Black is back – and in a big way!

A few years ago, many interior designers and homeowners would’ve shied away from using black paint anywhere in their homes, especially the interior. But nowadays, homeowners are all about the sleek and modern design that only the dramatic use of black paint can deliver.

You can choose to use the color black anywhere (as shown with the black brick fireplace trend), it’s sure to add a bold and sleek look to your space. But if you use them to create a black accent wall, you can get even more stunning results.

If you’re planning a home makeover, be inspired by these black accent wall ideas to discover ways you can incorporate this color into your home interior in a design-forward manner.

1. Modern Black Fireplace Accent Wall

Black accent wall 1
Image Source: myhousefromscratch

If you’re yearning for more dark colors in your space, try this clever idea. A black fireplace accent wall adds coziness to this light and airy room. The black wall stands out with the white walls and shelving next to it. The cozy vibe in this room will surely make your family want to spend more time here, especially when the temps start to rise.

2. Textured Black Accent Wall for Bedroom

Black accent wall 2
Image Source: decormattersapp

It’s not easy to pull off a black accent wall, but when done right, it can transform the room. Case in point: this textured black accent bedroom wall. The black painted finish makes the bedroom feel more intimate and cozier. You’ll look forward to winding down at the end of the day.

3. Contrasting Black Accent Wall With White Fireplace

Black accent wall 3
Image Source: hunkerhome

Using contrasting color schemes is a smart interior décor hack when done in a tasteful way. This black accent wall against white walls and a white fireplace is the best example of how to execute this design trick. The walls and lighter decorative elements in the room stand out, thanks to the dark-painted accent wall.

4. Modern Home Office With Black Accent Wall & Shelves

Black accent wall 4
Image Source: Just a Girl Blog

Say goodbye to a boring home office and hello to this modern, inspired space. The black accent wall and the open shelving become the focal point of this home office. The dark wall and shelf offer a striking accent to the otherwise bright and light space. The wooden and golden accents help bring cohesion to the overall décor.

5. Black and White Modern Master Bedroom

Black accent wall 5
Image Source: Bright Green Door

Meet the dreamiest master bedroom ever. The bedroom features wall cladding and a shiplap ceiling, but the real star of the bedroom is the black accent wall that offers a bold statement. The deep black color makes the white bedding, white walls, white curtains, and light wooden flooring stand out. The golden wall scones and artwork infuse more aesthetic value into the wall.

6. Contemporary Black Stone Accent Wall

Black accent wall 6
Image Source: Behance

You can’t go wrong with black and white. This stylish living room is elevated to the next level with the addition of a black stone accent wall. It transforms into an elegant space with a luxurious character with the use of minimalist décor and contemporary interior details, such as the white couch, round rug, and statement center table.

7. Mid-Century Living Room with a Black Accent Wall

Black accent wall 7
Image Source: Jean Stoffer Design

The secret to a successful use of a black accent wall is when you pay attention to the small details. In this case, the living room accent wall becomes the lynchpin that brings the various elements together, such as the black window trims, the dark-colored couch, the black and white artwork, and the mid-century furniture.

8. Boho Black Accent Wall with Exposed Beams

Black accent wall 8
Image Source: thespruceofficial

Use your black accent wall as a canvas for your bohemian wall gallery. This space comes to life by adding a dash of dark color to make the other elements stand out visually. Boho décor pieces like a rug, egg chair, and statement mirror blend perfectly with the exposed beams on the ceiling.

9. Statement Black Wall for the Bedroom

Black accent wall 9
Image Source: warthenteamrealtors

Add drama and dimension to your bedroom with the statement black wall. The textured finish and the deep dark color are an inexpensive way to make an impact in this bedroom. This modern accent wall is beautifully balanced by the wooden elements from the bedside tables and the wooden bed frame.

