Discover a relaxing and calming blue hue that is set to become one of the must-try color schemes for 2024: Sherwin-William’s Color of the Year Upward SW 6239. The paint brand describes this color as a “denim blue with calm gray undertones.” It banks on the popularity of the modern gray hue in interior design and then combines that with the classic appeal of blue.

This color scheme is perfect for a transformative space, inviting relaxation and calmness. You can easily drift into a dreamy state when you walk into a room painted with this color. This blissful shade evokes a peaceful aura, which invites you to slow down and observe your surroundings.

It’s the perfect color choice when you want to clear your mind.

And yet, there is a sunny and carefree element to this color scheme. Pair it with light neutrals to make it fun with a crisp edge. Since the color has a calming effect, it never feels overdone. It is perfectly balanced, ethereal, and tranquil – just the mood you want to create inside the four corners of your home. Whether you’re into blue or gray, you’ll fall in love with this stunning combination to create a blissful atmosphere.

We’re sharing a few ideas on incorporating the Upward Sw6239 color to create timeless and inspired spaces.

1. Coastal Kitchen Inspiration

sherwin williams upward sw6239 1
Image Source – Times Union

Sherwin-Williams’ Upward SW6239 color adds a pious, clean, and subtly elegant touch to this kitchen space. The soft, mid-toned blue with hints of gray is not a common choice of palette for the kitchen, but it totally works for this particular design.

It’s your invitation to leave your comfort zone and avoid traditional color choices to create a stand-out design. The touches of white and marbled backsplash complement the blue, grayish tone. Meanwhile, the wooden touches provide the natural elements to keep this kitchen cozy.

2. Calming and Modern Wall

sherwin williams upward sw6239 2
Image Source – Times Union

Painting your wall with the year’s color from Sherwin-Williams adds a tranquil and serene effect to the living space. Whereas a darker blue hue might seem overwhelming, especially for homeowners who prefer neutral-colored walls, this hue elicits a peaceful aura to your home.

When you enter your home and see the color painted in this hue, you will instantly feel relaxed and invited to pause and meditate. The color scheme also serves as the perfect canvas to incorporate other colors into your interior design, because it is surprisingly versatile.

3. Uplifting Coastal Decor

sherwin williams upward sw6239 3
Image Source – Times Union

Upward is a medium-blue hue that works best in homes with a coastal decor. However, it can blend seamlessly into any home decor with a timeless and inspired design. Using this color palette on the walls adds a touch of softness to this home and makes it feel airy and bright.

It perfectly complements the white-painted fireplace and dark wooden floor. This color choice and interior design bring the essence of summer into your home any time of the year.

4. Refreshing Bathroom Decor

sherwin williams upward sw6239 4
Image Source – Times Union

This chic coastal design style in the bathroom perfectly demonstrates the best way to use Sherwin-William’s Upward color palette. The light paint colors on the wall beautifully marry with the use of the bluish-gray hue on the sink cabinet and the door.

The paint color also perfectly complements the darker blue shade of the vintage clawfoot bathtub. Meanwhile, this room decor inspiration is another testament to how this color scheme pairs well with the wood-toned furniture and accents.

5. Bright and Airy Living Room

sherwin williams upward sw6239 5
Image Source – Sherwin-Williams

Transform your living room by painting the walls in the 2024 color of the year, Sherwin-Williams’ Upward SW6239. It looks stunning with the white walls and the light-colored furniture and curtains. The white molding perfectly accents the soft-hued walls and the dark-toned wooden floor.

This color effortlessly enhances the room’s aesthetics and adds a calming essence, which is ideal for a living room wherein most people gather around to relax and achieve respite. A tranquil color palette gets the job done.

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6. Dreamy Kitchen Palette

sherwin williams upward sw6239 6
Image Source – Sherwin-Williams

Meet your dreamiest kitchen inspiration. This kitchen decor provides the best inspiration to incorporate the Sherwin-Williams 2024 Color of the Year Upward SW6239 into the space. While a kitchen is a functional space, it does not have to be boring.

Because of the inviting muted blue hue, you will want to spend more time in this kitchen to prepare meals or entertain guests. The white cabinets, dark countertops, and the white pendant lighting balance the space. The bright hues make the space bright and lively.

7. Tranquil Bedroom Decor

sherwin williams upward sw6239 7
Image Source – Sherwin-Williams

Create the perfect bedroom oasis by incorporating Upward into the bedroom color palette. This color palette transforms a simple bedroom into a serene and stylish space. The soothing denim blue color with gray undertones on the walls gives it a calming tone.

The gray bedding and furniture work perfectly with this color palette, making it extra cozy and echoing the tranquillity of the bedroom wall color. After a busy day, you’ll look forward to relaxing in this sophisticated sanctuary.

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8. Timeless and Elegant Bathroom

sherwin williams upward sw6239 8
Image Source – Sherwin-Williams

Incorporating Sherwin-Williams’ Upward in your bathroom decor elevates the overall look and style. The serene color transforms your bathroom into a spa-like retreat but with a modern edge. There are enough timeless elements, such as the subway tiles around the bathtub and the luxurious granite sink countertop, to complement the color scheme.

The modern lighting, luxurious mirrors, and artwork add a touch of sophistication to the bathroom.

9. Captivating Exterior Color Scheme

sherwin williams upward sw6239 9
Image Source – Sherwin-Williams

Give your home exterior a modern upgrade by painting it in the Sherwin-Williams 2024 Color of the Year – Upward. The refined denim blue with gray undertones adds a contemporary and timeless feel to your home’s facade. Pairing it with a white trim delivers a subtle yet elegant contrast that accentuates the home’s architectural details.

There is no better choice than this trendy color to add an eye-catching curb appeal, especially with the enduring combination of blue and gray. The tasteful exterior paint choice will make your home stand out in the neighborhood.

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10. Soothing Yet Eye-Catching Wall

sherwin williams upward sw6239 10
Image Source – Sherwin-Williams

Enhance the character of your walls when you embrace the Sherwin-Williams Upward color palette into your home. The refined color works perfectly for a board and batten wall.

The color adds depth and draws attention to the wall’s texture. And yet, it is soft and subtle enough that is doesn’t feel overwhelming. The distinguished presence of the color transforms a simple wall into the focal point of your room decor.

11. Coastal Chic Dining Room

sherwin williams upward sw6239 11
Image Source – Sherwin-Williams

Using Sherwin-Williams’ Upward color palette in the dining area makes it a chic and inviting space. The blue and gray undertones make this space feel graceful and serene. It elevates the dining area with a white dining table and rattan chairs.

These elements deliver sophistication with a natural warmth and texture. Meanwhile, the dark gray rug adds depth and dimension to the space. The calmness and simplicity of the color scheme make this the perfect place for casual meals or intimate gatherings.

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