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Industrial Metal Building Kits & Prices

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Building Overview

Overpaying for your industrial metal building can have a long term impact on your profit and loss.

But do it right, and you can source a low cost, scalable building that can benefit you for years to come.

If you want to find out more about industrial steel buildings, including pros & cons, rough price estimates and handy building guide you’ll want to keep reading.

In this guide you’ll find

Light industrial is a common term that covers many different business operations that occur in the middle of the scale sitting between very large industrial operations and home based businesses.

A metal prefab building for light industrial uses provides a flexible space for many types of business operations such as for a winery, manufacturing, shipping & receiving, industrial storage spaces and processing centers for farms for example.

The ability to access large spans of open space within a durable building and have the confidence that important business assets or functions can occur within a secure building are all important aspects of a light industrial building.

Industrial Metal Buildings

Prefab metal building kits are becoming increasingly popular among commercial entrepreneurs, specifically within the small to medium scale of business size. Metal is a highly versatile building material, and prefab metal building kits offer numerous advantages for industrial use, which we’ll cover in just a second.

What is a Prefab Industrial Metal Building Kit?

A prefab metal building is a building that is prefabricated, meaning it is designed and constructed fully ahead of time, all at one time by a manufacturer in their shop. This all occurs prior to the building kit being shipped to its building location which upon arrival, is assembled in large pieces on site.

This method will expedite the design & construction process, and allow you to receive multiple cost efficiencies throughout. But there are more advantages to a prefabricated building than just this and will be described in greater details below in this article.

Pros of Prefab Industrial Metal Building Kits

This next section will cover some of the advantages as these buildings have a lot more to offer business owners than just cost efficiency.

Secure Facility

Metal is a strong and durable building material to consider for a variety of reasons and if you are a business owner, one of the most important considerations is to keep thieves out of your business space. Prefab industrial metal buildings are built tough and are highly resistant to theft. Chances are that industrial buildings will house important materials, merchandise, or equipment, and so it’s of the utmost importance to your peace of mind that these possessions are kept safe. Prefab metal structures use exacting standards in their manufacturing process, resulting in pieces that fit together tightly and efficiently.

You can add heavy-duty doors, locks, and security systems as a further layer of additional security to enhance these building’s natural security traits. When it comes to security, industrial metal buildings are just about the toughest and most secure structures you can build.

Open and Spacious

Metal prefab buildings are very useful for practical purposes as well. When a business needs an industrial style of building, they all have one need in common – the need for space to conduct business operations. The design and construction of metal prefab structures meets this need in a highly efficient way and provides very usable interior space.

This space maximization is achieved through a strong steel framing support structure; which provides roof support using steel I-beams and 26-gauge steel for walls and ceilings. Because metal is so strong and supportive, it requires fewer interior support beams than might be found in a similar sized building but of a traditional design. The result is more interior space that can be used for your business or space for inventory, manufacturing, or storage.


Depending on the nature of your business and its light industrial needs; certain business activities can get messy, especially if it involves forklifts, heavy-duty tools and the use of larger equipment. You want a building that can withstand the rigours of these tasks.

Metal is built to last and you can count on it to withstand the intensity of industrial jobs and the daily wear and tear that it needs to endure. Additionally, the building is able to withstand the pressures of all of the outside elements including heavy snow, driving wind, and hail for example. The result is as a business owner you’ll spend less money on routine maintenance and more time on your business activities.

Metal is also resistant to many problems which are typically associated with other building materials. For example, metal won’t rot, it’s not a fire hazard, and it’s not an ideal spot for pests to build their home.

Cost-Efficient (ROI)

As mentioned previously, prefab industrial metal buildings save time and money throughout the design and construction process, which provide a good return on investment if you’re a business owner. You can design a building through many templates, or even work with a supplier to build a custom blueprint with 3D modeling software. Once the design is approved, the manufacturer will pre-build the components, package them as a kit and ship them right to you.

Construction is much quicker than a traditional project when conducted this way using a kit. This shortens the construction process and maximizes your ability to get your business functioning in its new space as quickly as possible.

Lower Overhead

Industrial metal prefab buildings allow business owners to reduce their overheads on monthly utility bills as when they are insulated properly, they are highly energy-efficient. Due to the precision of prefabricated metal pieces, the result is that the pieces fit together tightly and minimal air loss occurs at the seams. When insulated, these buildings provide even more heat or cold air retention in the ceilings and walls. While it’s an additional cost to insulate your building, over the lifespan of the building, the overhead costs saved on utility bills will accumulate over time.

Routine maintenance costs are also dramatically reduced with industrial metal buildings due to the durability of the metal structure. In turn, you will also lower your insurance premiums. It’s a true win-win, and metal prefab buildings are some of the most cost-effective buildings to run.

Faster to Work

Making an investment to build a prefab industrial metal building requires an upfront capital investment or loan which can put pressure on your business overall. Therefore your needs are to streamline your timelines between this investment and to when you’re able to actually use the building. Metal prefab buildings are designed to be manufactured and built quickly, allowing your business activities to get right to work to start earning back your investment. There is less downtime and less time where you are unable to meet your business obligations or lost income due to business down time.

Faster to Work

Cons of Prefab Industrial Metal Building Kits

In order to make a concise purchasing decision, the next section will highlight some potential challenges of using a metal prefab building kit. We want you to make the best choice possible, so we’ll outline some potential drawbacks here.

