You know that moment when you’re scrolling through Pinterest, and you stumble upon those dreamy, secluded spaces that scream ‘peace’ and ‘me-time’?

Yep, I’m talking about the coveted “She Shed.”

If you’ve ever found yourself daydreaming about having one of those serene spots in your backyard, you’re not alone.

She shed is the female answer to the man cave.

A lot of women have invested tons of money, time, and effort into building a man cave, but women deserve a space of their own, too.

But with so many kits out there, how do you pick the perfect one?

Well, after diving deep into the world of She Sheds (and maybe setting up one or two of my own), I’ve rounded up the 11 best She Shed kits you’d absolutely love to buy right now.

Trust me, as your go-to She Shed enthusiast, you’re in for a treat. Let’s embark on this journey together and find that perfect little haven for you!

Top 11 She Shed Kits Worth Buying

No matter the use of your she shed, you can find a kit that’s right for you. These are the best options in the market for you to consider.

1. Signature 120A by Studio Shed

Signature 120A
Image Source: Studio Shed

The Signature 120A by Studio Shed is an excellent kit for women looking to create their space of refuge, or a private office. Whether you need your own space for work or leisure, it’s possible with this kit!

This kit features lap-style siding and aluminum trim. It also comes with wall framing, roof rafters, system wall panels, and roofing. The doors and windows are made with double-pane, high-efficiency glass materials. These materials are guaranteed for sustainability, making it a smart choice for your she shed.

You can customize the exterior finish with seven choices for the finishes: iron gray, pearl gray, Arctic white, rich espresso, timber bark, cobble stone, and heathered mass. The kit costs $21,528.

2. California Modern Shed by Solid Build

California Modern Shed
Image source: Solid Build

The California Modern Shed is another pre-built kit you can use to assemble your own she shed. While it does not have the additional products that come when you buy the full-priced version of the WorkPod, it has other excellent features that make for a great she shed.

The most distinctive feature of the California Modern Shed are the four tall windows and French double door. The kit offers 117 sq ft of living space, which gives you many possibilities of decorating the interior.

The shed is made of premium wooden materials and comes with interchangeable side windows. Since the windows are interchangeable, it offers flexibility in arranging your furniture throughout different seasons to maximize natural lighting or limit the amount of lighting that enters the space, whichever you prefer.

The assembly time can take only a couple of days, and it comes with an assembly manual. The interior space is big enough to fit a queen size bed or home office. The kit does not include the foundation and roofing materials.

There are several upgrade options with compatible accessories, such as double windows, a flower box for the window, and a veranda deck. The kit price is $7,995.

3. She Shed Kit by Stoltzfus Structures

She Shed Kit by Stoltzfus Structures
Image Source: My Sheds

Looking to build your dream she shed? Look no further than this kit from Stoltzfus Structures. The she shed kits from this manufacturer come in multitude size options with various customization available.

The smallest kit is 10 x 12 and the largest unit is 14 x 40. Therefore, you have the ultimate solution to create your she shed space, whether you want a space for lounging, home office, or art studio.

The standard features available across all kits and models are insulated walls and ceilings, vinyl flooring, high walls, wood sheathing, gable overhangs, doors, windows, and shutters.

The manufacturer also offers site prep services, making it an ideal choice if you’re completely new to building your own shed. Custom pricing is available depending on the size and customization options you’ve selected.

8. Solitude by Studio Shed

Image Source: Studio Shed

With a name like Solitude, you can expect the perfect space as a solution to your she shed needs. This beautiful model offers 120 sq ft of living space for a kit measuring 10 x 12.

Each kit comes with wall framing, roof rafters, wall panels, and roofing. The Full-lite front elevation and glass windows and doors give it a contemporary feel.

The best thing about Solitude is the numerous customization options available, such as the exterior wall color, the trim, the door color, and the eaves. You can also choose from up to four wooden flooring finishes.

9. Myrtle Garden Shed by Solid Build

Image Source: Solid Build

If you’re looking for a she shed that is slightly smaller for your small backyard, this one is the right choice. The Myrtle kit is perfect as a garden or a she shed because of its tiny 80 sq ft living space.

