Have you dreamed of owning a barn-style home? Barndominium builders might be what you’re looking for!

New homebuyers are thinking out of the box when it comes to building (or buying) their future homes. Barndominium builders offer a practical alternative to traditional house building and they’re often sold in metal barndo kits, allowing the builders to assemble the pieces much faster on-site than they would to build a home from scratch.

Barndominium builders offer various styles and floor plans that fit your unique preferences. To make it your money’s worth, pick barndominium builders in Texas with a proven track record, excellent craftsmanship, and the highest customer satisfaction.

There’s no need to research since we’ve done the legwork for you! Here is a short list of the best barndominium builders in Texas for your next project!

1. Texas Best Construction

Texas Best Construction
Image Source: Texas Best Construction

Address: 940 FM 2377, Red Oak, TX 75154

Texas Best Construction’s work process and results have earned them recognition for the New Home Source Awards for Best Barndominium Builders in Texas! Since its founding in 2006, they have made a name in the industry for their custom home expertise. Clients praise them for their excellent customization range, a unique feature for a small and locally owned business. And speaking of size, the small business status is advantageous since customers appreciate their customer-centric approach and commitment to provide personalized attention to each project.

Although a small, family-owned business, they can still deliver a one-stop-shop service that starts with design and planning to the construction and home completion. Their clients also appreciate their transparency in communication, which they achieve through the Buildertrend online portal, which enables clients to be informed about the progress and schedule of the build. Clients can access this customer portal through their phone or website.

2. Texas Building Center

bardominiums 2
Image Source: Texas Building Center Facebook

Address: 3110 W Ranch Road 1431, Kingsland , TX

Texas Building Center is another family-owned business in Texas, which offers comprehensive turnkey services for barndominiums. A distinctive feature of this builder is its ability to offer transparent pricing with no deceptive marketing strategies or hidden charges. All quotes are based on actual building sizes, which gives their customers a concrete idea of how much they’ll spend on each build. However, they offer additional services beyond construction, ensuring their clients enjoy ongoing support even after construction.

Another testament to their commitment in satisfying clients is their limited lifetime warranty, as they employ the highest quality building materials. Even when presented with building challenges, the team can effectively resolve them through creative planning and collaboration. Finally, their customers applaud them for their skilled network of contractors, wherein they work with other experienced professionals to ensure the quality of each project.

3. 1845 Barndominiums

bardominiums 3
Image Source – 1845 Bardominiums

Address: 12882 I-20 N Service Rd W Hallsville, TX 75650

Nothing beats working with a builder who is responsive and prompt in communicating on your barndominium project. That’s why 1845 Barndominiums is the go-to choice for homebuyers in Texas because of their responsiveness and support throughout the home-building process. When requests are made for revisions, they are as efficient and prompt in their response to avoid any unnecessary delays. Clients receive weekly updates on projects and don’t compromise on attention to detail, whether doing dirt work or final touches on the build. Their engineering expertise, adaptive design, and diverse floor plans appeal to their customers, so they get many word-of-mouth recommendations from past clients.

4. Texas Country Charmers

bardominiums 4
Image Source: Texas Country Charmers

Address: 18604 RM 1431, Jonestown, TX 78645

If you’re looking for a builder specializing in Texas lifestyle properties, look no further than Texas Country Charmers. They focus on building classic wood barns and barndominiums, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands! And if you’re a land owner in Texas, they offer an opportunity to build your dream home for less and allow clients to personalize every aspect of the build.

Another thing that makes Texas Country Charmers stand out is their all-wood designs. They believe in the superiority of an all-wood design over other materials, such as metal. Throughout the company’s 50-year industry experience, they’ve handled over 3,000 projects in Central Texas. This alone should guarantee that they’re a reliable team to work with. Plus, they are fully insured so you can expect their commitment to safety and quality. It is just one of many reasons their clients all praise them, especially with the team fostering a positive working relationship with clients. Everything is handled smoothly for a stress-free experience!

5. Absolute Steel Texas

bardominiums 5
Image Source – Absolute Steel Texas

Address: 9476 County Road 136, Terrell, Texas 75161

Texas-made and proud of it! Absolute Steel Texas is another locally-owned company specializing in DIY building kits and barndominium shells, but they also offer full-service options for clients who prefer a hands-off approach to home construction. Absolute Steel Texas differentiates itself for its pride in Texas manufacturing and being one of the leaders in the industry. They use steel frame systems and structures that are made in Texas, which has its advantages because the parts and components are locally made so clients can expect faster delivery and ease of communication.

The company also emphasizes the use of steel and other recyclable materials. Since steel is durable and resistant to pest and weather, they are a sustainable choice, and it appeals to eco-conscious home buyers. These factors combine to help Absolute Steel Texas exceed client expectations; many clients have praised them for consistently delivering high-quality products beyond what is promised. An important thing that clients have made note of is that their crew is highly professional and that they would leave the property cleaner than when they arrived. Small details like this make them stand out from the competition!

6. Tight Wire Construction

bardominiums 6
Image Source – Tight Wire Construction Facebook

Address: 19700 Saddlehorn Rd, Amarillo, TX 79119, United States

With a reputation for quality, it’s unsurprising why Tight Wire Construction is listed among the best barndominium builders in Texas. It starts with their experienced team of craftsmen who take great pride in their work. Their steel fabrication and welding expertise allows them to use raw steel to create highly durable and dependable structures that can last for many years. Meanwhile, their specialization in bolt-up or pre-engineered barndominiums showcases the energy efficiency of these structures, promising huge savings for future homeowners.

The versatility and the comprehensive array of services offered by Tight Wire Construction allow them to edge out other builders in Texas. And that’s exactly why their clients love working with them! They are highly commended for their transparency in the project updates and timelines and precision in delivering work.

