Living in a log cabin is a dream of many but only some can afford.

If you’ve ever dreamed of building one, investing in a log cabin kit could be the inexpensive solution you are looking for. Just like more general prefab cabins or even home kits, log cabin kits are more affordable than traditional log cabins and easier to assemble even without construction experience.

Prices for log cabin kits run the gamut, depending on the style, size, materials and finishes. Therefore, they can be versatile solutions for your home building needs that fit your budget.

If you’re not ready to shell out a million or more on a brand-new log cabin using the traditional method, it’s time to explore log cabin kits.

Check out what to expect when you invest in a DIY log cabin kit and how much it would cost to invest in one. 

What is a Log Cabin Kit?

Similar to our metal home kits, a log cabin kit is a complete solution to building a log cabin using the do-it-yourself way. The kit you purchase has all the pieces, structures, and elements for a log cabin from scratch. It has an instruction manual showing how to put the pieces together and create your desired log cabin style.

A standard log cabin kit comprises the log system, lumber, blueprint, doors, windows, framing materials, and other building materials for construction. However, it does not include the materials for the foundation, plumbing system, electrical wiring, and interior finishes like the lighting, cabinets, and countertops. 

Log cabin kits are somewhat beginner-friendly, meaning you can build a log cabin without expert construction experience. However, having some construction experience is advantageous to complete the build faster and without complications. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Log Cabin Kits

Before buying a log cabin kit, you must consider a few things. Here is an overview of your essential checklist before you start building.

  • Secure a Permit – Check with the local municipality for any coding regulations or permit requirements for a DIY log cabin. Each municipality or region has unique regulations about DIY builds depending on the build’s size, location, and complexity. 
  • Site Prep – You must adequately prep the site before building the log cabin. Make sure the ground is leveled correctly with a concrete foundation. Also, check the area for accessibility.
  • Check the Kit Plans – Make sure to double-check this with the manufacturer. Your kit should come with a detailed cabin kit plan to ensure a seamless construction of the log cabin.
  • Check the Building Requirements – Similar to a barndominium kit, you will need to verify with the manufacturer if you need specialized tools and equipment for the log cabin kit construction. If they do, ensure you have access to these tools and supplies. It is an important consideration when choosing which kit to buy. Ideally, choose ones that don’t require special tools and heavy machinery. 
  • Choose High-Quality Materials – Carefully assess the type of timber used on the log cabin kit. Some popular options in the US are cedar, douglas fir, cypress, and pine. Compare the pros and cons of each timber to ensure you have a durable and high-quality material. 

Best 21 Log Cabin Kits To Purchase Right Now

Once you consider the above pointers, it’s time to shop around for the best log cabin kits available right now. 

1. Hunting Cabin Kit, Schutt Log Homes

Hunting Cabin Kit Schutt Log Homes

The Hunting Cabin Kit is made of oak and offers 400 square feet of living space. The kit layout consists of one bedroom and one bathroom with space for a living room and a small kitchen.

The cabin also has a 10′ x 10′ loft space to convert into a second bedroom or added storage space. This kit features an eight-foot front porch. Each kit includes an instruction manual for an easy build. 

Cost: $18,950

2. Black Bear, Battle Creek Log Homes

Black Bear, Battle Creek Log Homes

The Black Bear cabin kit from Battle Creek Log Homes offers the essential materials to build the shell of your log cabin, such as the log system, windows, and doors.

Once built, this kit offers 578 sq ft of living space. The layout for the first floor includes the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. There is a loft on the second floor, which can serve as a bedroom or storage space. 

Cost: $64,567

3. Seasons Charm, Battle Creek Log Cabins

Seasons Charm, Battle Creek Log Cabins

The Seasons Charm cabin kit offers 860 sq ft of living space across two floors. This cabin kit includes three bedrooms and one bathroom. Each kit includes the complete components for this build, such as the log system, roofing, porch or deck, fasteners, doors, and windows. 

