Men and their man caves. It’s a dream pairing.

A place where men could go and escape the daily grinds of life.

It’s a hangout spot for men and their best buddies to drink, watch their favorite sports team play, or enjoy rounds of their favorite bar games.

What could be better?

If you’re dreaming of a space to call your own (aka your man cave), well, you’ve come to the right place.

You’ll discover a few man cave ideas to get inspired by and some shed kits that you can use for your next DIY project.

Discover the best man cave shed kits to help you generate some ideas and build your own little sanctuary in your backyard.

What is a Man Cave?

A man cave is where men go to escape the daily grinds of life. It’s where you share a beer with your best buds, or play games without a care for the world!

Men like to work hard, but they also play harder. And the man cave is the perfect spot for this!

Before, man caves were garages, basemetns or spare bedrooms transformed to create the perfect space for any man – and his buddies – but now, you can take it to the next level with a man cave shed!

It is a separate structure from the home, usually in the backyard, where you can do the things you enjoy without any distractions.

The concept of a man cave goes back to the 1970s when men were banished by their wives to this space filled with masculine aesthetics.

It is a male retreat or sanctuary where men engage in their favorite leisure activities or hobbies, it’s the man’s answer to the popular she shed kits trend.

Whether they are stressed or need time away from others, this is where men usually go.

Top 13 Man Cave Shed Kits

1. Studio Shed Backyard Man Cave

man cave shed 1
Image source – Studio Shed

Studio Shed offers various sheds and DIY kits that you can use for building your own man cave within your backyard. You can turn it into a backyard bar, a game room, or a place where you can work.

Either way, Studio Shed provides endless customization options with this man cave shed kit to help you build the perfect design.

They also have a 3D configurator on the website for the discerning dude. It allows you to create unique man cave sheds and explore customization options to make it truly unique.

They also offer a Lifestyle interior package that includes the electrical kit and insulation for the man cave, making it suitable for year-round use. Custom pricing for this shed is available according to your DIY man cave kit specifications.

2. Shed Homes Ultimate Man Cave

man cave sheds 2
Image Source – Sheds Homes

True to its name, the Ultimate Man Cave kit from Shed Homes is the ideal choice for a man cave shed for the over the top man.

Whether you want to build a workshop, a home office, or extra storage space, it’s an all-in-one solution.

The shed measures 10 x 23 x 5.5 meters with a gabled roof, mezzanine floor, roller doors, PA doors, glass sliding windows and frames, and a bay.

This shed kit is large enough to build a personal bar and install a pool bar or TV for you and your best buds to have the best night of your lives.

It is a multi-use shed that is divided into three areas, so you can have enough extra space to build a workshop or a home office.

The price for this man cave shed kit is available upon request.

3. Best Sheds Single Garages

man cave sheds 3
Image Source – Best Sheds

The Best Sheds Single Garage can be a great solution for an intimate man cave. It is also a versatile space to store your boat, RV, or caravan.

With a starting price of $4,100, this single garage can transform into your dream man cave with some decorating and lots of imagination.

Best Sheds is one of the leaders in manufacturing sheds and man cave DIY kits.

This shed kit offers multiple customization options, such as size and adding various accessories, including sliding windows, shed insulation, access doors, door automation, and side roller doors.

4. Best Sheds Double Garages

man cave sheds 6
Image Source – Best Sheds

This kit is another offering from Best Sheds, which is a step up from the single garage kit. If you need more space in your man cave, the Double Garages from Best Sheds is the perfect choice, especially if you have plenty of backyard space.

The pricing for this kit starts at $4,990 with thick frames, steel walls, and roof.

Select from up to seven color choices for the Double Garages. You also have many size options to suit your needs, and the prices differ accordingly.

Like the Single Garage, you can incorporate various accessories and add-ons to the shed to suit your idea of a perfect man cave.

5. Montana Structures Prefab Utility Sheds

man cave sheds 5
Image Source – Montana Structures

The Montana Structures Prefab Utility Sheds is another great option for building the perfect man cave. It is one of the best sheds, especially if you want a quick build.

This utility shed consists of thick and high walls.

Each shed comes standard with double doors, which can be positioned on the end or side of the shed.

Plenty of customization options are available with this shed kit, such as a steeper roof, shelving, adding a loft, or shutters. With so many customization options, it’s easy to transform this space and make it a unique man cave.

You can customise the colors of the stain, paint, metal roof, and garage door.

The pricing starts at $2,690 and ranges up to $5,075.

The prefab utility shed pricing includes standard features, such as treated skids and joists, waterproof floor, wall framing, painted or natural stain, adjusted steel braces, door latch and hinges, trusses, roof sheathing, and a warranty.