7. Rafter P Construction

bardominiums 7
Image Source – Google Maps

Address: 4103 S FM 730 Decatur, TX 76234

Rafter P Construction is the leading design-build contractor in Texas, serving the Central Texas area. Since they can design and build homes, they are a one-stop solution for clients looking to build commercial, residential, or ranch projects. Since its founding in 2002, the company started out with one employee and one truck. Fast forward a couple of decades later, they have grown to a fleet of trucks and employees that customize and design homes for the locals in the area. Its their hands-on approach, customer-centric service, and local engagement that has helped them thrive in the industry.

Their clients describe working with them as a “joy” since they are highly responsive in communication. They excel in the business because they assist clients in choosing the best lot or location to build their barndominiums, which with the help of their expertise, can save clients thousands in the construction process. And even when there are “bumps” along the way, the team’s professionalism ensures they deliver effective solutions for clients.

8. Kenneth R Schroeder, LLC

barndominiums 8
Image Source – Google Maps

Address: 241 N Commerce St, Centerville, TX 75833, United States

With his passion for design and construction, Kenneth Schroeder built this company to make a business out of his passion. That passion is strongly reflected in his commitment to delivering top-notch project results. The company’s high degree of customization options enables clients to transform their vision to reality, allowing them to create tailored living spaces.

Several of their former clients have described Kenneth as a man of integrity. They applaud him for his trustworthiness, enabling him to foster confidence and trust in his clients. With his understanding in local regulations and codes, you can rest assured that a dependable team is working on your construction projects and ensuring compliance. And if you’re on a tight budget, Kenneth can work around that budget; he is transparent enough to provide a breakdown of costs, ensuring that the money you spend goes toward building your dream barndominium.

9. Tunnell Construction

bardominiums 8
Image Source – Tunnell Construction

Address: 609 Main St, Brownwood, TX 76801, United States

Tunnell Construction is an award-winning barndominium expert in Texas, which makes them experts in this specific type of construction. As an invested community member, they are well-loved among the people in this part of Texas, especially former clients with nothing but positive things to say! Tunnell Construction has a fully qualified in-house team of experts, which means when you hire them for a project, everything is done in-house, and they don’t sub-contract to ensure quality control at every step of the project.

Established in 2003, Tunnell Construction has been in the industry for two decades, ensuring their stability and reliability. They offer liability protection to clients on all projects, giving you peace of mind. They offer free estimates and are flexible enough to work with any budget. They even have financing and no-money-down options for their clients. Citing their professionalism and quality of work, they receive plenty of positive recommendations from clients.

10. Barnhaus Steel Builders

bardominiums 9
Image Source – Google Maps

Address: 229 Restless Wind Spring Branch, Texas 78070

Barnhaus Steel Builders don’t just build barndominiums; they customize it for you! They understand that every client aspires to have a unique home that meets their needs, and offering standard plans won’t cut it. As a result, they specialize in amenity-rich and stylish custom building plans. They even offer free consultations to clients to help them decide whether it’s the best route for them to pursue in building their dream home.

Barnhause Steel Builders is a locally owned and operated business. They take pride in using reinforced steel for construction, which is more sustainable and durable than wooden ones. Their choice of material enables the team to deliver timely completion of projects that require less maintenance.

11. Broadshield Custom Homes & Contractors

bardominiums 10
Image Source – Broadshield Custom Homes & Contractors

Address: 10008 Johns Road, Boerne, TX, United States, Texas

As a recognized Texas green builder, Broadshield Custom Homes & Contractors is the ideal choice for clients looking to work with builders committed to eco-friendly and sustainable construction practices. Apart from this, Broadshield Custom Homes & Contractors is a company with expertise in rural construction, which gives them an advantage over other builders as they know how to work with the specific challenges of terrain and other geographic limitations in rural areas.

This company has been in the construction industry for over 30 years, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to your project. They also have an in-house design center wherein clients can work closely with other professionals, such as architects, designers, and builders, ensuring you can collaborate with every detail of the project’s completion. Their strong focus on sustainability and local involvement makes them stand out as a builder in Texas!

12. Juniper Hill Barndominiums

bardominiums 11
Image Source – Juniper Hill Barndominiums Facebook

Address: Amarillo, Texas

Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominium is another trusted builder in Texas. They stand out in the industry for their guided design process, which begins with consulting clients about their dreams or ideas. They transform that idea into design using computer software that is adaptable enough to align with the clients’ needs until full satisfaction. Clients can even tap the services of their architects and engineers to ensure that the design options are achievable and within their budget.

But Juniper Hills Barndominiums services go beyond designing and building homes. They also offer assistance in land assessment, ensuring clients have the best location to build their future homes. Through their expertise and experience, they can advise clients about potential hidden costs during land acquisition, avoiding any nasty surprises. This reliability and professionalism make them a wonder to work with, or so that’s what their clients have to say!

13. Bradley Signature Homes

bardominiums 12
Image Source – Bradley Signature Homes

Address: 18540 Penick Waller, TX 77484

Another family-owned business in Texas – Bradley Signature Homes is rounding off this list. This team prioritizes client engagement to ensure they have an interactive and hands-on experience in the design and build process. Therefore, clients can expect a high level of customization, from choosing the cabinet materials to the roof design. The client’s preferences reign supreme in each project, with their expert guidance (of course!).

The owners of Bradley Signature Homes have their roots in Texas, and they use their custom home-building experience to make the dream of homeownership for Texans come true. One of the owners, Craig, is a third-generation carpenter with two decades of experience as a home builder. You can bank on that experience and craftsmanship to build a one-of-a-kind home for your family.