Modular home construction is not a new trend for home building in the US but is gaining much popularity. With the rising cost of homeownership, delayed construction timelines and the steep interest rates, it’s no surprise why many homebuyers choose this route.

If you are also looking at modular homes, you must work with a reliable modular home builder known for their excellent craftsmanship and flexible design options. Every family or buyer is unique, which also means you have needs that are different from others.

A modular home builder that can accommodate your needs and offer custom housing solutions can spell the difference between having the home of your dreams or one that will give you many headaches to deal with. Make sure you choose the former.

And that’s why we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve researched them all and compiled this list of the top modular home builders in the country, so you know where to go if you want to build your dream modular home! So sit back and relax, and let’s begin your journey to build your vision into reality!

1. Alabama – Star Homes

best modular home builders 1 1
Image Source – Star Homes

Star Homes is a modular home builder based in Cullman, Alabama. It is one of the highly-rated modular home builders in the area because this is a family-owned business, and the owners and employees genuinely care for their customers. It doesn’t hurt that they have a wonderful selection of home designs and floor plans to suit every design preference and budget. But perhaps one of the things that stood out for Star Homes is the excellent customer satisfaction level. They don’t employ high-pressure selling tactics. They let their products and sincerity seal the deal for their clients, which many find refreshing in such a competitive industry.

2. Alaska – Timberland Homes

best modular home builders 2
Image Source – Timberland Homes

Timberland Homes is a custom modular home specialist in Alaska. They’re the premier choice for a modular home builder because they have a 15-year structural warranty on their homes, guaranteed pricing that saves you money, and their homes are ideal for remote locations and Alaska’s harsh weather conditions. Timberland Homes products comply with the international building code, which gives you peace of mind that your home is built to last. In addition, they have a reliable workforce to avoid any unnecessary delays of the construction process.

3. Arizona – Bluhomes

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Image Source – BluHomes

Bluhomes in Phoenix, Arizona is the unrivaled choice for modern modular homes. These home builders use modern construction techniques and technology, contemporary styles, and a sustainable approach to stand out from other modular home builders in AZ. One of their guiding principles in building modern homes is to positively impact the environment by creating efficient and sustainable homes. They also offer a seamless process from the design to the build, ensuring that you get your money’s worth!

4. Arkansas – Freedom Homes

best modular home builders 4
Image Source – Freedom Homes

Freedom Homes is a modular home builder in Bryant, Arizona. They also offer mobile and manufactured homes with varying floor plans and design features to help buyers find their dream homes. It is one of Arizona’s best modular home builders because its knowledgeable staff are always willing to answer questions and inform buyers of their choices. This friendly and patient customer service perfectly complements the quality of their home offerings, ensuring a seamless and smooth transaction for each customer.

5. California – Joy Line Homes

joy line homes the pines 001
Image Source – Joy Line Homes

Joy Line Homes tops the list of California’s best modular home builders for their high-end aesthetics, exceptional roof lines, and superior quality materials. They offer plenty of customization options and have a unique construction process that enables you to build faster and healthier for the environment. The exceptionally designed modular homes are complemented by high-end finishes from brands you can trust. Their lineup of modular homes are best suited for homebuyers with a discerning taste.

6. Colorado – Kopper Creek

best modular home builders 6
Image Source – Kopper Creek

Kopper Creek has been in the factory-built housing industry since the mid-1980s in Colorado. Their expertise in modular home manufacturing is unparalleled, especially given the unique challenges of building a home in Colorado. It is a family-owned and operated business, which means they are committed to preserving the quality of their services and strive to provide maximum value for your dollar.

And that’s exactly what their clients have to say – their exceptional customer service treats each client like a family. They’re happy to assist each buyer in finding a home that fits their needs best. They go above and beyond to deliver the services on time, such as creating 3D designs to ensure they fit their buyers’ timelines without compromising on the quality of each product.

7. Connecticut – Connecticut Valley Homes

best modular home builders 7
Image Source – Connecticut Valley Homes

Envisioning your dream home is easier with Connecticut Valley Homes. They offer several modular home plans and options to customize each design to match your budget and lifestyle. What makes Connecticut Valley Homes the best modular home builder in the state is their dedication to delivering quality products and customer satisfaction. They work with clients to handle every building detail – from the cabinets to the bathroom fixtures and knobs! But the most impressive part is that clients appreciate their post-sales customer service. Whenever there are issues with the home, they are quick to respond and address them.