6. Glick Woodworks A-Frame Shed

man cave sheds 4
Image Source – Glick Woodworks

The A-frame shed from Glick Woodworks is an incredible kit to build your man cave.

Although not really an “A-Frame kit” that is the name they are using for this traditional looking shed kit. Regardless, it’s an excellent choice for a man cave shed.

It features a stylish roofline with double doors and wide windows. It has that country feel, making it an excellent choice for a man cave if you live in the country or want to recreate that country feel in your backyard.

Glick Woodworks has over 20 years of experience manufacturing shed kits, and this A-frame shed is one of the best sellers among those looking for a man cave kit.

Each kit boasts of handcrafted quality and artistry. Each kit offers a durable design with careful attention to detail to ensure you can use it for many years.

The pricing for the A-frame sheds with smart panel painted siding ranges from $2,045 for the smallest size to $8,795 for the largest units.

Meanwhile, the A-frame shed with vinyl siding ranges in price from $2,315 to $10,115. You can also customize your man cave shed to include the following add-ons: a ramp, extra windows, still protectors, and shelving.

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7. Sheds Unlimited Maxibarn Shed Kits

Image Source – Sheds Unlimited

The Maxibarn from Sheds Unlimited is the ultimate man cave solution. This shed barn kit features a classic gambrel barn-style aesthetic, making a beautiful backyard addition.

By the way, if you should check out our list of the best post & beam barn kits for a major upgrade.

It is also the perfect canvas for a man cave, with plenty of overhead space and customization options with its interior space.

This shed kit includes standard features, such as double doors, windows with screens, and a barn-style gabled roof.

The engineered wood siding performs quite well under weather conditions and is affordable. Sheds Unlimited offers an excellent warranty for the barn kit’s engineered wood siding.

There is also an option to have vinyl siding for the man cave shed kit, which makes it impenetrable to moisture and mildew. The UV inhibitors built into the vinyl siding give it a longer lifespan.

The price for the Maxibarn Shed Kit ranges from $6,420 to $8,397, based on your chosen customization.

The kit is delivered with floor structure, framing, wall components, doors, windows, and exterior materials.

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8. Glick Woodworks Victorian Sheds

man cave sheds 8
Image Source – Glick Woodworks

Victorian Sheds from Glick Woodworks feature a unique and elegant design.

It’s the perfect choice for the sophisticated man who wants to demonstrate his personality and style through his choice of man cave design.

It’s unassuming on the outside but the interior can be decked out with some major customizations.

The Victorian Shed kit delivers in functionality and not just style, whether you want to use it as a home office or a space for entertaining.

The standard features include a set of double doors, a wide walk-in door with lite glass, windows with shutters, and a dormer. This Victorian kit can come in either vinyl or smart panel painted siding.

Prices can range from $4,350 to $11,330.

9. Anaconda Storage Sheds

man cave sheds 9
Image Source – Montana Structures

The Anaconda Storage Shed is a stylish shed for a man cave. It can also work as a storage shed, if you want to create more storage options at home.

Use it to keep your tools and lawn equipment.

But the possibilities are endless when you build a man cave with this shed kit. It features a wide overhang on the front, and you can customize the placement of the doors to the side or front.

The thick walls give you the privacy you need, especially if you invite your best buds for a night of drinking or gaming and plan on getting loud!

The standard features of the Anaconda storage shed make it easy to assemble upon delivery on-site.

The Anaconda storage shed prices range from $2,800 to $6,220, depending on the size and customizations.

10. Best Sheds American Barns

man cave sheds 10
Image Source – Best Sheds

The American Barns kit is a metal building kit and is one of the best man cave shed kits right now. This kit is ideal for those men looking for a spacious man cave as it is like having three sheds in one.

It also boasts a stylish and attractive exterior, making decorating with your man cave vision easy.

This traditional barn shed garage features a central bay with two smaller access points and symmetrical awnings.

If utilized creatively, you can unleash many possibilities with this shed kit. Its spacious interior provides enough room for a game room, workshop, or tools garage. It can even house your trucks or tractors.

The pricing for the Best Sheds American Barns varies largely based on the size and add-ons. You can request a custom pricing quote from the company.

11. Sheds Unlimited Minibarn Kits

Image Source – Sheds Unlimited

The Minibarn Shed Kits from Sheds Unlimited is a compact yet affordable kit for a man cave.

The Standard Minibarn Shed from the same company inspired the mini barn kit. It is a simple solution if you are looking for a humble man cave or storage solution.

It features a no-frills design, allowing you to build the ultimate man cave in a budget-friendly way. Other standard features of the mini barn kit include double doors, windows with screens, and gabled roofing.

You can choose from vinyl or engineered wood siding. Prices range from $2,717 to $11,519.

