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Steel Building Prices: How Much is a Steel Building in 2020?

Metal building rendering

Wondering how much a steel building costs?

In this guide you will find out exactly how much a metal building will cost, with 58 examples for quick ‘ball park’ quotes.

So what are the prices of steel buildings?

Before I get to that, there is an important detail that you need to understand:

The prices of steel buildings are always changing.

But don’t worry. Although the prices do vary, they usually move within some margin or price range because there are limited factors that cause prices to fluctuate. These factors are:

  • Building Design and Size
  • Regulations
  • Cost of Steel
  • Construction and Delivery

In this guide, you’ll find out all you need to know about these factors are, how you can build your steel building and stay within your budget.

As well as tips you can use to avoid incurring additional costs.

So, let’s jump right in!

What’s in this guide?

What affects steel building prices?

Design and size

  • Simple, pre-engineered steel buildings are less expensive.
  • Larger steel buildings have a lower cost per square foot.

Steel Building Prices are partially determined by the design that you choose. Whether it be pre-engineered buildings or one that is tailored to fit your specifications. The more complex and customised your plan, the more it costs.

Another aspect of your building’s design that affects the price is its size. Sure, it’s safe to say that larger buildings are more expensive. But, if you consider the price per square footage then in that sense, more substantial buildings are less costly per square foot.

However, prices should not be the only factor when it comes to choosing a steel building design. You should carefully consider what you want out of the building, and then decide which building design and size is the best way to achieve your goals.

It may be worth the extra initial cost if it translates into other savings down the line.


  • Steel Building prices can change due to local and state building regulations and requirements.

If you want to determine the actual price of a steel building accurately, then you need to have a working knowledge of the building laws and regulations in your county, city, and state.

For example, different types of buildings have unique requirements such as requiring appropriate insulation, fire escapes, or a minimum number of doors and windows.

Altogether, this could bring costs up even more than what you had initially expected.

So, for many, building regulations tend to be forgotten or only given thought much later in the process where additional costs could suddenly pop up.

Therefore, you would be doing yourself a favour by getting ahead of the game and knowing what requirements you need to satisfy to construct a steel building safely.

Price of steel

  • Fluctuating prices of steel cause similar changes in the rates of steel buildings.

Steel building prices differ based on their main intrinsic component: steel.

What this means is that the current prices of steel as it is traded in the commodities market plays a part in determining the amount of a steel building.

If steel prices go up, you should expect to see this change reflected in the quotes given to you by steel buildings suppliers.

But don’t worry. Price fluctuations in steel are normal, just like daily fluctuations in stock prices. And, these changes tend to be minor.

However, there is the possibility of events such as natural disasters or trade sanctions that could quickly and unexpectedly cause a drastic change in the prices of steel and steel buildings.

These events cannot be anticipated, so the best thing you can do to gauge a better price estimate for your steel building is to monitor the market prices of steel.


  • Steel building prices are also determined by the effort required and complexity its construction.

In general, construction accounts for up to 40% of the total price of a steel building. This covers everything that goes into the process of erecting your building from delivery, materials, and insulation.

Various types of steel buildings have their infrastructure requirements that can cause differences in their prices.

For instance, internal structural steel beams (such as I-Beams) cost around $65 per meter, as opposed to Quonset Huts or other self-supporting buildings that don’t require these beams.

Furthermore, each steel building company sets its construction costs based on the services they provide. As well as which region they are located.

You’ll find that companies that are in the same area tend to have similar prices, which are also different compared to companies in other regions.

This is purely down to local competition and what prices attract clients in the area.

Types of steel building

One of the main factors which could affect your steel building costs is the type of frame or structure that you choose.

For instance, a basic tube structure only has a small number of materials, and it isn’t complicated to make or construct, which could make it a budget-friendly option.

On the other hand, a church building complete with a steeple or one which requires wooden or stone cladding to fit in with the buildings which surround it could be substantially more expensive.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of steel buildings you can find today.

Tube Frame

Tube frame steel structures are some of the most basic frames on the market, as they often have a single beam which is bent at the top and eventually meets another beam opposite to it.

This creates a type of arch which then is finished by a layer of steel sheeting on top to build a roof. Leaving you with a structure that is open-ended and sometimes doesn’t have walls.