Cost: $97,188

4. Wasatch, Bear River Country

Wasatch Bear River Country 1

The Wasatch Cabin kit offers 786 sq ft of living space divided into two floors: 542 sq ft on the main level and 244 sq ft on the second floor. It is a one-bedroom and one-bathroom cabin with additional living room and kitchen space. It has a covered front entry that wraps to one side of the house. It is a beautiful log cabin kit with the essential components you need except for interior finishes. 

Cost: $39,664

5. Mountain King, Conestoga Cabins

Mountain King Conestoga Cabins

This large log cabin kit from Conestoga Cabins offers a complete solution for your build. Each kit includes the log systems, windows, doors, and roof systems. Once assembled, the kit offers 1,080 sq ft, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

There is also enough space for a living room, kitchen, and loft. There is a provision to convert the loft area into a third bedroom. You can incorporate optional upgrades for this log cabin, such as trapezoid windows, log furniture, and HVAC units. 

Cost: $101,218

6. Bridger, Bear River Country

Bridger Bear River Country

The Bridger Cabin Kit is made of pine, fir, or spruce. It is a complete kit that includes the blueprint, the log walls, roofing, fasteners, log stains, the porch, and the deck. This two-story log cabin comes with 1,040 sq ft of living space. There is one bedroom and one bathroom on the main floor. You will find another bedroom and bathroom on the second floor. 

Cost: $66,888

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7. Ayers Pond, Merrimac Log Homes

Ayers Pond Merrimac Log Homes

This log cabin kit from Merrimac Log Homes is a two-story log cabin offering 1,026 sq ft of living space. The first floor includes the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and one bedroom. There is a loft area on the second floor. Each kit also includes materials to build a porch and deck. The Ayers Pond kit includes materials made from pine logs. 

Cost: $40,480

8. Alpine, Coventry Log Homes

Craftsman Alpine big

The Alpine kit is a large log cabin with 1,352 sq ft of living space. This Coventry Log Homes kit has two floors, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The spacious layout provides room for a living room, dining room, and kitchen. This kit also includes a deck for added living space. You can choose from various packages for this kit to match your budget and needs. 

Cost: $134,050

9. Bryson, Southland Log Homes

The Bryson log cabin kit from Southland Log Homes offers 1,371 sq ft of living space. It has two floors with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. This kit also includes a large porch and a deck. Meanwhile, the second floor/loft area offers flexibility in using the space for more bedrooms or shared living areas. 

Cost: N/A

10. Boulder Lodge, Conestoga Cabins

Bryson Southland Log Homes

This small log cabin kit from Conestoga Cabins is ideal as a secondary home or vacation home. It offers 292 sq ft of living space with one bedroom and bathroom. There are extra spaces for a kitchen and living room. While it’s a small cabin, it has a loft area for more storage and living space.

This kit offers more layout options; you can choose the one with a large room and a small kitchenette. Finally, the Boulder Lodge cabin kit comes with a covered front porch. 

Cost: $43,356

11. Sunapee, Merrimac Log Homes

Sunapee Merrimac Log Homes

The Sunapee kit is the best option for building a large log cabin. This one-story home kit offers 1,648 sq ft of living space with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room, and a kitchen. There is also a great room with a 20-ft ceiling. This cabin kit includes two large decks, making it an ideal choice for anyone who values outdoor living spaces. 

Cost: $73,025

12. Lancaster, Coventry Log Homes

Lancaster Coventry Log Homes

The Lancaster log cabin kit is one of the biggest kits you’ll find right now, with 2,160 sq ft of living space. The quoted price is for the largest and most expensive package, but this model kit starts at $120,050. This kit has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a covered front porch, and a wrap-around deck. 

Cost: $245,750

13. Woodland Cabin Kit, Schutt Log Homes

Woodland Cabin Kit Schutt Log Homes

The Woodland Cabin Kit is made with oak materials and consists of one and a half stories. The total living space is 1,100 sq ft. The main floor consists of one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. The second floor contains another bedroom and a bathroom. The kit also includes a covered front porch and a side porch, giving you tons of outdoor living space. 

Cost: $48,500

14. Ascutney, Coventry Log Homes

Ascutney Coventry Log Homes

The Ascutney kit from Coventry Log Homes is an open-concept log cabin home with 1,140 sq ft of living space. It is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom kit distinguished by its large shed corner. It is a two-story log cabin home kit with an 8’ x 30’ open deck. Various packages are available for the Ascutney model, with the ‘shell only’ package starting at $86,700 and other customized packages. 