8. Delaware – 4 Shore Homes

best modular home builders 8
Image Source – 4 Shore Homes

Specializing in custom modular home builds, 4 Shore Homes offers the perfect home for any family. With their exquisite lineup of modular homes and floor plans, you’ll find one that fits your idea of a dream home. The stellar reviews online also reflect the team’s quality and commitment to each home. Clients are particularly impressed with how well they’ve translated the 3D design into the actual unit without any significant issues, especially on the quality side. And they aren’t too shabby either regarding their customer service with a friendly and approachable staff.

9. Florida – Steel Homes Modular

best modular home builders 9
Image Source – Steel Homes Modular

Boasting modern and well-appointed designs, the modular homes available at Steel Homes Modular make it among Florida’s best modular home builders. They offer the newest designs for a taste of modern luxury for an affordable price. They also offer custom construction to add a unique touch to your dream home. Their clients love them because of their stellar customer service and amazing responsiveness. They coordinate with clients from start to finish to ensure they can deliver the product that the client expects and deserves.

10. Georgia – Affinity

best modular home builders 10
Image Source – Affinity

Be impressed by the collection of modular home floor plans from Affinity Building Systems in Florida. Each modular home is engineered to satisfy the building code requirements, especially in the state of Florida, where homes must be able to sustain hurricane weather conditions. They’ve got a wide selection, whether you are looking for a one-story or two-story home, a farmhouse style or a modern home. Each floor plan is carefully picked to suit every style preference, and they even offer decor customization. It’s no wonder why it’s Florida’s favorite modular home builder!

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11. Hawaii – Bamboo Living

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Image Source – Bamboo Living

Bamboo Living is the premier choice for modular home building in Hawaii, where they masterfully combine architect-designed homes with sustainability. They specialize in prefab homes using their time-honored bamboo craftsmanship. And yet, they are known for using modern fabric techniques and design to create contemporary homes, whether it’s a modest bungalow or an extravagant two-story villa. It’s easy to customize your home with various add-on and upgrade options. You can also depend on their quality customer service team to deliver prompt response if you have questions about the project, and are always willing to accommodate any requests within their means.

12. Idaho – KIT Custom Homebuilders

best modular home builders 12
Image Source – KIT Custom Homebuilders

KIT Custom Homebuilders in Idaho offers beautifully engineered homes with spacious interiors and smart layouts. Their modular homes employ construction methods that deliver durability, reliability, and flexibility with many customization possibilities. All modular homes conform to government-mandated quality and safety standards for your peace of mind. Their clients applaud them for the quality of the homes as they are up to the industry standards, and their layouts are well thought out. In addition, the customer service is unparalleled, making them stand out in Idaho among other custom home builders.

13. Illinois – Riley Homes

best modular home builders 13
Image Source – Riley Homes

Riley Homes is a trusted name in Illinois regarding home construction, and their offering of modular homes is equally impressive. They work with the best building partners in Illinois to help clients build their dream homes. The reliability of their construction is cited by its customers as one of the reasons why they’re the top modular home builders in the state, and they allow their work to speak for themselves. Bonus: they have friendly staff, too!

14. Indiana – Rochester Homes Inc.

best modular home builders 14
Image Source – Rochester Homes Inc.

Whatever it is you want for a dream home, Rochester Homes Inc. can build it for you! They’re the top modular home builders in Indiana and the East Coast, especially if dreamy homes are what you’re after. See your home transform from idea to reality as you can choose from over 70 modular home layouts that are easily customizable. The reviews speak for themselves as their customers are thrilled about the expert craftsmanship they deliver, which is a good sign for anyone looking at modular homes in their home-buying process. This team is committed to building homes, not just houses!

15. Iowa – Griffith Homebuilders

best modular home builders 15
Image Source – Griffith Homebuilders

Griffith Homebuilders is the go-to choice in Iowa for anyone shopping around for a modular home. They offer free customization, 3D prints, and guaranteed pricing on any modular floor plans. And speaking of floor plans, you can build the home of your choice as many floor plan options are available. They even have a price match guarantee on their modular homes, demonstrating their commitment to providing maximum value. They are a full-service home builder, and all their homes are energy-efficient and eco-friendly!

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16. Kansas – Wardcraft Homes

best modular home builders 16
Image Source – Wardcraft Homes

As a custom modular home builder, Wardcraft Homes in Kansas offers endless customization possibilities for each home. But their commitment to keeping costs affordable sets them apart from other builders. They prioritize keeping their homes budget-friendly without compromising on quality and craftsmanship. Their homes are energy-efficient and are quality-controlled to endure the toughest weather and environmental conditions. Transform your home with endless customization to match your vision!

