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Content written by Shane Dobson – a construction expert with over 15 years experience estimating and planning building projects in the USA.


Metal building homes are an excellent alternative to other choices on the market, thanks to the many benefits that they provide such as being made from highly durable materials, and more affordable prices.

Steel houses are customizable

Steel houses don’t necessarily need to look the same. In fact, many designs offer the look of traditional architecture. You can customize many details such as the number and style of windows, the size and design of doors, and the style of your metal home kit in general, like exterior cladding, and roof pitch. The beauty is that all of this can be done without the need to pay an expensive architect.

Insurance for steel houses cost less

Insuring a steel home is typically less expensive than insuring a traditional stick built house. Steel is not flammable, doesn’t rot, and is not susceptible to infestation from termites and other damage causing pests. These characteristics make for a home that is more safe, structurally sound, and cheaper to maintain.

Generally speaking, steel houses are cheaper

There are several reasons why choosing a steel home can offer a substantial savings over a traditional house:

  • Steel is cheaper to produce
  • Building components are prefabricated and shipped to your location
  • No need to pay an architect
  • Easy assembly means lower labor costs

You can add interior finishes to reflect your personality

Another benefit to using steel for your house is that you can benefit from the structural integrity of steel, but still personalize the feel of your home by adding drywall, stone, wood, and other interior and exterior components.

The excellent quality of steel

Many metal home providers will use 26 gauge steel. 26 gauge steel is thin enough to be flexible, but strong enough to withstand most weather related damage. Metals homes offer warrantees that are far longer than traditional homes. Many metal building kit providers offer warranties of up to 50 years.

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