But even though it’s small, the Myrtle impresses because of its cozy finished interior and large glass doors and windows. In fact, it is one of Solid Build’s most popular models.

Due to the large windows and doors, the Myrtle shed kit allows plenty of light into the interior space. It is a great solution for anyone into crafts and other creative hobbies. Or it could also be a practical home office space.

It is also versatile enough that it can work as a pool house or family room. The possibilities are endless with this wooden kit that is made with premium wood construction, solid wood roof boards, and solid wood floors.

You can assemble this kit in two days using only basic tools. This kit is available for $6,595.

1. WorkPod by Autonomous

Autonomous Workpad
Image Source: Autonomous

Autonomous is a manufacturer known for creating ergonomic products. But recently, they ventured out into the design and manufacture of a private office space, such as the WorkPod. This kit works perfectly for women wanting to build a she shed because it is a prefab kit, which means you can easily assemble your own shed at home.

The primary purpose of the she shed kit is hinted at by the name: as a home office. But it is versatile enough that women can turn it into a hot yoga studio or game room. It’s up to you how you wish to design and decorate the interior to match your needs!

In keeping with the home office design of this prefab kit, it is built with an ergonomic chair, standing desk, anti-fatigue mat, cable tray, electrical cabinet, and other home office essentials.

These accessories and fittings are included in the total kit price. But there is an option to order the pod without these ergonomic accessories, especially if you want to build a budget she shed.

This prefab she shed kit is made with a wooden frame and tempered glass walls. The entire floor area is 98 sq ft. It costs $16,900.

4. StudioPod by Autonomous

Autonomous StudioPod
Image Source: Autonomous

The StudioPod is another she shed kit that you can buy if you want to create your own private space in the backyard. This prefab kit is one of the top products from the manufacturer, especially among women who wants to have their me-time.

The StudioPod is similar to the WorkPod because it is a pre-build studio. But there are several add-ons to this kit that isn’t available to the WorkPod (when you purchase the full price package).

Unlike the WorkPod which is designed for use as a home office, the StudioPod does not have an ergonomic chair or standing desk. Instead, it has a sofa, shelves, a cabinet, a TV shelf, and a regular shelf.

Therefore, this space is intended for an entertainment or private space where you can invite guests or enjoy quality time alone.

It is a multi-purpose shed so it can be adapted to different purposes or house shed ideas. The floor space measures 105 sq ft so you have more room than the WorkPod. It is made with powder-coated aluminum and tempered glass.

The kit costs $18,900.

5. Portland 120D by Studio Shed

Portland 120D
Image Source: Studio Shed

The 10 x 12 She Shed kit from Studio Shed called Portland 120D is the best solution if you want to build your own private sanctuary in the backyard (or any location).

The floor area is 120 sq ft with wall framing, rafters, roofing, and wall panels. It comes with pre-painted fiber cement siding and brushed aluminum hardware trim. Meanwhile, the double-pane and high-efficiency glass makes it a suitable choice for a modern woman.

You can choose from up to four flooring finishes: sandcastle oak, ashlar oak, fawn chestnut, and knotted chestnut. The lifestyle interior is already included in each package along with the shipping cost. However, foundation and permits are not included.

The kit is priced at $29,833.

6. Aspen Garden Shed by Solid Build

Aspen Garden Shed
Image Source: Solid Wood

The Aspen Garden Shed by Solid Build is one of the top choices for a she shed kit in the market because it is made of non-toxic materials.

While it is not made of weather-resistant materials, it is made of sturdy natural wood. The shed also comes with two fully functional windows, allowing natural light into the interior space.

The Aspen Garden Shed looks similar to the California Modern Shed kit from Solid Build. But the main difference is in its tilt-and-turn style windows. The premium wood construction on this shed means you can save on the long-term maintenance of this shed.

The $6,695 price for this prefab kit makes it one of the most affordable she shed kits you can buy right now. And you get a high-quality garden shed kit that is practical yet versatile.

This kit can be delivered within two weeks within the Southern California area, or up to four weeks in other parts of the US.