17. Kentucky – Countryside Homes

best modular home builders 17
Image Source – Countryside Homes

Countryside Homes in Kentucky is a trusted name in the local home-building industry. But with the rise of modular homes, they have continued to impress home buyers in the area, especially those looking for affordable yet quality builds. Their team is made up of experienced home builders, and they have a responsive customer service team. The company invests in building high-quality modular homes and ensuring customers have a smooth and stress-free buying experience.

18. Louisiana – Oak Creek Homes

best modular home builders 18
Image Source – Oak Creek Homes

Experience the Oak Creek difference when looking for a custom modular home in Louisiana. They take pride in offering affordable homes, making it easier for many Louisiana residents to build their dream modular homes. It is the least expensive modular home on the market, yet they have an excellent resale value. They also have a quality guarantee as they use state-of-the-art technology and fabrication techniques for modular homes. Unlike on-site built homes, Oak Creek Homes guarantee superior performance to ensure your homes can withstand wy weather condition. And the best part is that these are energy-efficient homes, so they cost less to maintain and own.

19. Maine – New Style Homes

best modular home builders 19
Image Source – New Style Homes

New Style Homes is Maine’s leading modular home builder, combining classic styling with quality construction and an industry reputation built for several decades. New Style Homes sells and builds modular homes in Maine with several floor plan options to suit your style and preferences. They invite interested home buyers to check out the Model Village, wherein you can tour and examine model units for modular homes, allowing you to visualize your dream home before you commit to any model. The entire team is helpful from start to finish, making the entire process seamless and efficient.

20. Maryland – Chesapeake Energy Homes

best modular home builders 20
Image Source – Chesapeake Energy Homes

Modular construction is taking over the construction industry, and Chesapeake Energy Homes in Maryland uses advanced technology to reduce construction time and produce cost-efficient modular homes. It is rare to find home builders willing to accommodate the client’s budget, and Chesapeake Energy Homes exactly does that. It is part of their commitment to deliver custom modular homes, which includes considering the client’s budget. However, they don’t disappoint when it comes to quality either.

21. Massachusetts – Avalon Buildings Systems

best modular home builders 21
Image Source – Avalon Buildings Systems

Avalon Buildings Systems leads Massachusetts’s modular home building industry for its inspired and thoughtful designs. Choose from various styles such as coastal, colonial, cape, and contemporary styles. These style options reflect the region and you can build a home that fits perfectly into the landscape. In addition, Avalon Buildings Systems spends time to educate consumers, to ensure they understand how modular home construction works and ensure they know the process before they commit. If there are any issues, which can be inevitable, they are prompt to address those issues.

22. Michigan – Unlimited Modular Homes

best modular home builders 22
Image Source – Unlimited Modular Homes

Unlimited Modular Homes is a modular home builder based in Troy, Michigan. These modular home experts craft your dream homes from your vision, ensuring you can have a home that you look forward to coming to at the end of the day. Their home models and floor plans start at a turnkey price of $295K but those pricing are flexible based on your customization requirements.

The team also prides itself in delivering world-class customer service; they are willing to offer support to clients, even during off-work hours. They are very skilled at dealing with people and are always ready to help, especially in finding alternative materials for clients looking for more budget-friendly options.

23. Minnesota – Excelsior Homes West, Inc.

best modular home builders 23
Image Source – Excelsior Homes West Inc.

Excelsior Homes West Inc is the top modular home builder in Minnesota. Locals recommend them because they are supportive and responsive from the initial inquiry up to the completion of the build. They are committed to ensuring that every client gets the home they want and that offers value for their hard-earned money. The icing on top of the cake is they offer a vast selection of modular home models that makes it easier to shop around for the best fit for the client’s budget and needs. No need to settle!

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24. Mississippi – Spartan Homes of Laurel

best modular home builders 24
Image Source – Spartan Homes of Laurel

Meeet the titans for modular home builds in Mississippi – Spartan Homes! They have an excellent and well-trained sales team who are never pushy but are patient and prompt in responding to any queries about their modular homes. As the premier builder of modular homes in Mississippi, they have a reputation to preserve and the industry experience to make everything go as smoothly as possible. The company is a full-dealership for modular homes, making them the all-in-one solution for your home needs.