Difficulty Receiving Approval

One of the most important aspects to constructing a light industrial building is to ensure you’re within the correct zoning to erect your desired building. Secondly, due to the unique nature of prefab metal buildings it can sometimes make it difficult to apply for building permits if the governing bodies in your area are not very familiar with them; making it more time consuming for regulators to apply building codes and zoning approval to your project.

You should be well aware of the building codes for your industry or region and keep regulators in the loop from the start of the process. Expect that it will take more time for your building to get approved so that you can take a proactive approach. As long as you set aside time for this task, you shouldn’t encounter any unnecessary delays in approval or construction.

Prices of Prefab Industrial Metal Building Kits

Getting a proper return on investment will be a major concern with any building project you undergo. The prices of prefab industrial metal building kits tend to be quite variable in terms of what you construct. The prices are influenced by the overall size of your desired building, its structure and by the interior, exterior, finishing aesthetic options you select. Because of these factors and that these buildings are so customizable, it’s difficult to give an exact price estimation.

That said, you can get a rough estimate of the cost of your structure before you get started. In the table below, the average price/sqft of a basic metal truss building is outlined. It’s worth noting that this is a price for a basic structure, and the price will increase as you add options, further customizations and does not include your cost to assemble and to include essential services such as plumbing, electrical, heating, etc.

Truss Building Size Price $ / SQFT
Large truss metal building 40×20 (800) $7,295 $9.11
Large truss metal building 40×24 (960) $8,345 $8.69
Large truss metal building 50×20 (1000) $9,595 $9.59
Large truss metal building 50×24 (1200) $10,695 $8.91
Large truss metal building 60×24 (1440) $13,595 $9.44

To get a more accurate estimate of what you can expect to pay, compare quotes today. A supplier will work with you to decide on a template you are satisfied with and provide you an accurate quote before you get started. They won’t move ahead with the process until you are satisfied with the quote.

Average Prices

Office $42 per sqft
Warehouse $9 per sqft
Retail $70 per sqft

These estimates will give you some ball park figures to work with, it’s also important to consider these additional costs on top of your basic shell.

Delivery 10%
Windows & doors 20%
6″ Foundation $5 per sqft
Fittings $20-80 per sqft
Construction $2-4 per sqft

Potential Uses for Industrial Metal Building

Industrial building is a relatively broad term and for this reason, we’ll outline some potential uses for industrial buildings in this section. Let’s take a look at the versatility of these buildings and how they can help your business succeed:


Prefab metal buildings make great housing for manufacturing activities because they are durable, spacious, and can handle the rigors and intensity of manufacturing processes. Due to their wide-open design, these buildings are quite popular for holding a wide array of machinery and establishing manufacturing activities for excellent operational efficiency.

Additionally, metal prefab buildings can be easily expanded. It is often as simple as tearing down a wall and adding additional structures for increased building space. You can easily expand manufacturing to meet demand and ensure that you don’t miss any potential opportunities typically with minimal interruption or downtime to your business operations.

Warehousing (Shipping & Receiving)

Light industrial metal buildings’ wide-open design also makes metal prefab industrial buildings an ideal choice for housing warehousing and inventory activities. Often the most important factor for managing your shipping and receiving is having a structure with the available interior space. Metal prefab buildings are big enough to store inventory while allowing plenty of space for logistics and organizational activities.

Metal prefab buildings can also be built to attach to an existing structure. If you are looking to add warehouse space to an office, then it is achievable with a metal prefab design.

Agricultural Uses

These buildings are practical for many agricultural purposes as well. Whether you are looking to build a barn structure to protect valuable farm equipment, store animal feed or hay, or to have a large structure for storage or livestock purposes, there are many barn designs to choose from. if you do not find one suitable to your needs within the templates most manufacturers have, it’s possible to have them customized to your needs.

We could go on about the vast applications of metal prefab building kits. From home to commercial, to agricultural, and more!

Getting One Built

If you are intrigued about a metal prefab structure for your business, here’s how you can get started in building a metal prefab structure today:

Step 1: Assess Needs

The first step in this process is having a rough idea of the type of structure you want. There are so many metal prefab buildings available that you should start by narrowing your requirements. It doesn’t have to be too specific, but you should have a rough idea of the size of your structure and the interior layout to provide a reference point at all points in the process and ensure that you are on track to meeting your goals.

Step 2: Contact Supplier

Once you have a basic idea of the type of industrial metal building kit you need, you should compare quotes to start the process. Suppliers will provide you with a quote, and provide you with additional information on how to proceed. Choose a supplier not only based on price but based on other factors such as customer satisfaction and the level of ongoing service they provide. Many suppliers will work with you to choose a template that fits your needs or custom-design an original template using sophisticated 3D models.Once you’re satisfied with your quote, the construction process can begin.

Step 3: Manufacturing

This step requires little to no effort on your end. The components of the prefab structure are made based off the final 3D model, packaged as a kit and shipped right to your location. They arrive on-site ready to assemble, which is where you start to see the true efficiencies involved in this process.

Step 4: Construction

Once the pieces arrive on site, it’s now time to build. Although this is an efficient building process, it’s still an extensive task, especially if you want to outfit your building with heating, plumbing, electricity, etc. You’ll likely work with a team of professionals to accomplish this task. That said, you can expect the project to be completed much faster than a traditional construction project.

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