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Houses 30x30 home metal building rendering 3


Popular sizes: Metal building homes are an excellent alternative to other choices on the market, thanks to the many benefits ...
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Garages 24x24 garage metal building rendering 3


If you have ever thought about adding more storage space to your home, or wanted to find a way to ...
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Mini storage 30x100 mini storage metal building rendering 4

Mini Storage

Using steel as the primary material for your mini storage building is an excellent option, because steel is a durable ...
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Warehouses metal building rendering 3


If you run a business that requires a single metal warehouse, or perhaps even several, you’ll need a solution that ...
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Barndominiums 60x60 barndominium metal building rendering 3


Popular barndominium sizes: Barndominium - What is It?  Barndominiums or “Barndo'' for short are a rapidly-growing building trend for housing ...
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Barns 40x60 barn metal building rendering 3


Having a steel barn can help you to keep your livestock or your equipment safe, and secure. Steel barns are ...
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