25. Missouri – New Castle Homes

best modular home builders 25
Image Source – New Castle Homes

Realize your American Dream with New Castle Homes. Become a happy homeowner in Missouri with the help of the modular home builder that has been around since 1976. They can help in locating the best site for your home, site inspections, and custom home build for modular homes. Their clients love them for their flexibility in adding custom details that make each home truly unique for the family. They are also attentive about specific concerns or issues during and after the build. If you’ve got any questions, the team is ready to answer to ensure you are perfectly satisfied before deciding on your modular home.

26. Montana – Riverside Cabins

Riverside Cabins Craig 2021
Image Source – Riverside Cabins

Montana’s Riverside Cabins builds custom modular homes and cabins. Although they are based in Montana, they can deliver modular homes to Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Washington. Their unique value proposition is in the simplicity of their modular designs and the savings they can offer clients. Each modular cabin or home is built within their facility using premium quality materials. These homes and cabins are designed with the Montana winters and harsh conditions in mind. Their former clients also have only good things to say about the modular home builder, specifically regarding the quality of the build craftsmanship and attention to detail.

27. Nebraska – Family Built Homes

best modular home builders 27 1
Image Source – Family Built Homes

Family Built Homes in Nebraska specializes in superior modular housing with infinite customization options. From the materials to the countertop surfaces and the flooring, it’s easy to create the home you’ve envisioned with this team. Unsurprisingly, they are considered the best modular home builder in Nebraska, offering flexible floor plans and solid craftsmanship. All modular homes are built in a factory using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, such that they can tailor your home to your family’s size or needs. As a bonus, they have accommodating staff, too!

28. Nevada – Craftsman Homes

best modular home builders 28
Image Source – Craftsman Homes

Craftsman Homes is the top modular home builder in Nevada, which offers various floor plans and manufactured homes. It is a locally-owned business that has operated since 1997, a testament to its customer service and reputation for delivering quality homes. They have a well-trained and friendly sales team ready to assist clients with any questions, especially those new to buying modular homes. You can trust that they will be committed to providing the best home for your family and not just out to make a quick buck!

29. New Hampshire – New Style Homes

best modular home builders 29
Image Source – New Style Homes

If you’re building a home in New Hampshire, check out New Style Homes. This modular home builder is among the top-rated builders in the country and state for its well-designed, superior-quality modular homes. Their clients are impressed with the modular home options and their ability to design and build them promptly. There are no hidden charges, so clients pay exactly as quoted. New Style Homes even has a model village where clients can come and view their models to help choose their styles.

30. New Jersey – Sica Modular Homes

best modular home builders 30
Image Source – Sica Homes

Sica is a well-reputed modular home builder in New Jersey. The family-owned business has been in the industry for decades, and the third generation of the family is at the helm to run this business. The long-standing family business and heritage are reflected in the owners’ commitment to ensuring the superior quality of their modular homes, which they’ve spent decades improving to deliver the best building technology and results to their clients. And, unsurprisingly, their clients love them as their dedication shows through with the results.

31. New Mexico – Palm Harbor Homes

best modular home builders 31
Image Source – Palm Harbor Homes

Palm Harbor Homes is your best bet if you’re looking for modular homes in New Mexico. Based in Flora Vista, New Mexico, this company specializes in modular and manufactured homes. The company offers many styles, allowing you to pick the best style to fit your preferences and needs. But perhaps the biggest upside to choosing this company to build your modular home is their friendly and knowledgeable customer service team. They are highly professional in dealing with clients and prompt to respond to queries or concerns.

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32. New York – Westchester Modular Homes Inc.

best modular home builders 32
Image Source – Westchester Modular

Based in Wingdale, NY, Westchester Modular Homes has built over 8,000 homes! They are the top choice in New York for anyone looking for a modular home builder because of their experience and expertise. They offer modular home models to make it easier to choose the right look and style for your future modular home but are also open to customizing the build of your modular home if you have a vision in mind. The team uses state-of-the-art 3D walkthroughs to allow you to visualize your vision of a perfect home before the building process commences. They will work closely with every client from start to finish, ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction.

33. North Carolina – Silverpoint Homes

best modular home builders 33
Image Source – Silverpoint Homes

With a tagline, “Build Better, Build Faster”, Silverpoint Homes is among the top modular home builders in North Carolina. They offer on-time site-build and modular home constructions without compromising quality and time. Choose from multiple home models to get inspired by and customize the details to suit your preferences. Each model is cleverly designed to combine style and functionality, giving you the best of both worlds. Previous clients have only good things to say about this builder as they deliver superb results and customer service!

