A shiplap ceiling is one of the most underrated ways to transform your home decor. This ceiling provides definition and style while keeping a relaxed and understated vibe.

The great thing about shiplap ceiling is that it can work with any room, whether you have traditional, contemporary, or modern farmhouse decor.

It is a highly versatile style choice that suits new home builds or when renovating an old property.

If you’re looking for decor ideas for a shiplap ceiling, you have come to the right place.

These shiplap ceiling ideas should give you plenty of inspiration for your next home remodel project.

1. Two Story Living Room with Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 1
Image Source – DecorPad

This two-story living room really opens up with the height of the ceiling. Using a white shiplap ceiling is a clever design choice because it creates the illusion of more height. The big, open windows, the light-colored couch, and the light wooden floors contribute to making this space look brighter and airier.

2. Modern Farmhouse with Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 2
Image Source – Sleek Chic Interiors

Vaulted ceilings are a staple choice for farmhouses or homes with rustic interiors. You can elevate the look of the vaulted ceiling using horizontal shiplap to make the ceiling the focal point of the room. It draws attention and lends itself to the farmhouse and rustic theme quite well. The light fitting at the center of the living room provides a beautiful accent.

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3. Vaulted Shiplap Ceiling with Stone Fireplace

shiplap ceilings 3
Image Source – The Tennesseean

Here is another example of how you can add a shiplap to a vaulted ceiling to add visual interest to the living room. But this decor inspiration takes it to a whole new level with the stone fireplace extending all the way to the ceiling to direct the eyes to the gorgeous white, vaulted shiplap ceiling.

4. White Shiplap Ceiling with White Beams

shiplap ceilings 4
Image Source – Soul & Lane

A monochromatic look is one of the best ways to add visual drama to your living space. The combination of the white shiplap ceiling with the white beams gives this room a clean, crisp look. Even the fireplace and the window frames are painted in white. The blue velvet chairs and throw pillows provide the right amount of color contrast.

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5. Shiplap Ceiling with Skylights

shiplap ceilings 5
Image Source – Bob Vila

The ceiling is an often neglected part of the room when doing home makeover projects. And when done right, it can make a significant style impact. Take this living room for example. The shiplap ceiling transforms this space and enhances spaciousness. The skylights is a nice touch as it brings in more natural lighting into the room.

6. Natural Wood Beams with Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 6
Image Source – @littlehiddenforest

Wood beams (faux or real) perfectly complement the white shiplap ceiling in this sunroom, especially in a vaulted ceiling such as this example. It adds more height while the tall windows add openness to the space. Meanwhile, the use of wooden beams brings warmth and depth to the space to make it more inviting.

7. White Shiplap Ceiling with Dark Beams

shiplap ceilings 7
Image Source – @houseoffourdesign

Make a bold design choice by pairing a white shiplap ceiling with dark-painted wooden beams. It is a bold and fearless design choice but one that pays off big as the high contrast brings attention to the ceiling and makes more impact. It brings edginess and drama to the interior, which looks great in contemporary living room decor.

8. Raw Wood Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 8
Image Source – @lifeamongthecedars

This vaulted ceiling transforms into something dramatic and eye-catching with the use of raw wood shiplap. The natural and raw wood grains give it a rustic feel. The raw wood shiplap ceiling creates a beautiful symmetry with the rustic elements in the room, which includes the barn door, wooden door trim, and rustic wood flooring. It is a cozy farmhouse retreat.

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9. Modern Farmhouse Dining with Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 9
Image Source – @theryanhaus_

The sleek and crisp white shiplap ceiling looks great in this modern farmhouse dining room. It is subtly executed with modern pieces. The trim framing is a gorgeous touch because it creates dimension to the ceiling and visual intrigue. The white ceiling creates the right canvas for the gorgeous dining room, beautiful windows, and lighting fixture to stand out.

10. Dramatic Dark Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 10
Image Source – Dan Scotti Design

Want to make your ceiling look more dramatic? Give it some help with dark color paint and match it with the walls. Extend the shiplap from the ceiling onto the upper part of the wall to add a framing element to the room. It also helps to create a show-stopping and unique look.

11. Shiplap Ceiling with White Cabinetry

shiplap ceilings 11
Image Source – The Tennessean

This modern kitchen features predominantly white fittings and details, so the white shiplap ceiling was a no-brainer. But here’s the interesting touch: the white shiplap extends to the range hood for a unique detail. The shiplap also introduces subtle texture to the white cabinetry, white countertops, and kitchen island.

12. Reclaimed Wood for Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 12 1
Image Source – Designing Idea

Using reclaimed wood to make the shiplap ceiling is a brilliant idea to add a unique character to the space. It adds a rustic and natural aesthetic feel to the room. Plus, your guests will surely be giving lots of compliments when they look up your ceiling!