The Aspen Garden Shed offers 103 sq ft of living space with a tall door and double pane glass. The assembly can take up to two days with the assembly manual included.

7. Bristhol Garden Shed by Solid Build

Image Source: Solid Build

Bristhol is one of Solid Build’s most in-demand she shed kits. This 13 x 11 kit offers 117 sq ft of living space and boasts tall windows and a French door.

The thick solid wood boards and premium wood construction guarantee that it can withstand year-round use. The addition of a double tongue and groove makes it an aesthetic design choice for your she shed!

The kit comes with a price of $7,495 but excludes the foundation, paint, and roofing materials.

It takes an average of two days to assemble using only basic tools. As with other kits from Solid Build, you can easily incorporate add-ons and other upgrades into this kit.

11. Sydni Modern Shed by Solid Build

Image Source: Solid Build

Sydni is another she shed kit from Solid Build that boasts of a spacious and contemporary design. It offers 207 sq ft so it is the largest kit from this list.

This shed kit includes a room with a door, a partitioned area, and the main living space. It is built with a solid and thick premium wood construction. The model comes with a 3 ft overhang.

The average assembly time for this kit is 2-3 days. The roofing shingles and the interior fixtures like cabinets are not yet included.

This kit is priced at $19,955, which includes free shipping (with a few exceptions).

She Shed Buyers Guide

What is a She Shed?

A she shed is an outdoor shed or structure that is fitted with furniture and other essentials to make it suited for the user’s intended purpose. Therefore, it can be used for relaxation, entertainment, or for work purposes.

Like a traditional shed, it is a standalone structure that is separate from the house. You can build the she shed in the backyard. It is now possible to purchase she shed kits to make it easy to build or assemble, so it won’t cost time and money to build one from scratch.

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What is a She Shed Used For?

A she shed can mean many different things to different women. The purpose of building a she shed could vary from woman to woman.

In an era that prioritizes self-care and mental health, access to spaces that allow women to regain time to take care of themselves can prove valuable. And that is why it could be used for many things because self-care looks different for every woman.

Some women like to use this space to read or do something creative such as paint or write. You can decorate the she shed in your preferred themes such that it can stimulate your senses as you pursue various creative endeavors.

But a she shed can also be a practical solution, especially with many women working from home these days. It can be difficult to escape the chaos of family life, and find a quiet corner to do your work. But with a she shed, you have a quiet and dedicated workspace. It is your office while still being close to home.

The idea of building a she shed, which is a separate structure from the home is to create the physical distance from the home and allow a woman to pursue the things she loves or enjoys without being disturbed.

Lots of women, especially moms, find it challenging to have time to themselves and enjoy their hobbies because of the many responsibilities of looking after the children and doing household chores. And that physical distance that a she shed offers from a bustling household is exactly what these women need.

The purpose of a she shed is versatile. It can adapt to your needs. You can use this space for whatever suits your needs at any given time, whether it is practical or to enjoy personal space.

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What to Look for When Buying She Shed Kits

As mentioned, a she shed can be anything you want it to be. As a result, you must be cautious when buying she shed kits to ensure that it has the features you need to suit the intended purpose.

There are a few essential characteristics and features you want in a she shed to give maximum value to your money or achieve its intended function.

Spatial Dimensions

Before you shop around for a she shed kit, you must measure the available space in your backyard where you intend to build the shed.

The actual size and dimension you would need for the assembly vary depending on your purpose for the shed in the first place. Consider the square footage and ceiling height to ensure you have the right amount of space to pursue your desired activities.


The material for the she shed is a critical factor depending on your location. Some areas experience more extreme weather conditions than others.

If the first one applies to you, look for she shed kits that are made of weather-resistant, durable materials. If unsure, you can ask the manufacturer for suggestions on the best materials to suit your location.

Climate Control

In addition to choosing the right material, consider additional features, such as climate control and insulation. With good insulation, your she shed can be a functional space all year round. You should consider how to incorporate heating and cooling systems into the shed.


