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Building Overview

Popular Sizes

Raising a barn on your property is a huge undertaking. A barn is a big structure that requires a thoughtful and careful consideration process and luckily, you have many amazing options to explore. Metal barns are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional wooden barn.

We’re going to breakdown everything you need to know about metal barns, including:

Metal as a Building Material

Using metal as a building material is one of the most sustainable options for your project. This is due to several factors including metal’s longevity, durability, its ability to have recycled content included and to be recycled at the end of its life.

Did you know that most steel used for building has up to 25% recycled content within it? Metal is infinitely recyclable and along with its durability and ability to last for long periods of time, these aspects make it a desirable and sustainable material to select for your building project.

What is a Prefab Metal Barn?

Let’s start with the basics. What is a prefab metal barn? It is a barn that has been mostly constructed for you in a manufacturer’s warehouse. Prefab is short for prefabricated, which means that the components of the barn are premade in a factory before they arrive at the construction site. Prefab buildings are significantly easier to construct and you will likely save a lot of money on the design and construction portion of the job.

Metal barns are strong, durable, and resistant, which are among the primary benefits of using steel as a building material.

Prefab buildings are a bit more customizable than you might think. They are designed using sophisticated 3D modeling and built according to various specifications and requirements. While they aren’t as flexible as building from the ground up, you might be surprised at the amount of customization available.

Barns 60x100 barn metal building rendering 2


Pros & Cons of a Metal Barn

Making an informed buying decision is all about evaluating the good with the bad. In this section we will outline some pros and cons to consider while making your decision to purchase a metal barn kit so that you can be confident they are the right choice for your needs.

We recommend that you first consider what you need from a barn and then go through our list of criteria to see whether this is the right choice for you.


Easy and Affordable

To most people, the primary benefit of prefab construction is that it is relatively easy to construct and has an affordable price tag associated with it. The prefab building is designed to your specifications and then shipped to the construction site. While it still requires assembly, it is more a matter of fitting all the pieces together verses measuring and cutting materials on-site. Whether you build it on your own or with the assistance of professionals, the construction process is much simpler and faster than building a barn from scratch. Additionally, when you diminish the amount of materials you waste on-site, it helps keep your project costs down by lowering your wasted materials sand the cost to dispose of them.

Metal barns can be constructed in a matter of days or weeks, not months and because you save time and effort on construction, you save money as well. That’s money that you don’t have to pay in labor costs or time that you don’t have to spend building it yourself. You also save money up-front by not having to rely on expensive design or architecture services.

Resistant to the Elements and Other Damage

Metal buildings are strong and durable, which is one of the main appeals of metal barns. Prefab metal barns are made from 26-gauge metal sheeting, making them particularly resilient. This is especially important when building a barn. Barns are often free-standing buildings located in open areas, leaving them particularly exposed to elemental and wind damage.

Steel is a smart choice for protection against harsh conditions. Metal is strong and durable and can withstand harsh winds, heavy rain, and snow loads. The roofs can also be sloped to allow them to withstand heavy snowfall. Metal is resistant to other types of degradation that are typical of other building materials, too. In comparison to wood barns, steel is much more resistant against fire, rot, and any pest issues that might be experienced when building with wood.

All of this results in a building that lasts longer and that breaks down less frequently. On average, this also makes metal buildings significantly less expensive to maintain. They don’t experience the typical problems that might result in a big investment in fixing a more traditionally built barn.

Open Interior

Because metal is strong and supportive by nature, metal barns tend to have wide-open interior space. Why? Because metal buildings typically don’t have to rely as strongly on interior beams or columns in their design. They feature both I-beam or C-channel framing and provide the strength-to-weight ratio advantage of steel framing that creates the ability to have significantly more interior space.

This is particularly beneficial for providing flexibility to your barn project to be customized for use. These large open spans can accommodate riding areas, livestock pens, storage of equipment, mezzanine or offices as needed.

Varied Usage

Metal barns are useful for many different purposes. You can use a barn for traditional agricultural applications such as housing livestock, storing hay, and storing farm equipment. Barns can be useful for many other purposes such as for a workshop, a residential space, an office space, or even just space for extra storage.

Whatever you plan to use your barn for, a metal barn can be adapted to fit the task. They are easy to insulate if needed and you can fully customize the interior to suit your preferences. This includes adding rooms, interior partitions, additional windows and doors, and full services for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. They can be outfitted just as you would any other building.


As you may have realized, metal barns are surprisingly customizable. While it’s an inherent drawback of prefab buildings that they aren’t as flexible as building from scratch using your own design, you’ll find that there is still a lot of room for customization.

