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Houses 30x30 home metal building rendering 3


Metal building homes are an excellent alternative to other choices on the market, thanks to the many benefits that they ...
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Garages 24x24 garage metal building rendering 3


If you have ever thought about adding more storage space to your home, or wanted to find a way to ...
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Mini storage 30x100 mini storage metal building rendering 4

Mini Storage

Using steel as the primary material for your mini storage building is an excellent option, because steel is a durable ...
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Warehouses metal building rendering 3


If you run a business that requires a single metal warehouse building, or perhaps even several, you’ll need a solution ...
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Barndominiums 60x60 barndominium metal building rendering 3


A barndominium can offer you an opportunity to merge several different needs for a building into one; storage for your ...
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Barns 40x60 barn metal building rendering 3


Having steel barns can help you to keep your livestock or your equipment safe, and secure. Steel barns are much ...
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Metal Building Insulation Options

Metal Building Insulation Options and Costs

If you want guaranteed success in selecting the best insulation for your metal building, you need to understand two things: ...
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Quonset Huts vs Metal Buildings

Top 5 Comparisons Between Quonset Huts and Metal Buildings 2019

Are you feeling defeated while trying to decide whether to invest in a Quonset Hut or a regular Metal Building? ...
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Steel Building Cost Per SQFT

Steel Building Cost per Square Foot: Prices For Quonsen, I-Beam, C-Channel, Modular

You would never spend money on something when you don’t know what you’re getting in return. This exact principle applies ...
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Top 15 Metal Building Companies

The Best 15 Metal Building Companies in 2019

Introduction Erecting a metal building is a significant investment, and the fact is, your metal building contractor can make or ...
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Houses 30x30 home metal building rendering 3

Cost of Building a Metal Home in 2019: See Prices & Compare

Introduction Are you considering building your own metal home? If you are, then you’ll want to keep on reading. There ...
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Steel Prices

Steel Prices Forecast for 2019: See Analysis & Prices

Introduction By now you know that steel prices, along with building design and size, play a large part in determining ...
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Eiffel Tower

5 Iconic Buildings Redesigned in Modern Architectural Styles

Architecture is a constantly changing art. As every building is created, it reflects the climate and culture of its time, ...
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steel industry

Downward Trend For Steel Industry Fantastic News For Metal Builders

The Steel Industry has become the latest unwitting victim of a slowing Chinese economy and domestic market oversupply driven by ...
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bamboo hearts

Bamboo: The Ultimate Sustainable Construction Material

Bamboo is an unbeatable plant that has been used since ancient times for various purposes. In today’s world of plastic ...
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