When you’re feeling stressed out from work or life, you crave to escape it all. At least, I know that I do. And when I get that feeling, there is no better place to turn to than nature.

A treehouse rental is one of the best and coolest ways to connect with nature and unplug. Whether you want to live off-grid or not, a treehouse rental can awaken that child-like wonder that excites your spirit and sense of adventure.

Lucky for you, I’ve got the ultimate list of treehouse rentals on AirBnB!

Imagine waking up to birds chirping or treating your eyes to a world of lush greenery. Imagine no more because treehouse rentals are an enchanting way to live in the great outdoors without sacrificing modern comforts.

Join me as I explore the coolest treehouse rentals in the US, and your next unforgettable stay might be a click away!

1. Wanderlust at Firefly Treehouses in Crane Hill, Alabama

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Nestled on the treetops in a 40-acre forest, this treehouse rental in Alabama is ideal for a couple’s romantic getaway or spiritual retreat. Get lost in nature and leave your worldly worries behind. Nothing beats waking up to see the forest or deer chasing each other while you enjoy your morning coffee on the deck. You can explore nature trails or head to the lake for water activities. Meanwhile, the treehouse has a spacious bedroom, a full bathroom with a tub, and a kitchen. Bonus: indulge in the most gorgeous forest views while soaking in the tub!

2. Indiana Jones Treehouse in Fairbanks, Alaska

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Experience a treehouse treasure like no other. This Fairbanks, Alaska, treehouse is the perfect spot to unwind after a day of adventures in the Alaskan wilderness. Come here to enjoy a much-needed rest before skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, mountain biking, or any outdoor adventures in Alaska. This beautifully designed treehouse requires you to cross a hanging bridge to enter. You will have private access to the treehouse and full amenities, including a comfortable bed and a large deck. There is a community kitchen that you will share with other guests from the accommodations within the same property.

3. Treehouse in a Desert Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

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Completed in 2021, this private treehouse in Phoenix, Arizona, is a paradise retreat! It is built within an acre of forest and landscaped garden in the North Central Phoenix area. The treehouse features a room with a loft and a queen bed, a bathroom, and a deck. The deck is the perfect spot to relax because you can enjoy the view of Lookout Mountain. The treehouse is surrounded by 50 trees, so even though you are close to the city, you’d feel like you are in the middle of nature within a semi-desert landscape.

4. Treehouse Oasis in Bentonville, Arkansas

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The Treehouse Oasis in Arkansas is tucked in a quiet neighborhood, allowing you to enjoy full privacy and seclusion during your stay. It comes complete with a heated pool, a hot tub, a stone fireplace, and a full outdoor kitchen. There is also a covered patio where you can enjoy the outdoor space. A wooden staircase leads to the treehouse, and a wooden swinging bridge connects it to the raised outdoor lounging area. There is no better place to relax and experience treehouse living at its finest.

5. Treehouse with Silicon Valley Views in San Jose, California

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The 250 sq ft treehouse is built between three sycamore trees in San Jose, California. The treehouse consists of two lofts with beds that overlooks the Silicon Valley. This treehouse is 14 ft high with custom-made stained glass windows and a spiral staircase. It has room for four people and has a full bathroom, a kitchenette with a sink, a stove, and a mini fridge. The aesthetic of the treehouse blends rustic elements with a modern charm. It’s the perfect place to be among nature and soak in the experience without sacrificing modern comforts.

6. Rocky Mountain Treehouse in Carbondale, Colorado

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The Rocky Mountain Treehouse was built in 1971 within a 2-acre property filled with spruce trees and a creek running beneath it. The treehouse sits 25 feet off the ground, providing breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. Climb a winding rock staircase that leads to the front door, where you can step inside to find a wood-burning stove, a full kitchen, and a bathroom with a rock shower. The rustic interior allows this home to blend with the scenery of this private mountain getaway.

7. The Treehouse at Bluebird Farm Connecticut in Willington, Connecticut

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There is nothing quite like this gorgeous farm stay in a treehouse in Connecticut! Living among farm animals in the countryside, where you can enjoy hiking, animal interactions, or relax in nature. Despite a rustic stay in this treehouse, you are within minutes of the farmer’s market, national and state parks, local breweries, and drive-in movie theaters. The treehouse is custom-built within the Bluebird Farm, allowing guests to experience countryside living!