Other times, your structure will have walls, and it might be closed at the back depending on your specific needs.

Here are some of the different uses for tube frame buildings.


The first type of tube frame building is a simple ‘lean-to’ structure, which is when your frame has a slanted roof, which is attached to either your home or another substantial building, and it is supported by several I-beams on one side.

Sometimes lean-to’s will come complete with a steel roof, which will let water and snow run off the slanted top.

This type of structure will be an excellent fit if you need some extra storage space outside but your garage is full, or you could use it as a BBQ area which is protected from the weather.




Lean-to frame only 10x20x8 $1,085
Lean-to 3 sided frame only 15x20x8 $1,559
Lean-to with roof 15x20x8 $1,936
Lean-to 3 sided with roof 15x20x8 $3,535
Lean-to 2 sided with roof 18x24x8 $3,864


Carports, unlike lean-to’s, are often their structure, and they feature a frame which is made up of I-beams which are bent at the top and welded together, creating an arch.

Sometimes these buildings are completely enclosed with a door big enough for a vehicle. Or, they can be open-ended on one side, or they could have no walls and just a roof.

Carports are best suited for the storage of small to medium-sized vehicles. And, sometimes they come big enough to store several cars at once.




Carport 2 sided with roof 12x20x7 $1,427
Carport 2 sided with roof 20x20x12 $3,557
Carport 3 sided with roof 12x20x7 $3,633
Carport 3 sided with roof 20x20x10 $4,992
Carport 3 sided with roof 24×2012 $5,578


Walkways are similar to carports in the shape of the frame, however, they usually only have an A-frame roof, and they don’t have any walls.

A-frame roofs allow you to have a roof which will let the snow and other weather runoff safely.

Sometimes, you could assemble a walkway structure in less than an afternoon!




Walkway frame only 8x20x6.75 $916
Walkway with a roof 8x20x6.75 $1,448
Walkway frame only 10x30x7 $2,106
Walkway with a roof 10x30x7 $2,444

Quonset Hut

Quonset huts were most popular in the second world war, because they were very cheap to construct. And, they could be assembled and disassembled in a short amount of time.

The negatives, however, were that there was a limited amount of interior space because the structure was mainly made out of a single steel sheet which was arched in a half circle shape.

So, as the roof sloped, space below becomes smaller and frequently unusable.

However, in the many years since then there have been significant improvements to this structure. And, now you don’t have to sacrifice any interior space.

Metal Garage Kits

Metal garage kits can give you the opportunity to have one of the most durable frames used today. As well as having a vintage appearance and they are often a cheap alternative to other buildings.

Here are some of the options you can choose from, and general prices you could expect.

Metal Garage



Clear-span garage with closed walls and ends 38x50x16 $5,958.99
Clear-span garage with closed walls and ends 40x60x16 $7,946.99
Clear-span garage with closed walls and ends 60x130x20 $8,217.64
Clear-span garage with closed walls and ends 50x90x24 $9,319.27
Clear-span garage with closed walls and ends 100x140x24 $12,303.54

Aircraft Buildings

Aircraft buildings usually have 100% useable interior space, as they are made specifically to house large vehicles such as airplanes and your equipment.

Traditionally, they are relatively easy to construct and can be built with customs requirements such as skylights and ventilation.

Aircraft Building



Aircraft hangar with a closed end wall 56x84x16 $7,812.99
Aircraft hangar with a closed end wall 50x82x18 $8,499.99
Aircraft hangar with a closed end wall 70x118x20 $9,929.99
Aircraft hangar with a closed end wall 80x128x24 $13,299.78

Recreational Steel Buildings

Recreational steel buildings can be used for many purposes, such as an ice-skating rink, for roller derby or even an inside equestrian arena, depending on your customisation.

The strong arch can withstand harsh weather, such as heavy snowfall and sometimes even hurricanes.

Recreational Steel Building Kit



Aircraft hangar with a closed end wall 80x120x20 $14,221.77
Aircraft hangar with a closed end wall 120x160x20 $17,989.20
Aircraft hangar with a closed end wall 120x220x24 $18,220.95

I-beam Structure

I-beam structures feature a simple straight column, hence the ‘I’ in I-beam, which is often welded or joined to a roof with steel walls, often enclosed too.