10. Geometric Black Accent Wall for Living Room

Black accent wall 10
Image Source: handymanfelipe1

Why settle for boring walls when you can elevate your living room with a geometric black accent wall? The beautifully textured walls with the deep matte black finish are the epitome of contemporary interior design. The sectional couch and sleek side table bring harmony to the visual elements.

11. Black Wall for Art Gallery Display

Black accent wall 11
Image Source: Katrina Lee Designs

Planning to build an art gallery wall? A black wall is the perfect canvas to showcase your framed artwork in a dramatic and eye-catching fashion. The stunning black wall is the best way to showcase your favorite artworks or the best memories in a frame. Make sure to add differently sized frames to create more impact with your gallery display.

12. Black Accent Wall with Natural Wood

Black accent wall 12
Image Source: Interior Design

Soften the look of a dramatic black wall with the addition of wooden elements. This modern home office or study nook is the best example of how to execute this idea into reality. The matte black finish is beautifully contrasted by the built-in wooden table and drawers, as well as the cognac chair. It is simple yet perfectly executed.

13. Cozy Black Bedroom Wall with Wooden Shelves

Black accent wall 13
Image Source: thehavenly

If you’ve ever needed convincing that a black accent wall can transform a room, just take a look at this room. The elegant black painted finish perfectly balances out the white ceiling, bright and airy windows, and the wooden plank floors. The wooden bed frame and the shelves add the natural elements that make this room extra cozy.  

14. Black Accent Wall with Camouflaged TV

Black accent wall 14
Image Source: Adore Magazine

A dark accent wall in the TV area is a genius idea. See how the TV is almost camouflaged by the black wooden panels? It’s a beautiful take on using an accent wall and giving it a purpose rather than just there to add visual appeal (although it wouldn’t hurt if it did either).

15. Geometric Black Board and Batten Wall Paneling

Black accent wall 15
Image Source: We-Hart

Want to take your black accent wall to the next level? Incorporate geometric details into a traditional black board and batten wall panel. It’s a surefire way to wow your guests and introduce texture to your wall. This simple addition to your bedroom will make it look professionally done.

16. Functional Black Accent Wall for Living Room

Black accent wall 16
Image Source: Home Design Lover

An accent wall does not have to cover an entire wall. This example is the best way to pull it off by painting black on one side of the wall to create a separation between two sections of a room. For example, the black wall separates the living room from the dining and kitchen areas. It is the best way to transform something aesthetic into functional.

17. Black Batten Wall for Dining Area

Black accent wall 18
Image Source: Lolly Jane

Adding textural elements to your home interior is one way to make walls pop. Give your black accent wall a more interesting flavor by using pine boards to make a black batten wall. It is an inexpensive way to transform the dining area and make it look more expensive!

18. Dramatic Black Brick Wall

Black accent wall 18
Image Source: Restore Decor and More

Go bold with a black brick wall to add an accent to any room! The use of black bricks in the living room gives this space a modern luxe feel. The fact that the black bricks extend up to the ceiling is a brilliant trick as it makes the ceiling look taller. This styling trick works perfectly with the white couch and wooden accents.

19. Unique Black Accent Wall for Modern Home

Black accent wall 19
Image Source: Transom Design Build

The black accent wall effectively breaks the monotony of the white walls in this room. Adding the dried twig is an unexpected touch to create more visual interest on the accent wall. But that’s not the only unique thing about this room because even the furniture delivers quite a statement!

20. Contemporary Black and White Living Room

Black accent wall 20
Image Source: Katalves

This living room setup is already quite inviting but the big and bright windows (with the light-colored drapes) invite too much sunlight into the room. Adding the black accent wall adds aesthetic appeal to the room while also being functional. The dark visual elements provide just the right amount of coziness when you want to sulk on the couch and binge-watch your favorite shows.

21. Stylish and Cozy Bathroom Wall

Black accent wall 21
Image Source: saragreencollective

For a small bathroom like this, many homeowners would’ve avoided using a dark-painted wall as it can feel more cramped than it already is. But when executed perfectly, such as this one, a black painted wall can elevate the style of the bathroom. Adding the mirror is a smart move as it creates the illusion of more space and depth. The pendant lamp and subway tiles provide more stylish accents to the bathroom.