8. The Nest Treehouse in Millville, Delaware

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Discover this cozy, little treehouse in Delaware that offers an unforgettable escape in nature. Called The Nest, this treehouse is built among the trees to offer a peaceful place to observe the wildlife, enjoy sunset views, and have a quiet escape. Guests can access the bathroom outside, allowing you to enjoy a bright and spacious treehouse interior that welcomes plenty of natural lighting.

9. Treehouse at Danville in Geneva, Florida

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Experience a unique treehouse stay and glamping experience in Florida! This treehouse was featured on Netflix’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals, which provides the opportunity to enjoy a treehouse living experience in Florida. It is a modern structure with a tree trunk elevator, a toilet, a private shower, and is fully air-conditioned. Danville is a collection of structures at different venues created by Dan, which was built over a 10-year period. This treehouse sits within a 30-acre private property filled with farm animals. Thus, you are staying on an active farm but enjoying resort-like amenities.

10. Mountaintop Luxury Treehouse at Selah Ridge in Ringgold, Georgia

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Escape to this mountaintop retreat in Ringgold, Georgia. Located within minutes of Georgia’s top attractions, such as wineries and state parks, you can find the perfect sanctuary for your weary soul. And yet, it is a luxurious treehouse that makes you feel pampered, as though you are staying in a luxury hotel. The treehouse is built with aromatic cedar, which combines perfectly with the smell of the mountain air. Take in the views from the main treehouse or cross an arched bridge that connects it to the custom-built hot tub. There is nowhere else you’d rather be!

11. Dreamy Tropical Tree House in Mountain View, Hawaii

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Follow the red cinder path to discover a secluded bamboo retreat in the Hawaiian jungle. This bamboo treehouse is a dreamy, tropical escape where you will find your personal paradise. The ground level features a hanging bed suspended from the treehouse’s floor. You can sit back and relax here or traverse the staircase that leads to the treehouse floor. The treehouse is on the same level as the tree canopy, which means you have a 360-degree view of the jungle! The treehouse interior is filled with white linens and natural wood accents, giving the vibe that you’re one with nature. There are also essential amenities like closets, a bathroom, a large shower, and a well-stocked kitchen!

12. Crystal Peak Lookout in Fernwood, Idaho

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The Crystal Peak lookout is a treehouse in Idaho built in 1959. However, it was in 1983 when it was moved into its current location in Northern Idaho. The area of Cedar Peak is surrounded by cedar and tamarack. The treehouse also underwent remodeling in 2018 to incorporate the essential amenities that would enable couples or friends seeking a retreat in this treehouse to experience a deep forest getaway. Staying in this treehouse will put you in a 13-acre wooded area where you can soak in the mountain views and marvel at the treetops. This treehouse has a wood-fired sauna and stove, making it suitable for a year-round stay.

13. Enchanted Garden Treehouse in Schaumburg, Illinois

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Experience a luxurious and private retreat among the trees in this enchanted garden treehouse in Illinois. It is a true nature lover’s getaway since you are surrounded by a running stream that acts as a wildlife refuge, a Koi pond, and a tumbling waterfall. The natural features of this garden are perfectly complemented by the modern amenities in this treehouse, which include a gas grill, a cedar hot tub, a fireplace, an A/C unit, a private hot shower, and unlimited hot water. It’s an eco-friendly treehouse that makes you feel good about your stay!

14. Treehouse at Urban Farm in Indianapolis, Indiana

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This cedar shake treehouse is located within an urban farm in Indianapolis. It is built among native Indian trees and with a veranda where you can overlook the animal pasture and garden. It is a quiet getaway that is only 10 minutes from downtown Indianapolis. There is also a private hot tub available seasonally from March to November. And when you stay in this treehouse, you can glimpse the homestead lifestyle. It’s rustic and luxury combined for the ultimate glamping treehouse!

15. Treehouse Getaway in Bondurant, Iowa

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Staying in this treehouse cabin lets you get close to nature. Wake up to the sound of the birds or the trees swaying against the wind. If you’re a nature lover, this stay is perfect! The cabin can sleep up to five people, making it perfect for friends or a small family. There is an A/C unit and a 5,000-watt heater so that you can stay here anytime. There is a fully functioning kitchen with modern appliances, such as a coffee maker, a toaster oven, and an air fryer.

