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Building Overview


Content written by Shane Dobson – a construction expert with over 15 years experience estimating and planning building projects in the USA.


Metal building homes are an excellent alternative to other choices on the market, thanks to the many benefits that they provide such as being made from highly durable materials, and more affordable prices.

Steel houses are customizable

Steel houses don’t necessarily need to look the same. In fact, many designs offer the look of traditional architecture. You can customize many details such as the number and style of windows, the size and design of doors, and the style of your metal home kit in general, like exterior cladding, and roof pitch. The beauty is that all of this can be done without the need to pay an expensive architect.

Insurance for steel houses cost less

Insuring a steel home is typically less expensive than insuring a traditional stick built house. Steel is not flammable, doesn’t rot, and is not susceptible to infestation from termites and other damage causing pests. These characteristics make for a home that is more safe, structurally sound, and cheaper to maintain.

Generally speaking, steel houses are cheaper

There are several reasons why choosing a steel home can offer a substantial savings over a traditional house:

  • Steel is cheaper to produce
  • Building components are prefabricated and shipped to your location
  • No need to pay an architect
  • Easy assembly means lower labor costs

You can add interior finishes to reflect your personality

Another benefit to using steel for your house is that you can benefit from the structural integrity of steel, but still personalize the feel of your home by adding drywall, stone, wood, and other interior and exterior components.

The excellent quality of steel

Many metal home providers will use 26 gauge steel. 26 gauge steel is thin enough to be flexible, but strong enough to withstand most weather related damage. Metals homes offer warrantees that are far longer than traditional homes. Many metal building kit providers offer warranties of up to 50 years.

Popular sizes:

Looking for inspiration? Below you’ll find the 10 most beautiful metal homes from Pinterest.

This traditional metal home is also known as a pole barn home. Typically, they don’t require foundations which makes them extremely affordable, as well as quick and easy to build. What’s also great is that pole barn homes are very durable against weather due to the metal panels on the outside. These also give your home a rustic charm. Source.

And get this, you can continuously add or change the structure of your metal home as many times as you wish. Most metal homes don’t have load-bearing interior walls, which allows for as much customization as possible. Source.

Alternatively, if you value practicality and affordability without sacrificing quality then Quonset Huts are also a great choice. Since the parts come pre-fabricated and readymade, Quonset Huts are much cheaper than regular metal homes. However, you should be aware that there is less flexibility in their design. Source.

Finally, don’t forget that metal homes can be exactly built to your own needs. So if you have a large family or are planning ahead, then here’s your chance to build a perfect future home for your family. Metal homes aren’t limited by size, design, or style, which means you can truly achieve your ideal family home. Source.


Metal homes are fully flexible in their design. This means that you won’t be limited by the usual styles and can create your ideal home. In this case, the homeowner has designed their metal home to perfectly fit and complement their backyard area. Source.

Moreover, location is not an issue for metal homes as they are easy to build, often not requiring foundations. You have complete freedom to build your home in any style and wherever you want. Pictured above is a metal home set in a quiet forest, with a casual design perfect if you wish to remain close to nature. Source.

Or if you are looking for something simple, affordable yet functional then a barndominium could be what you’re looking for. With an open floor plan, this type of metal home truly makes the most out of your living space without breaking the bank. Source.

Metal homes also make for ideal vacation homes. They are designed to withstand any type of climate and weather conditions, from sunny days to cold winter nights. So you’ll always feel perfectly comfortable whether you are inside or outside the home. Source.

You can even combine classical and modern styles to create a unique home that fits your own tastes. Here, you see a metal home with rustic stone designs paired with modern floor-to-ceiling windows. Like this homeowner, you can also mix and match different styles to make your dream home come to life. Source.


If you’re more into DIY, then a barn-style home shell kit is perfect for you. Usually, they come with 4,500 sq. ft. plus storage which gives you plenty of space while also ensuring the security and stability of your home. You’ll also love the fact that you have the ability to design the interior however you wish. Source.

Interested in doing your own research? Here are the links to the above pictures of metal homes on Pinterest.

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Metal Building FAQ's

How can you save money on a steel building?

Locking in a price when steel prices are low, along with a break in the production calendar can be a great way to save. Fill in the form to talk with an expert!

What customization options are available?

Insulated floors are popular with buildings that need predictable temperature, like aircraft hangers and homes.

Why go for a steel building?

  • Cheaper to insure than wood buildings
  • Lower maintenance & operating costs
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Can recycle after use
  • Strong and customizable
  • Very secure
  • Low time to build

More FAQ

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