34. North Dakota – Liechty Homes

best modular home builders 34
Image Source – Liechty Homes

Liechty Homes has been the leader in the modular manufacturing industry in North Dakota. They’ve been in business for 60 years, which showcases their competence and ability to produce quality homes for the people of North Dakota. Liechty Homes offers various solutions for residential homes and community living, ensuring a housing solution for any lifestyle or needs. The clients also love working with the team due to their unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. The knowledgeable staff makes the process as easy as it can be!

35. Ohio – Unibuilt Homes

best modular home builders 35
Image Source – Unibilt Homes

Dream. Design. Build. Unibuilt Homes is Ohio’s top modular home builder, serving various areas, such as Champaign, Clark, Greene, Montgomery, and Pebble. They have a unique modular building process that guarantees consistent results and reliability. For 45 years, they have maintained a reputation of being a reliable modular home builder with guaranteed pricing and timely completion. Homebuyers can work closely with the team’s drafting department for any modifications to their final home design, ensuring that clients have a uniquely theirs home.

36. Oklahoma – Oak Creek Homes

best modular home builders 36
Image Source – Oak Creek Homes

Oak Creek Homes in Tulsa, OK, is a top-rated modular home builder with a tradition of quality and craftsmanship. The Oak Creek modular homes offer quality construction and luxury. The builders use high-quality construction materials, such as lumber and steel, ensuring that their modular homes can sustain any weather conditions and are long-lasting. Oak Creek Homes offers move-in ready homes and custom modular builds, so you can choose what suits you best.

37. Oregon – ideabox

best modular home builders 37
Image Source – ideabox

Meet Oregon’s top modular home builder focused on delivering contemporary and innovative designs: ideabox. They have a unique building process to deliver satisfactory results to clients, and it starts with the planning process wherein the team discusses the ideas with the client and develops an initial sketch. You will also discuss a budget snapshot wherein you can tap on the team’s 17-year experience in providing expert guidance on choosing the right build to fit your budget. More collaboration process ensues to understand and satisfy client expectations. It shows the team’s level of commitment into satisfying even the clients with discerning tastes.

38. Pennsylvania – Signature Building Systems

best modular home builders 38
Image Source – Signature Building Systems

Signature Building Systems is the premier modular home builder in Pennsylvania. They transform ideas into homes using modern modular construction techniques and technology. As a custom modular home manufacturer in PA, they offer 25+ years of experience in the industry. They’ve worked with various partners and suppliers over the years, allowing them to understand the importance of offering flexibility in their custom home building process. They’ve also perfected the modular construction process to bring fully customizable results. It’s that attention to detail that makes them different from other builders!

39. Rhode Island – Eagle Associates LLC

best modular home builders 39
Image Source – Eagle Associates LLC

Eagle Associates LLC is a general contractor and modular home specialist in Greenville, Rhode Island. The team has a dedicated facility to construct the modular home, wherein they use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure the best quality construction and craftsmanship before delivering them to the home’s location. A team of professionals will be working with clients on the design process, which guarantees that clients have complete control over the design of their choice. At the same time, the team of experts can provide insightful feedback to ensure that all projects are done to the highest standards. They’ve satisfied many clients with innovative ideas and technology over the years.

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40. South Carolina – H&H Builders

best modular home builders 40
Image Source – H&H Builders

H&H Builders have been building homes in South Carolina since the 1970s. Throughout those years, they’ve maintained a reputation within the building industry with a focus on personalized service. It is also a family-owned business, so the owners of H&H Builders have traditional values and impeccable work ethic that they want to preserve through their work. Their qualified employee base has grown through the years, and they’re like family. It is evident in how the employees treat the customers, and the design and building team work seamlessly to ensure clients are satisfied with their work until the project completion.

41. South Dakota – Centennial Homes

best modular home builders 41
Image Source – Centennial Homes

Centennial Homes in Aberdeen, South Dakota offers both modular and manufactured housing solutions. They are spread across seven retail locations in South Dakota, providing a wide array of home styles to suit varying tastes and needs of its customers. They also provide endless customization options, which is why they offer flexible pricing on their modular homes, as the final price differs according to the extent of add-ons and upgrades chosen by customers. Former and existing clients of Centennial Homes appreciate the quality of the customer service team who are readily available if they have questions or concerns about the project.