16. Graham’s Treehouse in Easton, Kansas

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Located within 32 acres of wilderness, this adults-only majestic rustic treehouse retreat opened in 2018. It is a fully private treehouse that overlooks a trickling creek. Guests can access the 32-acre property, including its hiking trails. Inside the treehouse, you can find a fully equipped kitchen with a countertop oven, a two-burner cooktop, a microwave, and a refrigerator. There is also a TV with cable and internet. But if you’re looking for more outdoor space, head to the screened-in deck, where you can listen to the melodies of nature and wildlife.

17. Private Treetop Retreat in Stanton, Kentucky

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This custom-made treehouse gives off that fairy-tale vibe! Here’s your chance to experience peaceful solitude within the forest as you stay in a custom-made treehouse that towers above the trees within this privately owned land. The treehouse features a deck, a 15-ft sliding garage door, a screened-in porch, a full kitchen, a cozy living space, and comfortable beds. You wouldn’t miss home even when surrounded by a thick forest close to the Red River Gorge.

18. Lofted Treehouse Cabin in the Woods in Covington, Louisiana

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Experience a magical place in the woods when you book a stay in this unique treehouse in Louisiana. The treehouse was originally built in the 1970s but was renovated in 2020, featuring Cicada Architecture’s design. The 3-story lofted cabin is all about slow and sustainable living. It has a large picture window that overlooks the woods and highlights the indoor-outdoor design. It has a large master bedroom with a clawfoot tub and a shower. A spiral staircase offers dramatic access to the loft area. An additional rooftop terrace on the third floor is ideal for star gazing or bird watching.

19. The Breeze Treehouse in Appleton, Maine

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Escape to The Breeze Treehouse in Appleton, Maine, within a 120-acre private property. It sits adjacent to a protected nature conservancy, demonstrating this area’s natural beauty. You can enjoy total privacy 20 feet above the ground. The sleeping loft is 40 feet off the ground, which gives you unobstructed views of the land’s natural features. Hang out in the deck to be as close to nature as you can possibly be!

20. Sunnyside Tree House in Silver Spring, Maryland

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While this treehouse is small, don’t let it deceive you. This romantic treehouse is the perfect example of how great things come in small packages. It offers a remote feel, but the treehouse is close to downtown Silver Spring in Maryland. It also has modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay. There is an outside seating provided to ensure that you can maximize the beautiful nature surrounding you. You can also pay extra to set up a hot tub.

21. Mink Cove Treehouse in Wareham, Massachusetts

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Image Source – AirBnB

This hand-crafted treehouse is a labor of love for its owners. Expect the same attention to detail when you book a stay here. It is built 12 ft off the ground, allowing you to enjoy breathtaking views anytime. You can experience the views of Mink Cove in Buzzards Bay from the treehouse. The access to the treehouse is via a suspension bridge, and you can use that to reach a partially covered porch. This spot is perfect for enjoying your morning coffee or watching the sunset. The property where this treehouse is built offers many hiking trails, encouraging more outdoor exploration for the adventurous spirit.

22. Outpost Treehouse in East Leroy, Michigan

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Image Source – AirBnB

Here’s another unique treehouse concept inspired by the forest ranger lookout! The outpost treehouse is not attached to a tree but is located within a 65-acre property filled with white pine forest. This treehouse was built with tremendous attention to detail, as evidenced by the 15 hand-crafted windows. It offers modern amenities, such as a hot and cold shower, air conditioning, a furnace, and a private bathroom with a shower. Solar panels provide power for the interior lighting. There is a fire pit, but guests must bring their own wood.

23. Treehouse Stargazer Cabin in Upsala, Minnesota

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Image Source – AirBnB

This treehouse was featured on PBS’ Pioneer Sportsman segment. The cabin treehouse is an example of a well-designed design showcasing the owner’s love of Tolkien works, specifically Lord of the Rings (LOTR). The entire treehouse can accommodate up to six people. It has modern amenities and a steam sauna. If you’re an outdoor lover, you will love staying here as you can explore walking, hiking, and snowmobiling (during winter). It is one of few treehouse rentals on this list that are child- or family-friendly.