12. Montana Structures Lofted Yard Barns

man cave sheds 12
Image Source – Montana Structures

The Lofted Barns kit from Montana Structures is another option for anyone looking to build the man cave of their dreams.

This portable barn kit is ideal for a portable shed or a tiny man cave. It has enough space for you when you want to spend time alone enjoying your favorite movie or getting some work done.

The standard features of the lofted yard barn include waterproof flooring, wall framing, trimming, doors, key latches and hinges, roof sheathing, trusses, and more.

You can customize the exterior, whether you want to have it painted or stained. It is also possible to adjust the door placement. The pricing for the lofted yard barn ranges from $3,410 to $5,895.

13. Sheds Unlimited Saltbox Shed Kits

man cave sheds 13
Image Source – Sheds Unlimited

The Saltbox Shed Kit is the final kit on this list of the best man cave shed kits worth buying right now. This is another kit from Sheds Unlimited, which can be a great addition to your backyard.

It is originally a garden shed kit, but it can be easily transformed into a man cave with some creativity and imagination – and some handiwork.

Like other shed kits from Sheds Unlimited, this one comes with double doors, screened windows, and a roof pitch with a front overhang.

Each kit is delivered with the floor structure, framing, wall components, doors, windows, and exterior materials. Customization options include a choice between engineered or vinyl siding.

Prices range from $3,165 to $8,397 based on the size.

Best Man Cave Shed Ideas

Getting inspiration for a man cave design is simple. Most men decorate their man cave to reflect their hobbies or interests, including their favorite sports (or sports team), music, or hobbies. Here are the most popular man cave ideas for your inspiration.

Game Room Man Cave

A game room is the ultimate man cave shed idea. No matter what age, all men like to play games. Whether it be video games or table games like billiards or foosball, it’s how men like to bond! Therefore, one of the ultimate man cave ideas is to create a game room for a night of laughter and entertainment only the men know how to enjoy!

Hunting Man Cave

For the men who enjoy hunting, a hunting man cave shed idea is the way to go! Adorn your man cave with camping and hunting decorative elements to show your love of this thrilling activity. Creating this space allows you to enjoy your favorite hobby year-round, even when hunting season is not yet around.

Music Man Cave

For music lovers, a music-inspired man cave is where you can play your instruments or bond over some jamming sessions with your other music-loving buddies. Whether you’re making music or just enjoy playing them, a man cave shed is the ultimate space for this activity.

Backyard Bar Man Cave

Most men love to drink! Instead of heading to a local bar, why not indulge in an unending booze fest with your best buds in your man cave? You can recreate your favorite bar atmosphere in the man cave, especially the local legends in your area that have closed. Remember the good old times while enjoying your favorite drinks in a comfortable and fun environment with lots of privacy.

Movie Room Man Cave

Hook up your man cave shed with a TV, gaming console, and a solid sound system. A movie room is the ultimate man cave idea that is perfect for entertaining with friends. It’s the ultimate space for the movie-loving men out there!

Motorcycle Man Cave

If there’s something that most men love aside from drinking and sports, it’s a motorcycle! A motorcycle-inspired man cave is a great idea to share what you love most with your best pals. Whether you use the man cave for storing your big bikes or just use motorcycle-inspired décor, it’s a space that you will want to spend more time in.

Home Office Shed

When you need to get some work done, you can also turn your man cave into a functional space, such as your home office. And if you’re the creative type, you can use this space to work on woodworking, pottery, painting, or sculpting. You can even turn it into a metal workshop! There are endless possibilities when finding the right shed kit for your man cave.


What is the best size for a man cave shed?

Man caves typically range in size from 12 x 20 to 14 x 24 kits. It depends on the space you need and your man cave design idea. If you invite friends to your man cave, you must choose the bigger shed sizes.

What makes a good man cave?

First, you must ensure that your shed kit has the right amount of space you need for your intended use of the man cave.

Next, you have to add the decorations. The décor can create the right atmosphere to help you enjoy your activities in the shed.

And finally, you need the right shed kit. Some require you to build the shed using only basic tools, but it depends on your chosen kit. The larger and more complex designs take more time to build and assemble.

Use your imagination in designing the space to fit your vision and turn it into a reality.

Do you need a permit for the man cave?

It depends on where you live or where you plan to build your man cave. Some areas require planning permission for new structures, such as building a shed for your man cave. Check with your local zoning office for the permit requirements, if any.

How much is the average man cave?

The cost of building a man cave varies according to numerous factors, such as the size and customization options included in the kit. Most kits start at $2,000, and the largest kits with more customization can cost over $50,000.

Depending on your chosen kit model, prices can vary within the same manufacturer.