42. Tennessee – CustomSmart Homes

best modular home builders 42
Image Source – CustomSmart Homes

CustomSmart Homes is a highly respected and well-established modular home builder in Tennessee. They pride themselves on offering affordable, brand-new custom modular homes with proven construction technologies. The team provides flexible solutions to build your home however you like through their signature turnkey program wherein the team takes care of everything from start to finish. Or you can use your construction expertise to reduce the costs of building your modular home and you can get the components of the modular home delivered and you can build it together on-site. The options available at CustomSmart Homes live up to its name, which is why it’s the top modular home builder in TN.

43. Texas – Pratt Homes

best modular home builders 43
Image Source – Pratt Homes

Pratt Homes is a modular home builder in Tyler, Texas. This company has been around since 1996, and they’ve been around for decades, helping clients build their dream homes. With the boom in modular homes, they offer plenty of customization options and modular home models that satisfy various budgets and needs. The clients they’ve served are very satisfied with their homes, specifically regarding quality and craftsmanship. But where they excel the most is in the customer service department; they have an excellent team that is patient enough to guide clients through home selection, ensuring their budgets are aligned with their home choices.

44. Utah – Irontown Homes

best modular home builders 44
Image Source – Irontown Homes

Irontown Homes is the go-to choice when looking for high-quality residential modular home construction in Utah. They offer modular construction for residential and commercial projects. As the top modular construction company in Utah, they take pride in their high standard of construction quality. The components of the modular home are built within a controlled environment to preserve the quality of the materials and reduce waste. With over 50 years of exprience in designing and building modular homes, they’re a team of experts you can trust.

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45. Vermont – Fecteau Homes

best modular home builders 45
Image Source – Fecteau Homes

Are you looking for quality yet affordable modular homes in Vermont? Discover the top modular construction company in the state – Fecteau Homes. The company offers total housing solution for homebuyers in Vermont, such as modular homes, single-family homes, and mobile homes. Choose from up to five modular house plans that suit varying budgets and price ranges. The team is kind enough to assist clients in choosing the right home for them, whether it’s considering what fits their budget or the features they want. Every transaction is handled professionally and promptly.

46. Virginia – Tidewater Custom Modular Homes Inc.

best modular home builders 46
Image Source – Tidewater Custom Modular Homes

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes is the premier choice in custom modular construction in Virginia, serving the Norfolk and Virginia Beach areas. Founded in 2003, they specialize in constructing modular single-family and multi-family homes. The team is intent on realizing your dream home with superior quality construction methods and a solid reputation. They’re deviating away from the stick-built homes to offer clients a home that is made to endure even the toughest conditions. And if you’re looking for custom modular designs, they’ve got you covered, too.

47. Washington – Wolf Industries

best modular home builders 47
Image Source – Wolf Industries

Wolf Industries is Washington’s top company for modular home construction. Specifically, they specialize in tiny homes and prefab units. While they offer seven modular plans, they take it a step further by providing clients with customization options. There are no limits to how much you can customize – from the countertops to the crown molding. Your dream modular home is within your grasp! They take pride in their craftsmanship and are hands-on with every detail, from the planning to the construction. The team is transparent with the building process and are ready to answer questions from clients so they’re informed in every step of the process.

48. West Virginia – Silverpoint Homes

best modular home builders 48
Image Source – Silverpoint Homes

Silverpoint Homes in West Virginia is the place for anyone looking for custom modular homes, whether in a one-story or two-story configuration. They offer several model homes but can accommodate customizations to fit your needs and style preferences. The team are available to do on-site work and prep to make the construction process as seamless as possible. While issues are inevitable, their clients applaud the team for their prompt response to ensure that they can meet the project timeline, and to minimize costs on the customers’ end.

49. Wisconsin – Bay Area Homes

best modular home builders 49
Image Source – Bay Area Homes

Whether you are looking for a beautifully designed modular home or a wonderful team to build your home, you’ll find that in Wisconsin’s Bay Area Homes. With their wide selection of modular and manufactured homes, finding your dream home is easy. You can add upgrades and customized details for each modular floor plan to fit your decor tastes and needs. In addition to providing quality homes with excellent craftsmanship, the team’s excellent communication and cooperation make every transaction a pleasant one for their client base.

50. Wyoming – Feels Like Home LLC

best modular home builders 50
Image Source – Feels Like Home LLC

Feels Like Home LLC is a modular home builder and dealer in Wyoming. The company’s dream is to make homeownership achievable for every family in Wyoming, so they provide cost-effective and custom housing solutions that make every client’s dream home a reality. With an extensive selection of floor plans and models, finding the right modular home is a breeze. This builder is loved by their clients because there are no surprises; they are extremely transparent and helpful in communicating each step of the process.