24. Whiskey on the River Treehouse in Petal, Mississippi

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This modern treehouse in Mississippi is your rental property dream come true! The interior design is spacious and bright. The master bedroom features white linens and walls, making it more cozy and comfortable. A full kitchen, dining area, and a cozy living space exist. The wide porch is perfect for relaxing in the morning or sundown. You can enjoy full privacy as you can only see trees from every angle.

25. TreeLoft at BaseCamp in Perryville, Missouri

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Image Source – AirBnB

The elevated TreeLoft Cabin in Missouri is built on a private 20-acre farm. It sits on the same level as the towering trees on the farm and is custom-built to deliver a luxurious stay. With inspired design, the owners hope every guest reconnects with nature and rejuvenates throughout their time here. It is easy to achieve that with the expansive windows that offer almost a 360-degree viewing angle for the mountains and treetops. There is also a skylight above the king-size bed in the main bedroom, allowing you to stargaze at night. A full kitchen with a coffee bar lets you experience the comforts of a home-cooked meal and coffee. It’s a perfect escape!

26. Raven’s Nest Treehouse in Columbia Falls, Montana

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Image Source – AirBnB

This Montana treehouse retreat is a coveted AirBnB rental as it has been featured on Zillow, HGTV, Time, and DIY Network! This two-story treehouse is artistically designed to bring luxury amenities into the jungle. The treehouse sits on a 5-acre wooded property half an hour from Glacier National Park and other notable ski resorts. The A-frame design of the Raven’s Nest treehouse gives it that intimate, tiny home feel. Therefore, it is suited for a couple’s retreat or romantic getaway!

27. Kottage Knechtion Treehouse in South Sioux City, Nebraska

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Image Source – AirBnB

This beautiful treehouse sits 18 feet off the ground and within two cottonwood trees. The entire treehouse is sustainable as it is made with reclaimed materials. At this height, the treehouse offers the best vantage point to relish the Nebraska sunrise and sunset views. It overlooks the entire 5 acres of property where it is built. When the owners built this treehouse, they envisioned it to be a space where guests could come to disconnect and reconnect with nature. Thus, it is perfect for couples or solo getaways.

28. Conestoga Wagon on Dude Ranch in Sandy Valley, Nevada

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Image Source – AirBnB

Finding a treehouse rental in Nevada is challenging, if not impossible. Perhaps it’s because of the desert landscape, or there aren’t many forested areas to build a treehouse. Either way, we found the closest thing you could get to treetop living in Nevada – this farm stay in Sandy Valley. You can experience living on a ranch and enjoy ranch-style activities, such as horse riding and cattle drives. If this sounds ideal, check out this farm stay in an authentic covered wagon at Sandy Valley Ranch.

29. Treetop Sanctuary in Dunbarton, New Hampshire

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Image Source – AirBnB

Experience quiet solitude when you stay in this treetop sanctuary in New Hampshire. A suspended path leads to this treetop oasis 30 feet above the ground. It offers modern amenities like electricity, WiFi, a wood stove, and a fridge. Cooking is allowed in the treetop rental; you can bring kids aged 10 and above. You can even come here during the winter months for a cozy winter getaway!

30. Waterfront Treehouse in Cinnaminson, New Jersey

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Image Source – AirBnB

Relax and enjoy when you book a stay in this waterfront treehouse in New Jersey! There are two properties on this one-acre lot, and this treehouse is one of them. However, you will have private access and a garage to ensure privacy and seclusion. You can sit on the deck to feel the breeze or the chirping sounds of the birds. It is warm and inviting; it sets the right mood to unwind and rejuvenate your soul.

31. Heathers Tree House in Ruidoso, New Mexico

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Image Source – AirBnB

Imagine yourself sitting on the porch of this lovely treehouse, sipping on a glass of wine while watching the sunset. Imagine no more since this treehouse is available for you to stay in New Mexico. Pine trees surround the structure for that romantic atmosphere. Although it feels totally private and secluded, the treehouse is only two minutes from Ski Run Road and Alto Lake. It is a great accommodation for families and couples.