Your ability to customize the she shed kit is a crucial factor to consider. Customization options offer flexibility to modify the kit’s basic design. Ensure you buy a kit that allows you to incorporate add-ons or upgrades, whether through the manufacturer or you can DIY it during the assembly process.

Customization is also critical when you want to adjust the interior layout of the shed. That way, you can maximize the use of the interior space for work, relaxation, or entertainment.

Assembly and Installation

The concept behind shed kits is to facilitate ease of assembly and installation. Therefore, you must consider how easy or difficult it is to assemble the shed kit before you buy.

Some kits require you to assemble the parts even without prior construction experience. But there are more advanced kits that require you to hire a contractor, especially the ones that require you to build a foundation.

Aside from the time and expertise required for the assembly, you must also consider the delivery and set-up services from the manufacturer.

Aesthetic Design

The aesthetic value of the she shed is an essential consideration for many buyers, especially women who like to use this space for their mental health and self-care. A she shed is more than a functional space; it should depict the aesthetic and design that uplifts the mood and make women feel good about using that space.

Therefore, choose she shed kits that offer variety in exterior design and finishes. It gives you flexibility in designing your she shed to suit your vision or use of the space.

For example, see if you can choose the decorative elements, such as the exterior finish, window types and frames, trim, or whether or not it has a porch.

Electrical and Plumbing

You need an electrical and plumbing system in your she shed when using it for work or entertainment purposes.

Check with the manufacturer if the kit already includes electrical and plumbing systems, or if you must take care of that yourself. It is a crucial consideration because it would mean more expense on your part (if not included in the kit).

Customer Reviews

Research the reviews and feedback from previous customers about the manufacturer or specific she shed kits. It will inform your decision on which kit to buy, and determine if it’s worth the investment. Ensure you read unbiased reviews from third-party sites to guarantee that those reviews are legitimate and honest.

How Much Does a She Shed Cost?

As with buying any other home and prefab kits, the cost of she shed kits vary significantly. However, two major factors that impact price are the size and the features of the shed.

Some are move-in ready, or those which you can just add the interior finishes and furniture because they are ready to use upon assembly. There are other kits that require you to make additional touches for it to become ready to use.

The prices could also largely vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some manufacturers use sustainable and eco-friendly materials and some kits also offer energy-efficient features. You can expect these kits to cost more than traditional she shed kits.

You can find she shed kits at a starting price of $6,000 and some more expensive models can go up to $30,000, especially those with insulation and electricity. The options run the gamut so it is crucial you choose according to budget and needs.

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Final Word on Buying She Shed Kits

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when buying she shed kits. In addition, each kit is different so it is crucial to invest the time to compare each one to find the perfect match for your needs. You must first decide what you want to use the space for and make it the focal point in comparing different options.

This list of the top she shed kits in the market right now is a good starting point when researching your options.

If you have any concerns or questions, address the manufacturer directly to ensure you can create the space that meets your specific needs and preferences. At the same time, you want to ensure compliance with local regulations in your area.


What is the point of a she shed?

A she shed is an outdoor shed that you can convert into a space for rest, relaxation, entertainment, and personal space. The name implies that it is intended for a woman’s use, or the equivalent of a man cave.
What is in a she shed?

The interior finish and fixtures of a she shed varies based on the user’s needs. Most she shed kits provide exterior finish and parts, so you are free to design and decorate the interior as you see fit, or according to your intended use.

Do you need a foundation for a she shed?

It depends on the she shed’s size. Smaller sheds allow you to assemble one without a foundation, but bigger shed sizes might require a foundation for added stability. The general rule of thumb is to attach a foundation if the shed is bigger than 8 x 8 ft.

Can you sleep in a she shed?

Yes. Most she shed kits have a size that can fit at least one bed, making it a cozy sleeping quarter if you need extra sleeping space. Various customization options for certain she shed kits or models provide enough vertical space that you can add a loft for converting into a bedroom area.

What is a good size for a she shed?

The she shed size varies according to your needs or purpose for the shed. However, the average size is 10 x 12 ft or 120 sq ft. It gives enough space to fit the interior with essential items you need for your intended purpose. When choosing the size of your she shed, you must check local regulations or permit requirements.