the shed in these areas, use rollers.

Rollers are useful tools when it comes to moving sheds. Wooden poles and PVC pipes are common materials to use.

Metal tubes are also useful but are more expensive than wood or PVC. PVC pipes are good because they’re lightweight and easy to carry around.

Sheds should be moved using rollers that are suitable for the type of flooring. There should be a path made for the rollers to travel on.

Roller paths should be made by laying down boards or other materials across the ground. This will help the shed move smoothly without getting stuck on any obstacles.

You may also use wood planks to create a smoother surface for the shed to roll on.

A shed is lifted by placing round poles under it, then pushing down. With the help of a hydraulic jack, the shed is placed on top of the rollers.

Depending on the weight of the shed, you might need a heavy jack.

There should be more than one person pushing the roller. People should also be helping to lift the shed and moving it to the right spot.



A heavy-duty forklift might be overkill for this job and cost too much. However, a Bobcat with a fork lift attachment can be used to move your shed really effectively.

Keep in mind, you will need to know how to operate the forklift vehicle properly before doing this task.

Bobcats and forklifts are strong machines used to pull heavy loads.  Everything should be working properly before starting a job.

With your forklift attached to your Bobcat, slide the forks under the shed.

Strap the shed securely to the forklift arms. Engage your helpers to make sure the shed is positioned correctly on the forklift arms. Lift away.

You need a friend who knows how to drive a forklift if you don’t know how to do it yourself. You can also use a helper to help you place the shed on the forklift.

Visibility isn’t great while driving the forklift. Having an extra set of eyes is a good idea, but having a friend or helper helps too.

Set It Down

Once you’ve got the shed on the machinery, move it gently to the new site.

Sheds are big structures that need to be moved carefully. Make sure you have them placed well on the forklift.

Once you put the shed in its new place, secure it as per code.

Once you have the shed in the ground, fill it back up! To keep your yard work and do-it-yourself projects manageable, you should organize all your items in an appealing and useful way.

Do you need help with your move? Ask friends, or contact professionals.

Forklift Safety

Make sure that you wear protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, ear plugs, and a hard hat. Keep children and pets away from the site.

If you’re operating a forklift, make sure that you know how to safely operate it. Be aware of what’s around you. If you see anything that could cause harm, stop immediately.

Never try to move a large object alone. Always ask for help.

When you’re moving a shed, always stay close to the shed. Don’t let anyone else near it.

Keep kids and pets away from the area where you’re moving the shed.

Always wear proper safety gear when moving a shed. Wear eye protection, hearing protection, and gloves.

Definitely use a forklift if you want to move a heavy shed.

If you’re not sure about how to move a shed safely, hire someone who does.