Quonset Hut Prices in 2024

Quonset hut

Accurate quonset hut prices are hard to find online, with many companies keeping costs hidden until after an onsite visit.

This is due to fact that there are so many options, and possible site layouts that need to be taken into account.

However, in this quonset hut pricing guide you will find out exactly how much a quonset hut will cost, with 8 examples for quick ‘ball park’ quotes.

The average price for a quonset hut is $7 – $36 per square foot, but these cost vary depending on your options and the overall size of the structure.

What’s in this guide?

How much do Quonset huts cost?

Many things might affect the price of your Quonset hut, but you can use these prices as a general guide:

Quonset Hut Type Size (LxW) Sq.ft Starting Price
Single Car Garage 12×12 144 $5,200
Double Car Garage 24×24 576 $5,760 – $7,900
Storage 30×24 720 $11,900
RV Garage 40×20 800 $12,200
Small storage area 30×30 900 $12,600
Medium-size storage 30×40 1,200 $12,000 – $13,000
Large storage 40×60 2,400 $23,000 – $24,000
Large storage 60×100 6,000 $43,000

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Quonset building suppliers

1. Curvco


Type: Steel building supplier

Locations: Pennsylvania

Curvco is a highly rated steel building supplier in Pennsylvania, who can offer steel buildings which include excellent quality Quonset or ‘Q model’ structures.

These types of buildings are perfect for military use, agricultural storage, equipment storage and even living spaces in some scenarios.

Their q model structures came with a 40-year warranty and made from 100% American steel and labour.

2. Pioneer Steel Buildings

Pioneer Steel Buildings

Type: Steel building supplier

Locations: Ontario

Pioneer Steel Buildings are an Ontario-based company who specialises in designing and manufacturing Quonset huts for use in multiple industries such as garages, agriculture, education and retail.

These structures are durable and long-lasting, with lots of customisation options such as the number and size of doors and windows as well as paint colours.

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3. SteelMaster


Type: Steel building supplier

Locations: Virginia

Although Steel Master is a Virginia-based company, they have shipped their steel structures and Quonset huts on a worldwide basis.

This includes across the United States, Mexico, the UK and Europe.

Their Quonset hut kits can be used for a variety of uses such as for homes, eco-friendly buildings, agriculture and disaster relief.

4. Powerbilt Buildings


Type: Steel building supplier

Locations: Virginia

Powerbilt Buildings are another Virginia steel building company which can supply you with Quonset huts which they have designed to be particularly useful for storage, residential homes, commercial garages and long term food storage.

All of their buildings are American-made, they are durable, and they come with a 30-year warranty.

5. Metal Building Kings

Metal Building Kings

Type: Steel building supplier

Locations: Florida

Metal Building Kings is a Florida-based company who provides a wide range of steel buildings, including those that are a Quonset hut style, and other forms like P, S and A-frame buildings.

These kits are an excellent option for sports arenas, garages and storage for example.

With Metal Building Kings, you can utilise 100% of your Quonset huts interior, allowing them to stand out from the crowd.

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What is a Quonset hut?

Quonset huts were popular in the second world war because not only were they durable and light, but they could be easily transported from one place to another, with only hand tools required.

They are also multi-purpose and can be used for many different uses including food storage, low-cost housing, protection from harsh weather and safe weapon storage too.

Quonset huts came in kits, which would often include several steel building panels which were both strong and flexible too.

The Quonset hut was eventually developed during and post the second world war, to include things such as insulation, adjusting the half circle curve to add more floor space and become modified to have interior rooms.

Now, Quonset huts can be far from the original design, but still, have the iconic curved roof that made them one of the most popular types of an original steel building.

What are Quonset huts used for?

You can use Quonset huts for these purposes:

  • Homes
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Agricultural Storage
  • General Storage

Thanks to their unique design and ability to hold heavy snow loads and harsh weather, these huts are suitable for many different uses, and because they are cost-effective, you can sometimes benefit from having multiple buildings.

For instance, Quonset huts can be easily replicated in terms of size and style, which makes them an excellent choice even today for military shelter, or things like disaster relief.