Although you might think that a prefab design implies that the design is set in stone, there is still a lot of flexibility with the initial design. You can create a building to your exact length, width, and height requirements. There are also options for interiors and many layouts to choose from. The exterior can also be customized with different colors, textures, doors, finishes, and windows. This is particularly valuable if you’re trying to match the style of existing buildings on your site.

Prefab designers work with you to ensure that you get the perfect building for your needs.
Contact a supplier today to see whether there are metal barns available that match your personal specifications.

Energy Efficient

Another advantage of a prefab metal barn is that it is energy efficient when insulated. Generally, prefab metal provides the necessary framework for energy efficiency because it is designed as one solid piece, leaving little room for air to escape. If constructed properly, the pieces fit tightly together which diminishes the amount of air leaks in the building envelope. It’s especially effective if you add insulation to the exterior walls. This is an optional step and it might be worth considering if you are keeping valuable belongings inside the barn or plan to use it as a residential or office space. It’s a cost effective way to protect your valuables and keep your utility costs low.

The superior construction of the barn prevents heat from escaping and saves you money on your heating bills. In turn, this allows you to use less heat, and your building is more energy-efficient and better for the environment.

Barns 30x40 barn barns metal building rendering 5


Of course any large purchasing decision needs to be made by thoroughly evaluating the pros and cons and a metal prefab barn is no different. Let’s check out some of the drawbacks of this type of design. Remember, keep in mind your preferences while considering these things.

Non-Traditional Barn

There’s no denying that a metal barn isn’t a traditional style barn so stylistically, if you’re seeking the more traditional rustic wooden barn that you might picture on a traditional piece of farmland, then a metal barn might not be for you.

Another consideration is any zoning or by-laws in your local area that might prevent you from constructing a metal barn. It’s important that you explore this prior to moving ahead with your project. Land owner’s associations are another place to check in with prior to purchasing your metal barn as sometimes they have rules for the area you might live in.

Less Customizable

Although we examined the wealth of customization options that are available with prefab metal buildings, it’s still the case that you have more customization options if you choose to design and build a barn from scratch. You get more choices for the overall design of the barn, the interior, the materials used, and more.

Keep in mind that this additional customization comes with additional costs. Not only is the design process more expensive, but the construction process will also be lengthier and more costly as well. It’s a definite trade-off, and you’ll have to decide whether it is worth it to you.

How Much is a Metal Barn?

Let’s address the most common question about these buildings: how much do prefab metal barns cost? Below we have included a chart with some general pricing guidelines and there are additional variables that will influence the final price.

Prices vary because there are so many design options that influence the cost of the barn, including the size of the barn, interior layout, and exterior look.

We have included the chart below as a general pricing guideline. You can expect to pay about these amounts for a metal prefab barn. Use the chart to get an idea of whether the price works for you, and keep in mind that it varies according to your specifications. If you want to learn more about designing your metal barn, click here.

Rigid Frame Horse Barn Building Size Price
Rigid frame horse barn buildin 70x60x18 $4,804.53
Rigid frame horse barn building 60x80x16 $4,901.29
Rigid frame horse barn building 65x80x16 $5,112.62
Rigid frame horse barn building 90x60x16 $5,119.15

Additional costs to consider when planning your prefab metal workshop project are outlined in the table below which provides suggestions on other associated costs to include in your budget and that are needed to completely finish your project.

Delivery 10%
Windows & doors 20%
6″ Foundation $5 per sqft
Fittings $20-80 per sqft
Construction $2-4 per sqft

Should I Get a Metal Barn?

We’ve shared the benefits and applications of metal barns, provided some key features and benefits, and the important drawbacks to consider. You might just have one question left: is a metal barn right for me? To answer this question, you have to have an idea of what you want out of a barn. We’ve given you a lot of information to consider to help you make the best choice for yourself. Steel building kits have a lot to offer, but what’s most important is whether they offer the features that are right for you.

To make the best decision, first, sit down and consider the top features you are looking for in a barn. What do you plan to use it for? How do you want it to look? How big do you want it to be? How much are you willing to pay?

Consider these key questions, and compare your answers to the factors above. We are confident that you will make the best decision for yourself and find a barn that perfectly suits your needs.

Barns 60x100 barn metal building rendering 5

Popularity of Steel Barn Kits Across the United States

Steel barn kits are popular in a majority of the states including the pacific northwest, south and central plains areas.


Going Forward

As you can see, these buildings have a lot to offer. They can be customized to fit your needs and come with more options than you probably expected.

Steel building kits offer durable, reliable, and efficient construction at an extremely fair price. We hope you will consider these building packages for your next project and most importantly, we hope you find the option that is best suited for you.

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