How Much Does it Cost to Build a Steel Garage?

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It goes without saying that a garage is one of the most popular construction projects as an addition to a property. Whether you need a spot for your cars, need an extra building around your place, need the extra storage, or any other reason, a garage is a great option.

But if you’re thinking about building or purchasing a garage, there are a few essential questions that you might need to be answered.

For instance, what are garages made from? How will this affect the price of your garage? What can you use them for?

This is where Green Building Elements comes in.

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about how much it costs to build a garage, including what affects these prices and more. We’ll start by outlining the different types and usages of a garage. Then, we will outline the pros and cons of building a garage with different materials. We will then focus on steel as a building material for a garage, including how to calculate price. We will wrap it up by giving you the top steel garage providers.

Let’s go!

What’s in this guide?

How much does a steel garage cost?

So, how much do metal garages cost?

A common 12’x20′ steel garage can cost $9,600, or a larger 24’x40′ garage can cost $25,410. Add 10% for shipping, and 20% for windows if required.

The following chart is a list of average costs that you can expect:

One Stall Garage  
Size Price
12’x20′ $9,600
14’x20′ $10,405
14’x22′ $11,710
16’x24′ $12,688
Two Stall Garage  
Size Price
20’x20′ $12,365
20’x22′ $12,895
22’x22′ $14,170
22’x24′ $15,060
22’x26′ $15,705
24’x24′ $15,985
24’x26′ $17,360
24’x28′ $18,170
24’x30′ $18,900
Three Stall Garage  
Size Price
24’x32′ $21,100
24’x36′ $23,300
24’x40′ $25,410

What affects garage costs?

There are many different factors which affect the cost of your garage, which include things like the sizes of your garage and the materials used.

Here are some of the factors that you can expect to alter your costs:

  • Size of your garage
  • The materials you use
  • Whether it is detached or not
  • If there is living space above
  • If it is prefab or not
  • Should you need professionals
  • In the case that you have a bespoke garage
  • Your location

What will you need to buy or pay to build a garage?

  • Building kit including materials
  • Concrete piers or pads
  • Erection of your garage
  • Garage doors including any interior doors

The above is a general process for what you can expect to buy in the construction of a new garage. Of course, the process heavily depends on the style of garage you are constructing, and the type of labour required.

The most important point here is to lay out an accurate plan. You need to have a plan which lays out each stage in the process, and accounts for the costs individually. Above are the general steps involved, but they will shift based on what you are trying to build, and the extent to which you are using prefab vs. individual designs.

Does having a garage increase your property value?

Luckily, one of the many benefits to getting a garage built on your property is that not only will you likely gain back your expenses when you sell your house, but it might even exceed that.

This means it could increase your property value by $20,000 or more.

What is a metal garage?

A garage is a separate or attached building that typically sits next to your home. A garage is typically thought of as a place to house your cars. However, many will use it for general storage. It also can be used for a specific purpose, such as for a workshop, or as a home-gym. The usage of your garage will of course depend on your needs, but will also depend on the amount of space you have.

Sometimes a garage might be made out of wood, but it could also be made out of metal such as steel or aluminum.

The size of your garage, as well as the materials used and their functionality, could affect the pricing of your garage. Price should be considered in the context of your entire garage plan – which includes materials, labour, coordination, and more. Below, we will go more in depth about which costs you can expect depending on your garage building project.

There are many other aspects which can differentiate garages. One important aspect is the interior. This typically includes the consideration of insulation, and whether to finish the interior at all.

The garage door is also an important consideration. Many options exist, from a manual garage door, to an insulated garage door, to automatic doors which operate with a portable garage door opener.

In some instances, your garage can lead directly into your home, which can save you from getting wet in the rain when there is harsh weather.

Different types of garages

Many different types of garages are available on the market, with each one offering excellent solutions to customers.

To find the best garage for you, you really need to consider what you intend to use it for. First, you need to settle on why you actually need a garage. Be it for car storage, general storage, or another use altogether, you need to have these usages clearly outlined to settle on an option from below.

Here are a few of the popular choices that you can select from.


As the name suggests, a detached garage can help you to find a solution to your garage problems without needing to attach your garage to the side or front of your house.

You can place these garages anywhere on your property as long as there is room, and you can make sure that it matches the exterior of your existing home.

This will mean that you can keep the continuity of the style of your house for maximum curb appeal, and you will have more freedom regarding location.


These types of garages are traditionally built at the same time as the central part of your home, and often have a door which opens into your house.

This can be perfect for when there’s bad weather, and you need to unload the shopping, or for keeping your walk short from your car.

Often, an attached garage will be insulated and secure, keeping your cars or other things for storage safe and dry. If you live in a cold climate, this can be a blessing during the winter time. Just don’t forget to account for the extra garage prices which are involved in the insulation process, which includes the need for an insulated door.


Breezeway marriages the benefits of having a detached garage, as well as the plus sides of having an attached garage.

With a breezeway, you can have a detached garage with a roof that extends to your home, to keep you safe from the cold weather, or you can have a completely enclosed space to store your muddy shoes and umbrellas.

Garage Workshop

Having a workshop combined with your garage means that if you enjoy tinkering with your cars or doing other manual hobbies, you have a space to store all of your items and work.

