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Steel Building Prices: How Much is a Metal Building in 2021?

Metal building rendering

Steel is a popular building material for many reasons. It is quite durable, weather resistant, and relatively easy to work with. Steel construction is a great option if you are looking to put up a quick and efficient building project on your property. Whether you are in need of a steel garage, a commercial steel building, or a residential steel building, there are many options and variants available to you.

However, one of your first considerations might very well be the cost. While they do tend to be quite economical in comparison to other forms of construction, a steel building can still be quite the investment. You need to efficiently plan your project in order to minimize your expenses and maximize quality.

Accurate steelprices are hard to find online, with many companies keeping the steel building cost hidden until after a site visit.

This is due to the fact that there are so many options and possible site layouts that need to be taken into account. Also, it is because it might be easier for them to sell you on their product in person.


, in this guide, you will find out how much a metal building will cost, with 58 examples for quick ‘ballpark’ quotes.

According to, 50% of the nation’s non-residential low rise buildings involve the use of metal building systems. If you are planning on using this popular building type, you can get up to speed on pricing here in just a few minutes.

  • The average steel building price is $15 – $25 per square foot, but these costs vary depending on your options, size, and complexity of the structure.
  • Lean-to metal building kits cost the least per square foot due to the simple design, and residential steel homes cost the most. 
  • Metal building kits are cheap and fast to build, it’s possible for some simple structures to be erected in just days. 

In This Article

Here you’ll also find out all you need to know about the factors that affect prices, and how you can build your steel building to stay within budget. With this general guide, you will know what a metal structure will typically cost, and be able to adjust these estimates to fit your specific building plans.

What’s in this guide?

58 Steel Building Prices

In this section, we have broken down steel frame buildings by category of usage. We are going to give you several examples of different types of steel buildings, and give you a typical price that you can expect. We have included several categories of steel building (carport, residential, commercial, etc.) and have broken down each of these categories into further sections.

This is a great place to start, but remember that it is just a starting point. Many other factors may influence the price of your steel building project. Below, we will go into more detail on how to calculate your building project cost. However, this is a great starting point, as it gives you a base line idea of what to expect.

Steel building price examples:

  • “Lean-to” steel buildings cost between $1,085 and $3,862.
  • Steel churches cost between $64,800 and $426,960.
  • Metal carport kits cost from $1,427 and $5,578.
  • Metal home kits cost between $19.314 and $53,545.
  • Steel aircraft buildings cost between $7,812 and $13,299. 


“Lean-to” steel buildings cost between $1,085 and $3,862 depending on size, frame type, and roof style.

Lean-to Size Price
Lean-to frame only 10x20x8 $1,085
Lean-to 3 sided frame only 15x20x8 $1,559
Lean-to with roof 15x20x8 $1,936
Lean-to 3 sided with roof 15x20x8 $3,535
Lean-to 2 sided with roof 18x24x8 $3,864


Metal carport kits cost from $1,427 and $5,578, factors that affect prices include the number of cars to store, wall material, and roof options.

Carports 12×24 tube frame

Carport Size Price
Carport 2 sided with roof 12x20x7 $1,427
Carport 2 sided with roof 20x20x12 $3,557
Carport 3 sided with roof 12x20x7 $3,633
Carport 3 sided with roof 20x20x10 $4,992
Carport 3 sided with roof 24×2012 $5,578

Metal Garage Kits

Metal garage kits cost from $5,958 up to $12,303, with more expensive garages being larger with more windows and doors.

Metal garage 30×50

Metal Garage Size Price
Clear-span garage with closed walls and ends 38x50x16 $5,958.99
Clear-span garage with closed walls and ends 40x60x16 $7,946.99
Clear-span garage with closed walls and ends 60x130x20 $8,217.64
Clear-span garage with closed walls and ends 50x90x24 $9,319.27
Clear-span garage with closed walls and ends 100x140x24 $12,303.54

Metal Aircraft Buildings

Metal aircraft buildings cost between $7,812 and $13,299, this varies based on the number of planes and the geographic location of your site.

Aircraft hangar 50×60

Aircraft Building Size Price
Aircraft hangar with a closed-end wall 56x84x16 $7,812.99
Aircraft hangar with a closed-end wall 50x82x18 $8,499.99
Aircraft hangar with a closed-end wall 70x118x20 $9,929.99
Aircraft hangar with a closed-end wall 80x128x24 $13,299.78

Recreational Steel Buildings

Recreational steel buildings cost between $14,221 and $18,220 depending on what the building is needed for and it’s size

Recreational metal building rendering 2

Recreational metal building

Recreational Steel Building Kit Size Price
Recreational building (closed-end wall) 80x120x20 $14,221.77
Recreational building (closed-end wall) 120x160x20 $17,989.20
Recreational building (closed end wall) 120x220x24 $18,220.95

Steel I-beam Structures

Steel I-beam structures cost between $2,955 and $6,925. The I beam is a robust vertical column that can be used to make buildings stronger than tube frames for example.

I-beam Structure Dimensions Price
Regular Roof 12×21 $2,955
Boxed Eave 12×21 $3,055
Vertical Roof 12×21 $3,255
Regular Roof 18×36 $4,410
Boxed Eave 18×36 $4,885
Vertical Roof 18×36 $5,235
Regular Roof 24×36 $6,050
Boxed Eave