Cost: $122,900

15. Farmhouse Log Cabin, Golden Eagle Log Homes

Farmhouse Log Cabin Golden Eagle Log Homes

The Farmhouse Log Cabin kit is one of this list’s biggest and most expensive kits. However, it is also the best because it combines modern comfort and rustic charm. It is a thoughtfully designed log cabin home with an open, spacious layout.

The main level includes the living areas, dining room, and the kitchen. The loft is a versatile space with added relaxation spaces or more bedrooms. Two options are available for the Farmhouse Log Cabin: 3,121 sq ft or 4,948 sq ft. 

Cost: $479,201

16. Mountaineer, Coventry Log Homes

Mountaineer Coventry Log Homes

The Mountaineer cabin kit provides 564 sq ft of living space spread across two floors. There are two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen area on the main floor. The second floor is a loft area, which you can convert into a second bedroom. A covered front porch makes this look like a traditional log cabin home. 

Cost: $52,050

17. Durango, Conestoga Cabins

Durango Conestoga Cabins

The Durango log cabin kit from Conestoga Cabins is one of the smaller kits available from the manufacturer at 232 sq ft. It has enough room for one bedroom and one bathroom. It is the perfect choice for buyers looking for a private getaway cabin, especially if you don’t need a kitchen or a spacious bathroom. There is a standard floor plan layout for the Durango kit, but it is open for customization. 

Cost: $35,355

18. Skyline, Coventry Log Homes

Skyline Coventry Log Homes

The Skyline kit from Coventry Log Homes is a charming and rustic cabin in a chalet style. This log cabin kit comprises three bedrooms and two bathrooms with 1,312 sq ft of living space. The standard floor plan is an open concept with cathedral ceilings. It is a two-story log cabin with various style package options, from the shell only to the complete kit solution. 

Cost: $164,800

19. Chalet, Schutt Log Homes

Chalet Schutt Log Homes

The Chalet Cabin kit from Schutt Log Homes is one of the biggest log cabin kits right now. It offers 2,000 sq ft of living space with a customizable layout.

The home kit offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Adding a basement or crawl space to this log cabin is also possible. A covered front porch and large windows make it an ideal choice for home buyers. 

Cost: $79,900

20. Heritage, Conestoga Cabins

Heritage Conestoga Cabins

The Heritage Log Cabin Kit is among the most popular kits from Conestoga Cabins. It is a two-story log cabin with 580 sq ft of living space. The main floor contains two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen.

The second floor is a loft area, which you can use as a bedroom or storage area. At its price point, the Heritage is a complete log cabin that includes the walls, flooring, windows, roof, and electrical package. 

Cost: $65,805


How much does it cost to build a log cabin kit?

Today’s log cabin kit prices vary significantly according to the size, complexity of design, and materials. Prices also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

Most log cabin kit prices average $50-$100 per sq ft. Therefore, a complete small log cabin kit starts at $30,000 and can go up to $200,000+ for the larger kits. Shop around various manufacturers to find the suitable kit that fits your budget. Several manufacturers allow you to customize the pricing of your kits based on whether you want the shell only or the complete kit.

What goes into the cost of log cabin kits for sale?

The pricing of a log cabin kit includes the materials that are prefabricated or pre-cut for easy assembly on-site. Depending on your chosen package, it can include other finishes, such as doors, windows, roofing systems, etc. 

The following are not included in the pricing of log cabin kits: cost of land, foundation for the land, plumbing, electric system, interior furnishings, and HVAC components. 

What are the advantages of log cabin kits?

The main appeal of log cabin kits is the opportunity to build your own home. Working from a kit enables you to build a home from scratch within a manageable timeframe, with or without construction experience. 

Investing in a kit enables you to build your dream home without heavy equipment or specialized tools. 

Pricing is the main advantage of log cabin kits. Buying a kit is only a fraction of the cost of building a traditional log cabin. The cost varies depending on the complexity of the build, its size, and on-site requirements.

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