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Pole Barn vs Metal Buildings: Compare Pros and Cons

Pole Barn vs Metal Buildings


Barns are utilitarian buildings which date back centuries. They serve a specific purpose on your land, be it for horses, storage, livestock, cultivation, or any of its other uses. Whatever your usage, you need a barn that is strong, functional, and dependable. It also doesn’t hurt that your barn is not an eyesore to passers-by.

In this article, we are turning our focus on steel barns and pole barns. We will start with barns that are built with the pole frame method. Then, we will turn our attention to the advantages of steel over traditional construction.

Are you looking to build a new barn, or replace an existing one, and you aren’t sure whether a more expensive steel frame barn is worth it?

Or do you have a pole barn, and you want to find out about the benefits of having a steel frame barn?

Don’t worry; this guide will tell you what you need to know.

In This Article

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about pole barns versus metal buildings, including what they are and where you can find them. We will examine the basics of these building methods, as well as the pros and cons. Then, we will give you some practical building tips, and the top manufacturers of these products.

So, are you ready to go?

Let’s go!

What’s in this guide?

What is a pole barn?

A pole barn is a simplistic style of the barn which uses wooden poles or ‘beams’ for the support of exterior walls and roof trusses. The beams or poles are buried in the ground, and provide large pillars of vertical support. Girts are attached to provide additional horizontal support. Pole barn construction is part of a technique generally known as “pole building construction