22. Homey Dining Room with Black Accent Wall

Black accent wall 22
Image Source: withloveyami

Creating symmetry in the design elements is the key to nailing a black accent wall. This dining room showcases how to do that by adding other elements of the same color scheme to create balance and harmony. The black chairs and black frame on the lighting fixtures create that sense of balance that this space needs to prevent the dark wall from being too overpowering.

23. Black & White Walls for Modern Living Room

Black accent wall 23
Image Source: Housely

Explore the fullest potential of the yin & yang concept when designing your living room. The black accent wall with the built-in TV is sandwiched by two white walls with floating shelves. The decorative elements and gold accents are carefully handpicked to bring modern elegance into the space.

24. Modern Minimalist Space With Black Wall Accent

Black accent wall 24
Image Source: Decor8blog

Transform an airy and light room into a modern minimalist sanctuary with the addition of a black accent wall. Without the wall, it looks just like any other modern living space. Incorporating the black wall and the singular piece of artwork on the wall makes it more contemporary and eye-catching. The patterned rug and neutral couch give it subtle sophistication.

25. Black Accent Living Room Wall

Black accent wall 25
Image Source: simplyelevatedinteriors

Living rooms provide the best opportunities to add an accent wall as you can easily mix and match different elements. Show off your artistic side by mixing and matching different tones and textures in one room. The black accent wall helps to bring cohesion into the overall design concept.

26. Black Bedroom Wall with Wood Accent

Black accent wall 26
Image Source: houseofhanes

Wood is a highly versatile material that can integrate seamlessly into your bedroom décor with a black accent wall. Soften up the black wall with wood elements, effectively making the room naturally warm and cozy. The industrial contrast of the wooden headboard, bedside table, and blinds gives it a unique flare.

27. Black Wall and Neutral Accents

Black accent wall 27
Image Source: BobbyBerk

Sit back and relax in a stylish spot that’s adorned with a black accent wall and neutral elements. The black wall with the fireplace adds weight to the space, as much as the black leather sofa does. But the modern armchairs and the neutral palettes add warmth and rustic tones to the space. There is also plenty of room to display art and accessories.

28. Sunroom Black Accent Wall Framing the Windows

Black accent wall 28
Image Source: chatfieldcourt

Elevate your sunroom by painting one of the walls black. In this case, the black accent wall beautifully wraps around the large windows so it does not make the room dark or gloomy. The soft palette from the couch, rug, and standing lamp blends seamlessly with the greenery to make it a vibrant room.

29. Matte Black Bedroom Wall Accent

Black accent wall 29
Image Source: Mckennableu

Doze off more easily with this cozy and chic bedroom that features a matte black accent wall. The solid dark colored wall gives a refined elegance look to the bedroom, making it a more comfortable refuge for relaxation. The white bedding and dainty white walls soften the interior décor while the gold wall sconces and greens offer dimension.

30. Black Shiplap Accent Wall for Home Office

Black accent wall 30
Image Source: The House of Hood Blog

Transform a dainty and feminine home office into a bold one with the addition of a black shiplap accent wall which is a very popular trend in barndominum kits. Don’t think that a black wall would darken the room; when done right, it can make the other light colored elements stand out. The floral wall paper and golden round mirror add the right amount of feminine quality to the home office.

31. Modern Black Accent Living Room Wall

Black accent wall 31
Image Source: Hanas Happy Home

Make a dramatic statement on your living room décor with a black accent wall. But this one’s no ordinary accent wall because the geometric design created that 3D effect. The geometric accent wall is complemented by the wood slat wall, providing more texture into the room.

32. Elegant Black Accent Wall for Dining Room

Black accent wall 32
Image Source: Interieuruk

This dining room inspiration is the perfect way to use a black shiplap wall as an accent to this space. It creates the perfect canvas for the subtle sophistication of the various elements working here – from the wall lighting fixtures, the greenery, the console table, and the round dining table. The hanging light fixture makes the room more visually interesting.