You can customise the shape of your roof, which can have some effect on the price of your building.

I-beam Structure



Regular Roof 12×21 $2,955
Boxed Eave 12×21 $3,055
Vertical Roof 12×21 $3,255
Regular Roof 18×36 $4,410
Boxed Eave 18×36 $4,885
Vertical Roof 18×36 $5,235
Regular Roof 24×36 $6,050
Boxed Eave 24×36 $6,575
Vertical Roof 24×36 $6,925


C-Channel buildings are traditionally smaller buildings, and they feature a verticle beam which is usually characterised by the flanges at the top and bottom of the shaft, hence the C shape which is where the name comes from.

Metal Building



Metal Building 30x27x12 $987.14
Metal Building 42x36x14 $1,213.57
Metal Building 40x40x12 $1,381.55
Metal Building 52x36x16 $2,091.99

Rigid Frame Building

A rigid frame building is known as a continuous frame because it features beams which are connected by joints, similar to a table for instance.

Sometimes these joints can allow the different parts to move and rotate, which will enable it to take on more loads and therefore last longer than some other types of structures.

Rigid Frame Building



Rigid frame horse barn building 70x60x18 $4,804.53
Rigid frame horse barn building 60x80x16 $4,901.29
Rigid frame horse barn building 65x80x16 $5,112.62
Rigid frame horse barn building 90x60x16 $5,119.15

Truss Building

A truss building will often have an I-beam structure, but at the top, there will be other beams across the roof which are often made up of V-shaped beams, from one side of the building to another.

This gives better support, as well as giving you the opportunity to weave wiring through these trusses, which makes them appropriate for workshops and mechanics for example.

Truss Building



Large truss metal building 40×20 $7,295
Large truss metal building 40×24 $8,345
Large truss metal building 50×20 $9,595
Large truss metal building 50×24 $10,695
Large truss metal building 60×20 $12,495
Large truss metal building 60×24 $13,595


Steel churches allow you to benefit from the advantages to steel such as flexibility, durability and long-lasting strength. As well as being cost-effective, and more easily expanded than when using other materials.

The cost of your church mostly depends on size. However, it can also depend on some seats or classrooms.





Church 3,600 sqft 252 $64,800
Church 4,880 sqft 252 $87,840
Church 7,109 sqft 294 $127,962
Church 9,307 sqft 735 $167,526
Church 12,058 sqft 300 $217,044
Church 23,720 sqft 350 $426,960

Residential Homes

When it comes to residential homes, steel can provide a low-cost uniform solution to many different needs, such as for your own home or even things like student accommodation.

This is because they can be easily replicated and they are uniform in style.

Take a look below at some pricing examples from Bauhu, who provides prefabricated steel homes.

Residential Home




Home Kit 53m2 53m2 One $19,314.50
Home Kit 86m2 86m2 Two $29,339.47
Home Kit 10m2 101m2 Two $34,693.85
Home Kit 180m2 150m2 Four $53,543.88

Are there any other costs?

Although this guide will have given you a general idea of the prices that you can expect.

However, there are some other factors to consider.

So, when it comes to the building itself, you might want to think about these elements.

  • The material you choose can affect pricing
  • If you need plumbing and electrical work
  • Should you want insulation
  • How many windows and doors you want

However, there might be more costs regarding construction and aftercare.

  • The cost of hiring building professionals
  • How much plumbers or electricians are a day
  • Aftercare such as maintenance

Each one of these factors could affect the overall price of your steel building in a significant way. So, you should research each one of these costs just in case.

Can a steel building save me money?

Having a steel building could save you a significant amount of money, as it is generally a much less expensive material overall than many others including stone or wood for example.

How long does a steel building take to install?

Installing a steel building, depending on the complexity of the structure, could take as little as a few hours or days, to as long as weeks or even months.

This depends on the size of your building, the extra materials you want to use as well as things such as whether you need plumbing or electrical work.


In conclusion, the costs of your steel building might depend on many different factors such as the type of construction, and the current price of steel too.

Finally, have you found out everything you need to know? Not found what you’re looking for?

Get in touch with us today for friendly, personalised advice to make the right decision for you.