Often, these types of garages will feature bay doors that allow proper access to your garage, and you can also store lots of other goods too if you need to. The main thing with a garage workshop is that you simply need the space. It does require a bigger garage, which will often mean that you need more property. You will need to consider your square foot requirements before going ahead on this.

Garage with Home

Having a home on top of your garage not only allows you an affordable living solution, but it can also be used as a guest house that has a double use.

They are cost-effective, with entirely customizable features. They have interiors that can be modern or traditional depending on your tastes.


A carport has a roof, without any sides, so it is entirely open.

Unfortunately, this can mean that your garage is left unsafe and unprotected from the weather, which is why it is one of the least popular garages.

Portable Garages

Portable garages are the perfect solution if you want to cover for your cars or other vehicles, such as bikes or a boat, without the need to invest in a whole building structure.

They are often quick to install; you can keep them clean and last longer thanks to the durable fabric.


Barn garages allow you to benefit from single-car storage, while also giving you enough space to store all of your additional household goods.

What are garages made from?

When it comes to materials for your garage, there are many different options that you can choose from, which each have their benefits.


Steel is one of the most popular materials for use in both garage doors and garages themselves, mainly due to the many benefits that include affordability, durability and low maintenance. A metal garage has the following pros and cons:

✔ It can be painted and given texture

✔ Flexible and easy to adjust

✔ More cost-effective than other materials

✔ Steel can be in a variety of thicknesses

✗ Needs to be insulated

✗ Low thickness steel won’t stand up to impact


Aluminium is a thin metal which is known for its flexibility and resistance to corrosion. These are some of the considerations with this metal building:

✔ Able to be painted and textured

✔ Lighter than steel

✔ Less expensive than steel

✔ Long lasting finishes

✗ Will dent easier than steel

✗ Often less thick and resistant


Although this is mostly used for garage doors and windows, wood is a warm and traditional material which comes in a variety of styles and colours.

✔ Low-cost solution

✔ Looks warm and inviting

✔ Comes in a choice of colours

✔ Wood is a better insulator

✗ Needs to be maintained

✗ Might not be as strong as steel


Fibreglass is one of the least common forms of material for garage doors and garages, but it does come with the benefit that it is much less likely to dent.

✔ Strong against denting

✔Fibreglass is light

✔ Can be painted different colours

✔ Has a greater resistance

✗Fibreglass is a poor insulator

✗ It can fade from exposure to weather

What can I use a garage for?

There are many different uses for your garage, which includes the following:

  • Storing your cars or other vehicles
  • A unique space for storing personal items
  • An extra lounge for relaxing with friends
  • Room for a home theatre
  • A workshop for mechanic work
  • This space would be good for crafts
  • Garage gym or fitness space
  • Yoga studio
  • Storage for collectables and personal items
  • Music room
  • Playroom for children

What are the benefits of having a steel garage?

There are many benefits to using steel as the primary material in your garage, especially in the case that you choose the prefabricated option of buying a steel garage kit. A steel garage building has the following advantages:

✔ Steel is an affordable yet robust option

✔A prefabricated metal building kit is quick to construct

✔ Steel garages can last for many years

✔ Easy to maintain and durable too

✔ Steel garages are versatile and have many uses 

Making the Right Choice of Garage

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when it comes to building your own garage. Our number one recommendation is to start with your own needs, and go from there. Your first consideration should be what you are actually going to be using your garage for. Every decision will branch out from there.

If you can settle on the type of garage you need, then you can plan from there, and account for various materials, costs, and labour choices. After all, a construction project is only successful if the end result is something that actually fits your goals.

Start with this one simple consideration first, and you will find that the whole project is simplified considerably.

 Top 4 Steel Garage Providers

1. Western Steel Buildings

Type: Steel building provider

Locations: Utah

Western Steel Buildings are a five-star rated company on trusted websites such as Google. They are based in Utah and provide both commercial and residential steel buildings.

Their steel garages can contain up to 90% recycled steel so that you can benefit from a warranty of 40-years on their panels.

Western Steel Buildings will also offer you a wide variety of colour options too so that you can customise your garage to your specific needs.

2. Empire Steel Buildings

Type: Steel building provider

Locations: California

Empire Steel Buildings claim to manufacture and design the highest quality steel buildings with customer satisfaction, which is evidenced by their 4.5/5 star rating on trusted websites such as Google.

They can provide you with both commercial and residential buildings, with customised options that can help you go from the design stages to delivery and construction.

3. Steel Structures America

Type: Steel building provider

Locations: Colorado

Steel Structures America is a Colorado-based company who has been around since the mid-1990s and provides its customers with both residential and commercial prefabricated buildings, including a wide range of garages.

These garages come with a complete choice of sizes as well as the materials and colours used, as well as the choice to combine other purposes such as living spaces or shops.

4. American Steel Carports

Type: Steel structure company

Locations: Texas

American Steel Carports is 20 years old, with almost 200 employees, 16 manufacturing plants, and 280,000 steel structures built so far.

Not only do they offer their customers a plentiful choice of carports and garages, but they can also help you to design and build utility, custom, agricultural and workshop buildings.

The options available range from fully enclosed spaces to A-frame buildings, to those with multiple car bays. You can customise with different doors and windows.


Have you found out everything you need to know about steel garages, including costs and the many different benefits and the materials you can use?

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