13. Shiplap Walls and Ceilings

shiplap ceilings 13
Image Source – @a.milesdesign

Here is another example you can use as inspiration when integrating white shiplap on the ceiling and walls. You can break up the monotony of the all-white ceiling and walls by adding wooden beams or rafters to the ceiling. It provides added decorative flair and a warm wooden color to enhance the space.

14. Vaulted White Shiplap Ceiling in Master Bedroom

shiplap ceilings 14
Image Source – HGTV

Transform an ordinary vaulted ceiling into an eye-catching element in this master bedroom. The white shiplap emphasizes the natural light coming from the large windows, making the room more bright, light, and cozy. It’s the kind of mood you want in a bedroom.

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15. Narrow Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 15 1
Image Source – HGTV

It’s common to find homes decorated with thick panels of shiplap beams. But you can stand out and make a unique statement with narrow shiplap panels. It offers a modern and rustic style that combines various decor styles.

16. High Contrast Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 16
Image Source – @featherglass

This living room and dining area visually stand out with the addition of a white shiplap ceiling as it helps to maximize the light reflection coming through the glass doors. It makes the space look bright and airy despite the dark wood-stained floor. The use of wood and dark furniture helps to balance out the space and make it look more inviting.

17. Different Patterned Shiplaps

shiplap ceilings 17
Image Source – @holmessweethome_615

Another way to bring contrast to a space is by using different shiplap patterns, especially if you use it on the ceiling and other areas in the room. In this case, the white shiplap ceiling in the kitchen area is vertically placed. The living room uses horizontal shiplap ceilings to define the transition from the kitchen area to the living room. The different pattern also applies to the wooden beams on the ceiling.

18. White Shiplap Ceiling with Hints of Modern Gray

shiplap ceilings 18
Image Source – HGTV

The transitional gray hues are the epitome of a modern and luxurious bedroom. This color is present in the quilted headboard, the furniture, and the rug. Adding white vaulted shiplap ceilings provides a rustic touch to this modern bedroom, especially when you incorporate the dark wooden beams and the light fittings.

19. White and Blue Kitchen with Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 19
Image Source – DecorPad

The blue cabinetry blends seamlessly with the white shiplap ceiling and shiplap that extends to the walls, farming the gorgeous windows in this kitchen. Every detail matters to create a bright and open kitchen. The white vaulted ceiling and white quartz countertop look stunning with polished brass hardware, chrome gooseneck faucet, and wooden cutting board.

20. Shiplap Ceiling with Dark Exposed Wood Beams

shiplap ceilings 20
Image Source – @westcottonwoodlane

Imagine sitting here in the winter or fall. This living room is filled with cozy elements, such as the sectional sofa, white and gray patterned rug, and black framed windows. Elevate the cozy factor with the white vaulted ceiling with dark exposed wood beams. It’s the perfect spot for the entire family to hang out.

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21. Diagonal Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 21 1
Image Source – Emily Henderson

Create a unique look on you when you place the shiplap panels diagonally. It adds architectural interest to the space and gives the illusion of texture on the ceiling. Use this styling idea if you want to incorporate visual excitement into any room in your house.

22. Rustic Shiplap Ceiling for Kitchen

shiplap ceilings 22
Image Source – Decoist

Here is another example of an open floor layout that features a white shiplap ceiling. The rest of the decor features traditional yet feminine details, especially the modern kitchen island countertop and artsy barstools. You can balance it out with a rustic ceiling that uses white shiplap and exposed wood beams. The dark wood flooring also adds to the rustic interior feel.

23. Bright White Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 23
Image Source – Better Homes & Garden

This room is bursting with color from the fuchsia rug, wooden accent wall, and mid-century furniture. Therefore, the addition of a bright and white shiplap ceiling is a smart design choice to create a balance in the overall style. The no-frills ceiling is interrupted only by a single beam across the room and the pendant lighting.

24. Vaulted White Ceiling in Bathroom

shiplap ceilings 24
Image Source – DecorPad

Add drama to your bathroom by choosing a white vaulted ceiling with shiplap. The dainty white creates a delicate atmosphere in this bathroom that features an oval bathtub, a nickel faucet, and stained oak wood bathroom floors. The flooring perfectly balances out the white walls and ceiling along with the gray-trimmed Roman shades.

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25. Rustic Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap ceilings 25
Image Source – Better Homes & Garden

A rustic design style is a no-brainer choice in the kitchen. The wooden shiplap ceiling is the ideal choice for this kitchen to transform this modern farmhouse kitchen into a charming, rustic space. And yes, decorating with a shiplap ceiling doesn’t mean it has to be painted white. If a white ceiling does not appeal to you, this visual inspiration should give you ideas on how to incorporate it into a space that features modern furniture and fixtures.