33. Textured Bedroom Wall with Black Stained Vertical Wood Slats

Black accent wall 33
Image Source: Contemporist

Masculine and modern. These are the best words to describe this interior décor inspiration from The Ritz-Carlton Residences, which you can easily integrate into your bedroom (if you’re into this style concept). The vertical wood slats with dark painted finish creates a moody yet cozy atmosphere perfect for unwinding.

34. Black Herringbone Accent Wall

Black accent wall 34
Image Source: Home with Krissy

How beautiful does this pattern look? It makes an otherwise boring wall into a contemporary and eye-catching one. It is the perfect choice for a foyer or the living room. The gorgeous pattern of the accent wall draws the eye and is sure to impress.

35. Black Accent Wall with White Trim

Black accent wall 35
Image Source: Brio Interior Design

Incorporating color contrast into your interior design is one inexpensive styling hack to make your design stand out. And that’s exactly how this home decor idea succeeds. The black accent wall is perfectly accented by the white trim from the brick fireplace and mantel.

36. Textured Paint on Black Accent Wall

Black accent wall 36
Image Source: Behance

A black accent wall is guaranteed to make a visual statement. But you can elevate the room’s style further with a textured paint finish. This technique creates depth and dimension to the wall, whether it’s on the living room or bedroom. You can add cozy lighting into the mix for an inviting atmosphere.

37. Rustic Black Wall With Wood Paneling

Black accent wall 37
Image Source: Kim Lambert Design

Add a cabin kit feel to your home interior when you pair a black accent wall with wood paneling. It works best if you have tall ceiling to create a rustic charm interior. You can create understated elegance to the space when you add a fireplace and minimalistic furniture.

38. Modern Nursery with Stylish Black Wall

Black accent wall 38
Image Source: Little Crown Interiors

If you want to build a gender-neutral nursery, adding black accent wall is the way to go. It creates the perfect backdrop for a minimalist décor that goes with any stylish accents, such as a neutral dresser and crib, rocking chair, and a patterned rug.

39. Black Painted Kitchen Accent Wall

Black accent wall 39
Image Source: Benjamin Moore

The kitchen is a functional space but it does not mean you can’t go for bold, stylish colors for the wall. This black accent wall on the kitchen provides a striking contrast against the white walls and stainless steel appliances. It also creates a slick monochromatic color scheme.

40. Black Meets Boho Kitchen Accent Wall

Black accent wall 40
Image Source: Hunker

Black and boho is a rare combination but one that works when well-executed. The black paint on the wall creates a warming effect on the bohemian look, which helps to balance the ultra-cool tones of bohemian elements. As a result, you have a warm and inviting space that is also visually breathtaking.

41. Black and White Scandinavian Kitchen

Black accent wall 41
Image Source: My Paradissi

The sleek and simple aesthetic design of the black and white kitchen is the epitome of modern kitchen designs. It features a solid black wall on one side and sleek white cabinets and white walls. The open shelving and pendant lighting give it an easygoing vibe. It is perfectly styled and executed!

42. Black Tile Wall Kitchen Backsplash

Black accent wall 42
Image Source: Unique Design Blog

The backsplash is one area in the kitchen wherein you can inject style and accent to the room. While most people opt for a classic subway tile, you can create a bold statement by choosing black tiles as an accent wall. It’s a sophisticated design choice that goes well with any interior design theme.

43. Black Shiplap Wall for Bathroom Accent

Black accent wall 43
Image Source: Nikkis plate

Add style to your bathroom décor when you add black shiplap walls to provide aesthetic accent. The color and the texture adds depth, which can be a technique to help create the visual illusion of more space. The patterned floor in this bathroom add visual interest, together with the reindeer head and gold-framed mirror.

