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Green Building Elements is a news and information hub for all your building related needs, with a dedication to metal buildings. We did the work for you to find trusted local companies with multiple price quotes to compete for your business.

  • Get ballpark costs for your steel building
  • Gain industry knowledge to help you make decisions
  • Compare steel buildings and their prices
  • Find out about the steel building options available
  • Discover which type of steel building might suit your needs

Why Use Green Building Elements?

Trying to navigate through an industry like the steel building sector can be confusing, primarily because unless you know what you’re looking for, you might end up making a decision you will regret.

This is because when dealing directly with a steel building company, you might hear a price that catches your interest, and be unaware that their competitor offers a much more cost-effective solution.

Or, while you might be able to have your steel building manufactured and delivered to your site, did you know that some steel building providers will also construct your building for you?

This could help you save significantly on both time and on-site costs.

Being able to see a break down of steel building providers, what they offer and how they can help you can make sure that you avoid buyers remorse.


When Might I Need a Steel Building?

There are many circumstances in which a steel building could be the perfect answer for you, including the following;

  • You need external storage for your business or home
  • As living spaces, either temporary or permanent
  • For your factory or manufacturing plant
  • Your business requires a new warehouse
  • As offices, classrooms, nursing homes or schools
  • For churches and other community buildings
  • In the case of disaster relief, steel buildings are a quick solution

Some steel buildings can be constructed in as little time as a few weeks, or even a few days, depending on the size of the structure and the complexity of the design.

Steel buildings are also less expensive than traditional alternatives, making them a perfect choice for many business owners.

Are the quotes accurate?

Although it is difficult to give exact quotes for steel buildings, it is possible to provide you with a clear indication of prices you can use as a guide online, and then arrange exact prices over the phone once we have some clear information about your exact requirement. 

This means a general ballpark so you can tell if you are potentially going to pay too much for your steel building, or you are getting an excellent deal.

What are the benefits of comparing?

Why compare steel buildings? Why not accept the first offer you see? Simply put, because it might not be the best deal for you.

When you compare either a company or a particular steel building, it makes you more well informed, gives you an idea of what to look for and what prices you can expect.

This means when you speak to your steel building provider, you’ll know about the process, what you can benefit from in terms of extra services such as designing your steel building, and whether you are getting a fair price.

Meet Our Team

John Alexander Chief Building Architect

John Alexander
Chief Building Architect

Chief Building Officer at Green Building Elements, joined us after a successful career and business owner at Alexander Architecture, which served the New York City Metropolitan area. Prior to running his own firm, John was an architect working for Gensler projects in Boston which is the largest architecture firm in the United States. John holds both a bachelors and masters degree in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. John is the current contact for InformeDesign and The 1 Percent program of Public Architecture.

Sarah Jameson Director of Marketing

Sarah Jameson
Marketing Director

Sarah holds a MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy from the University of Connecticut and a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management from Central Connecticut State University. Sarah is passionate about building a better tomorrow with green technologies and construction practices. 

Jenny Kim Headshot

Jenny Kim
Solar Director

Jenny Kim is the Solar Director at Green Building Elements where she is responsible with helping make solar power more accessible and affordable to anyone that wants to take advantage of the many benefits of solar energy. Jenny holds a Master of Science in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech where she paid her way through college as a top-performing inside sales representative for SolarCity.

Dara Brandt Headshot

Dara Brandt
Managing Editor

Dara Brant is the Managing Editor at Green Building Elements. Prior to joining us she covered alternative energy news and local developments at Your Energy Blog. Dara has a passion for sustainable living and wants to do more than her fair share to help build a better tomorrow for future generations.