We’ve all been there, new house, new bike, some new tools from the in-laws, and now all these new things need a home in your new space.  

But you don’t want to add anything to the cost of these items by having to fork out for an expensive shed, there are options of sheds you can order to your home which are secure, strong, but also value for money

If you are a new homeowner then you may not have a storage space ready yet, but as the rainy weather draws in you want that new bike to have some cover so it doesn’t rust over before you can use it. 

Looks like it’s time to start your man cave today, but all projects start from something small.

If you  have just got some new things, especially a new home, then spending loads of money on a shed might be out of the question and simply impractical.

Sometimes it can be a good idea to start small, buying something a little more temporary, with the thought to expand once your finances have settled down.

Don’t worry we have you covered, we have found what we think are some of the best value for money sheds you can get on the market.

We have also provided some tips for buying a shed that will get the most value out of the money you spend.

Here are some of the best value for money sheds on the market, read on to learn more!

Tips For Buying A Cheap Shed

The two things that you should consider when buying a shed, and wanting it to be on the cheaper side, is both space as well as the material used. 

Obviously, a smaller space will ultimately be cheaper, this means thinking about what you need the shed for, and how long you think you will have it before you decide to upgrade.

For instance, if you want to store a bike, make sure that it can fit a bike. 

On top of this, consider what else you might want to put in there.

If you plan on having it for a longer period then you may want to consider more space so you can fill it with the stuff you will garner over time.

The other point of consideration is materials. This isn’t always as simple as wood or metal being cheaper than the other.

More often than not the quality of the material is a big factor.

Sheet metal can be really cheap but more temporary, there are also some cheaper plywood options out there too.

The more quality materials will bump up the price.

The last point of consideration is assembly. Depending on who you are you may feel obliged to put the shed up yourself.

This can be harder than you imagine and may require more than one set of hands.

In any case, if you chose to put up the shed yourself it will be cheaper, there are many options for expert assembly at your home but it will cost more.

It can be worth considering how long you plan to use the product, if you are going to move again soon, or you know you will upgrade then consider something a little more temporary.

UDPATIO Outdoor Metal Garden Shed 5 x 3 FT

UDPATIO Outdoor Storage Shed 5x3 FT, Metal Garden Shed for Bike, Garbage Can, Tool, Outside Sheds & Outdoor Storage Galvanized Steel with Lockable Door for Backyard, Patio, Lawn

This shed is a fairly cheap yet value for money shed that doesn’t take up too much space, or money, but is effective at storing most goods with a decent level of security.

Let’s talk about materials, the product details read that the walls of the shed are made from galvanized steel which is rustproof and UV resistant.

The walls remain pretty waterproof and able to withstand most temperate weather.

Similarly, the sloped roof helps with rain drainage while also providing a few inches of extra space.

In terms of value, you are basically paying for the structure itself, but one thing we love is that the shed does come with its own pin lock although you would have to buy a padlock on top of this for it to remain completely secure for thieves.

The 3 x 5 ft design is great for storing things like a bike, a lawn mower, garden tools, pet toys, and much more.

The space seems small but the width of the shed enables larger items like a bike to fit easily.

There is also a 6 x 4 ft option to purchase for around double the money but also double the space.

There is no option for expert assembly so you best be prepared to erect this yourself.

The product comes with a pair of gloves that are super helpful for assembly and staying safe but you will also need a drill and a stepladder to complete the assembly, worth thinking about if you don’t have them.


  • Good value material
  • Simple design
  • Pin lock included


  • More space would be ideal
  • Self assembly

B BAIJIAWEI Garden Tool Storage Shed

B BAIJIAWEI Garden Storage Shed - Garden Tool Storage Cabinet - Lockable Wooden Storage Sheds Organizer for Home, Yard, Outdoor

This is a great one to consider if you aren’t necessarily looking for loads of space.

Maybe you don’t have a bicycle or lawn mower, or just simply have another space for these.

Maybe you simply want a cabinet-esque design for you to safely and securely store garden tools and other gardening implements.

This tool cabinet would be an ideal choice for simply storing tools and similar items, with a product that won’t cost too much of your own money.

So, the interior of the shed is about the same size to fit a human in it, it stands at around 25 x 26 x 70 inches.

The interior has some shelves as well as room for longer tools to rest against the walls.

There is also a series of hooks on the exterior of the shed as well as hooks on the inside of the door.

On the door there is also a folding wooden shelf that can be used well as a table to work on, great value. 

The top of the cabinet has its own section with a potentially annoying door, but this provides some more clever storage options for smaller bits and pieces.

Again, there is no expert assembly option for this shed, which can make it cheaper, although you will have to be prepared to put it together yourself.