44. Sky-High Modern Black Accent Wall

Black accent wall 44
Image Source: Madsen Remodeling

Take advantage of your ceiling height in A-frame kits and make your interior space seem bigger by adding a black accent wall that connects to the ceiling. It is a brilliant trick to direct the eyes to the ceiling while the textured wall adds depth and dimension. You can’t go wrong with an accent wall like this!

45. Cozy Nook with Black Accent Wall

Black accent wall 45
Image Source: Pop Sugar

Transform your cozy nook in a stylish spot in your home. The solid, matte black finish offers a calming backdrop if you want to sit by the chair and read a good book. Adding artwork and greenery balances out this space.

46. Black Accent Wall in the Hallway

Black accent wall 46
Image Source: Nikkis Plate

Hallways are often a neglected part of the home, but it doesn’t have to be. Adding a black shiplap wall to create drama to the space can transform an ordinary hallway into a stylish haven. Add a patterned rug and console table to bring the space to life.

47. Black Wall and Starburst Kitchen Tiles

Black accent wall 47
Image Source: Dwell

Transform your kitchen into a trendy space with the use of black accent wall and pairing it with a bold pattern, like these starburst tiles. These two elements work together to create the focal point of the kitchen design. The open, wood shelving add an unassuming vibe so it never feels over-the-top.

48. Dark and Dramatic Black Bathroom Wall

Black accent wall 48
Image Source: Apartment Therapy

Adding black walls in the bathroom does not mean that it has to be the focal point. You can accessorize your bathroom with eye-catching art and other visual elements of your choice. Another great idea is to use patterned floor tiles for added drama. Who says you can’t?

49. Stylish Bathroom with Black Accent Wall

Black accent wall 49
Image Source: Digs Digs

The black herringbone tiles provide a gorgeous black accent wall to the shower zone in this bathroom. The visually catchy tiles stand out with the rose gold shower accessories and white subway tiles. It is the bathroom and shower of your dreams!

50. Glossy Black Geometric Shapes for Bedroom Accent Wall

Black accent wall 50
Image Source: My Domaine

A black bedroom accent wall is the trend nowadays. But you can spice it up even more when you add geometric shapes instead of just a plain black, solid wall. The geometric shapes create a bolder style statement, especially once the glossy paint finish reflects against the bedroom lighting.

51. Mid-Century Powder Room with Textured Black Accent Wall

Black accent wall 51
Image Source: Houzz

Recreate this mid-century powder room in your home that features a beautifully textured black accent wall. The smooth finish allows the light to reflect onto the wall while the modern accessories give it a contemporary vibe. The dark colored wall delivers enough contrast to the white door.

52. Two Story Black Accent Wall

Black accent wall 52
Image Source: Decorpad

Height is might! And you can definitely create a mighty impact with this two story accent wall popular in a lot of A-frame house plans. The painted wall extends to the ceiling in a gorgeous matte finish. The minimalist styling allows the black accent wall to become the focal point of the room. The glass walls, tall ceiling, and white sofas help keep this room feel light and airy.

53. Cozy and Rustic Living Room with Black Wall

Black accent wall 53
Image Source: Andor Willow

Make your living room a cozy and inviting space for your family and guests. The black accent wall is the ideal backdrop for the floating shelves and built-in TV. The minimal décor creates a clutter-free space that’s perfect for entertaining.

54. Bedroom with Black Accent Wall with Blue Undertones

Black accent wall 54
Image Source: Designing Idea

Afraid to go jet black in your bedroom? You can ease into the trend by adding navy blue undertones to your wall color. This bedroom is the perfect example of how you can transform a dark wall in the bedroom to create a homey vibe.

55. Elegant Dining Room with Black Accent Wall

Black accent wall 55
Image Source: Trendir

Gather your friends and family for a hearty meal in this elegant dining room. The black accent wall with a sunburst mirror and chandelier brings a touch of sophistication to the dining room. Meanwhile, the quilted chairs and wooden dining table add a timeless appeal.