Yearning for a sunny color to cheer up your space?

Look no further than Glidden’s Limitless, their 2024 Color of the Year.

Get ready to warm up your home no matter the sun. Glidden describes this hue as “anything but yellow,” and it’s going to be the new gray when it comes to home decorating.

This warm color palette is a happy medium between honey and beige. It is the ideal choice for homeowners and home decorators looking to add some warmth to their interiors with a hint of neutral.

This unconventional hue works perfectly with new and existing décor.

While a contemporary color palette, it is highly adaptable so expect that there will be plenty of ways to incorporate this hue into your interior decorating, whether at home or in hospitality spaces.

1. Sunny Living Room Space

Glidden limitless 1
Image Source – Glidden

Transform your living room with a fresh, warm hue. Glidden’s Limitless is the best choice of color as it combines the vibrancy of yellow but offers the essence of neutral. You can get the best of both worlds as the paint color on the walls provides the best backdrop to layer it with other colors, such as the dark gray couch and wooden center table.

2. Sophisticated and Warm Kitchen

Glidden limitless 2
Image Source – Architectural Digest

Elevate the look of a modern kitchen by incorporating unexpected hues, such as Glidden’s Limitless. This color palette on the kitchen cabinets makes this space welcoming and warm. It blends effortlessly with the marble countertop and backsplash. The kitchen décor perfectly showcases how adaptable this color palette is as it matches with modern furnishings and wooden flooring.

3. Pops of Color in the Living Room

Glidden limitless 3
Image Source – Trib Live

Using Glidden’s Limitless on the wall gives this room the essence of spring and summer. If you think that it’s hard to mix and match, just take this décor as an example of how versatile it is. The wall color beautifully accents the light blue sofa and other neutral elements. You have endless possibilities when coordinating this color with other colors.

4. Fresh and Airy Bedroom

Glidden limitless 4
Image Source – Glidden

Bring the essence of neutral with a hint of warmness to your bedroom. Glidden’s Limitless is the perfect choice for the wall paint, especially with a textured wall. You can take the décor to the next level by using bedding in the same color palette to complement the walls. Adding a vase of fresh blooms on the bedside table keeps it fresh and airy.

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5. Elegant Modern Walls

Glidden limitless 5
Image Source – Trib Live

Yes, this honey-beige hue can also work for an elegant space and give it an understated elegant look. This space is the best example of how you can use this color to offer sophisticated styling. It becomes a warm neutral that serves as a base for the colorfully vibrant velvet couch and armchairs. The wall-to-ceiling application of this color opens up the space nicely.

6. Tuscan-Styled Kitchen

Glidden limitless 6
Image Source – Apartment Therapy

The soft and muted citrus hue is the perfect choice for this Tuscan-style kitchen. The yellow undertones of the paint color on the walls inspire thoughts of an endless summer with its cheery brightness. Meanwhile, the pink-hued cabinetry balances it out with a hint of delicate and feminine style. It’s definitely an eye-catching kitchen if you’re ever looking for such an inspiration.

7. Traditional Kitchen with a Modern Twist

Glidden limitless 7
Image Source – Glidden

If the above is too daring for you, here’s another great inspiration on how to incorporate this color palette into the kitchen. This idea is suited for an existing kitchen with traditional cabinetry and design. You can add a pop of color to the space by painting the walls in Glidden’s Limitless. The honey beige tone is striking with a touch of neutral undertones.

8. Fresh and Energizing Dining Area

Glidden limitless 8
Image Source – Real Simple

Limitless is the perfect choice for this dining space as the imbuing honey beige tone gives the space an energizing vibe. It’s no wonder why this color works perfectly in hospitality spaces because it makes the dining room feel festive, inviting people to gather around the table to share a festive meal. It’s the kind of vibe that you want in this space, whether at home or in a restaurant.

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9. Wellness Studio Inspiration

Glidden limitless 9
Image Source – Architectural Digest

True to its name, the application of Glidden’s Limitless has no boundaries. This color palette is not just perfect for the home, as this wellness studio interior décor will show you. The modern neutral with a hint of yellow undertones creates a sense of serene and comforting glow to this space. The warm lighting and wooden cladding and beams provide a beautiful symmetry.

10. Inspired Bathroom Décor

Glidden limitless 10
Image Source – Home Depot

This décor idea on the bathroom allows the color palette to stand out. The solid wall showcases the beauty of this color against the standalone bathtub. With the color giving the style statement the room needs, you don’t need much else!

11. Modern Kitchen Transformation

Glidden limitless 11
Image Source – The Nord Room

This small kitchen is completely transformed with the use of this color palette. The color extends from the cabinets to the ceiling, creating the illusion of height. The color is also beautifully coordinated with the brass details from the lighting fixture and cookware. It is truly a one-of-a-kind kitchen design.

12. Neutral Bedroom with Color Explosion

Glidden limitless 12
Image Source – Home Depot

Using Glidden’s Limitless paint color on the walls keeps this bedroom looking open and airy throughout the year. However, incorporating darker hues on the headboard, pillowcases, and blanket creates a balance to make this room feel cozy enough to cuddle up.

13. Inviting Hospitality Space

Glidden limitless 13
Image Source – Architectural Digest

Decorating with warm and inviting colors in a hospitality space, such as this café, is a smart choice. Since there are ‘limitless’ applications to this shade, it’s not just limited to decorating your home. The choice of ‘Limitless’ on the walls of this café creates the perfect canvas for other decorating elements, such as the artwork mural.