One addition we appreciate is the waterproof coating you can put on the top to keep it free of water damage

One thing we wish the shed had is a more secure lock rather than a sliding wooden one.

If you wanted to keep this really secure you would have to buy a metal locking mechanism as well as a padlock, it depends on if you want to risk your tools being stolen or not. 

The product does come with base hinges so you can drill the structure into a patio or something similar for security from wind and toppling over.

The cabinet remains fairly tall, so rest it against something firm, or secure it with the hinges, in order to stop this sort of toppling that the wind may bring.


  • Clever design maximizes storage
  • Useful inclusion of hinges for sturdiness
  • Useful table/worktop
  • Waterproof roof
  • Doesn’t take up much space


  • No metal locking mechanism
  • Door to the top section isn’t well designed

YardStash Bike Storage Tent

YardStash Bike Storage Tent Lightweight, Outdoor, Portable Shed Cover for Bikes, Lawn Mower, Garden Tools for Waterproof, Durable Tarp to Protect from Rain & Wind, Spring Cleaning Essential

This product is a little left of field but remains cheap, good value, and still acts as an efficient way to store outdoor tools as well as bikes.

This plastic tent can do everything you might want your shed to do for a similar if not lower price.

If you want something temporary, which can be permanent by all means, before you buy a proper big shed, this is ideal.

The tent is more than big enough to store a few bikes, and you can even store other things in there too without taking up too much space.

This is ideal if you want something versatile, that is a temporary structure you can move around.

If you use an RV or caravan this could be ideal for longer stays at campsites and parks.

The fear with this product is that the polyester tarp which covers the metal frame cannot provide the same security of protection that wood or metal could.

This outdoor tent storage can in fact provide as much if not more protection from the elements.

The metal frame provides a sturdiness that is much higher than that of a normal camping tent.

The tarpaulin that covers the frame also remains pretty strong.

The top of the tent is made from ripstop grade material ensuring that nothing could cause damage to the contents of the tent

If using on grass you can peg it in to ensure it won’t get away from you, but in most cases the contents of the tent will be enough to weigh it down from most wind gusts.

If you live in an area that has more extreme weather, or simply want peace of mind, there is also a heavy duty version which has stronger tarpaulin made of vinyl, but for an extra expense.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy Set Up
  • Spacious
  • Super Waterproof
  • Versatile usage


  • Extreme winds could cause issues
  • Not the most secure 

AVAWING Outdoor Horizontal Shed

AVAWING Outdoor Storage Cabinet, Wooden Garden Shed, Waterproof Outside Tool Organizer Cabinet with Lockable Double Doors and Shelve for Lawn, Garden, Backyard, Patio (Natural)

As mentioned, not everyone has a bike and wishes to store it, or some people just have more secure places for this type of thing in their own house.

If this is the case and you want something simple, cheap, but effective for storing outdoor tools and goods, this is a product worthy of consideration.

The horizontal shed measures around 32 x 16 x 50 which allows for a good amount of storage room.

There are shelves provided that you can choose or not choose to use, giving you more height or more levels of storage depending on what you are choosing to store.

The materials used here are the durable and sturdy solid fir, which is pretty weather resistant.

The sloping roof helps with water run off and the asphalt coating on the roof also helps with waterproofing the storage shed.

Feet on the shed help it remain off the ground and away from elements.

The addition of metal elements such as hinges and brackets, mechanisms that wouldn’t do well if they were wood, helps the shed feel strong and high quality.

The wooden lock though isn’t the most secure and if you want to protect the contents of the box we suggest getting a metal pinlock and a padlock to ensure security.


  • Solid fir material
  • Sloped roof with asphalt covering
  • Two opening doors
  • Adjustable shelves


  • Needs better lock to be really secure
  • Best for storing smaller items than anything large

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Final Thoughts

As you can see there are many sheds out there on the market which can provide security, sturdiness, and a good variability in terms of design and materials. 

All of the products listed remain under the $200 mark, while prices are subject to change this demonstrates that there are some quality sheds out there for a value price.

Certainly, in some situations, you may have to buy external items if you really want these storage areas to remain completely secure, such as a lock and locking mechanism that are metal.

Some people may already have these at hand, but it is something worth factoring into your costs.

There are various materials being used such as metal, wood, and polyester.

They all provide different qualities that may suit your storage needs depending on what they are.

Some are more temporary while others and permanent, again this depends on your own situation and requirements

Still staying pretty cheap, your choice of product will ultimately depend on what you want to store.

There are some great options for storing bikes, as well as smaller things such as tools, or even both in some situations.

We hope that this list has helped you save some money as well as finding a storage area that is secure and good value for money.

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