This uniformity can help you to replace these buildings if you need to, without needing to spend too much money or change the style of your structure.

Types of Quonset Hut

What many customers might not know is that there are many different kinds of Quonset Huts which were developed throughout the last hundred years or so, which can be used for different purposes.

Let’s take a look at some of your options and when they might be the most useful.

Nissen Hut

Nissen Quonset Huts are some of the most popular Quonset huts on the market today, with a history that spans back 100 years to the first world war, where they were used as a quick and effective solution for storage and living spaces.

The main benefits to using Quonset huts were that they could be taken down and put together with quick construction times, so they made the perfect temporary accommodation.

These types of huts are traditionally made from a half cylinder of steel sheeting, which is then planted firmly into the ground.

This metal is thick and robust, weather resistant and you won’t have to worry about heavy loads of snow as it will run off the arch of the roof.

You will also find that Nissen Quonset huts are very cost effective, as they are simplistic in design and only use a limited amount of materials.

T-Rib Hut

The T-Rib Quonset hut was very closely modeled after the Nissen Quonset hut, but there are a few design differences such as the fact that the exterior has corrugated metal and the interior has masonite.

Masonite is an engineered wood which gives the inside of the Quonset hut a warmer finish, insulates and reinforces the walls.

Corrugated metal can add further protection to the outside of your Quonset hut, and while it was slightly more complicated than the Nissen hut, it could still be assembled by six men in a day.

Jamesway Hut

The Jamesway hut was created by the James Manufacturing Company expressly for use in the harsh conditions of the Arctic.

Each of these packages would feature insulated fabric and wooden frames with metal clips, nails and connecting bars.

These types of kits were popular in both World War II and the Korean wars, but they have also been used for the United States Antarctic Program even today.

Butler Huts

The Butler Manufacturing Company creates Quonset huts which are made entirely from steel, rather than some of the alternatives on the market that often include wood and other materials.

Their steel structures have been used for over 60 years, and they have been developed and improved from their first generation of building to the range available today.

Although this company usually specializes in larger structures, they can help to cater to smaller needs as well.


From Alaska Structures, the SQX series of Quonset huts feature a fabric building solution, which can be used in most types of climates thanks to the polyvinyl fabrics and durable metal frames that are used.

They claim that their Quonset huts won’t be beaten in terms of the snow loads it can take, as well as the capacity for retaining the heat it traps.

These versatile and flexible Quonset huts can be used for many purposes including the following; emergency shelters, temporary housing, offices and holiday accommodation.

Utility Hut

Utility Quonset Huts are some of the most substantial Quonset huts that are available, and they are used explicitly for ample storage space for military use, or your company’s products.

Around the end of the second world war, there were over 11,000 utility Quonset huts produced in the United States.

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What are the advantages of having a Quonset hut?

There are many advantages to choosing a Quonset hut for your storage, garage or even your home.

  •  Unique design
  •  Durable
  • The arch shape gives them strength
  • The clear-span interior gives room
  • Might not need a professional builder
  • Lightweight structure
  • Quicker to construct
  • Cost-effective solution
  • 100% usable interior
  • Requires a small amount of maintenance

Are there any disadvantages?

However, there are also some disadvantages to having a Quonset hut.

  • The original design didn’t have much interior space
  • You might need a concrete foundation
  • Quonset huts only offer clear-span space up to 80 feet

Are Quonset huts cheap?

Depending on your specific Quonset hut design, it could either be very cheap and only cost you a few thousand dollars, or it could cost you as much as a small house.

This is because of the extra costs that are involved, such as whether you need things like plumbing or electricals like with a residential home.

The most basic Quonset huts, sometimes without a platform, could only cost you $2,000.

What affects Quonset Building Prices?

When it comes to Quonset Hut prices, certain aspects can affect the cost of your hut, here are some to keep in mind.

  • The price of steel
  • Size of your building
  • Materials you use
  • Concrete platforms
  • Cost of a contractor
  • Wiring and plumbing


In conclusion, Quonset hut prices are affected by different elements such as the size of your building and the materials that you opt to use.

Have you learned what you need to know about Quonset building prices?

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