32. North Tree House Retreat in Lake George, New York

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Image Source – AirBnB

Perfect for families or couples, this treehouse consists of three structures that are connected to each other by rope bridges. All structures are available for private access, giving you much space to enjoy. The main treehouse has a fully stocked kitchen, a full bathroom with shower, a living room area, and a loft area. There is also a large deck with hammocks for relaxing. The next structure houses the bedroom with a queen bed, TV, more deck space, and a half bathroom. It is quiet, spacious, and surrounded by nature. What else could you ask for?

33. Earth & Sky Sanctuary in Asheville, North Carolina

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Image Source – AirBnB

Asheville is a stunning place; this treehouse fits perfectly into the scene. It is custom-built with a fairy tale vibe. This treehouse has been featured on DIY Network’s The Treehouse Guys! The treehouse towers over oak trees and a canopy of forested landscape. There is no better place to stargaze at night or watch the sunset as it disappears on the horizon. Experience serenity right in the heart of Asheville, where you can have your own private oasis.

34. The Hytte Hideout in Mayville, North Dakota

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Image Source – AirBnB

Treehouse rentals are hard to come by in North Dakota. But if you’re searching for a place to enjoy a private hideaway amidst nature and surrounded by trees, this is the next best thing. The Hytte Hideout is a cozy cabin built within a 15-acre property near the flowing Goose River.

35. Luxury Treehouse Getaway with Treetop Views in Millersburg, Ohio

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Image Source – AirBnB

Enjoy a romantic getaway in this luxury treehouse in Ohio that has been featured on HGTV! This one-of-a-kind treehouse is located within Ohio’s Amish county and is flocked by a canopy of trees as it is 30 feet in the air! The cabin interior has rough-hewn beams and pine planks to create that relaxing atmosphere. The fireplace encased in sand-cut stone is perfect for warming up during winter. And there is a wrap-around balcony where you can go to soothe your mind and soul in this wooded retreat.

36. Bird’s Nest Tree House in Davis, Oklahoma

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Image Source – AirBnB

This Bird’s Nest Treehouse is built 15 feet from the ground. It offers the perfect spot to watch the Arbuckle Mountains from your room or the balcony. The treehouse might look simple, but it is designed with fine attention to detail. The pebble stone walk-in shower/spa bath is the best example. Various modern and luxurious amenities are available to make you feel like a VIP; you’ll forget you are staying in a treehouse.

37. Heartland Treehouse in Langlois, Oregon

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Image Source – AirBnB

The HeartLand Treehouse in Oregon is built in between two massive fir trees. It is designed to blend seamlessly with nature to ensure the forest is untouched and provide guests with the most authentic treehouse experience. You will be lulled to sleep at night by the sound of a nearby waterfall or woken up by the singing birds in the morning. This treehouse is also near top attractions to explore the beauty of the Oregon South Coast.

38. Ohiopyle Luxury Treehouse in Farmington, Pennsylvania

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Image Source – AirBnB

Experience luxury in the middle of the forest when you stay in this Farmington treehouse in Pennsylvania. The massive treehouse is 900 sq ft, making it an ideal retreat for a family or large group of friends. The entire treehouse is air-conditioned or heated to ensure the most comfortable stay any time of year. You can enjoy three covered patios to feel the mountain breeze or smell the forest. High-vaulted ceilings in the living room make it feel more spacious and the perfect place to gather for socialization and entertainment. It’s your perfect hidden getaway in the forest!

39. Matunuck Hills Treehouse in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

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Image Source – AirBnB

This modern treetop home in Rhode Island is the perfect place to escape from reality. You can unwind and relax in a beautifully designed home with modern amenities overlooking Wash Pond and protected wetlands. The balcony is the perfect spot to relish these views, but you can always step outside the treehouse to explore walking trails. The beaches, restaurants, and shopping destinations are within a few minutes drive. You can come here to surround yourself with nature, whether you want to work or relax!

40. Romantic, Luxury Treehouse Retreat in Walhalla, South Carolina

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Image Source – AirBnB

This award-winning luxury treehouse is designed by Seth Bolt, with the help of a licensed custom home builder. This treehouse is a product of nearly 40 years of work, ensuring every guest’s stay is extraordinary. Unsurprisingly, it’s also one of the most coveted AirBnBs in South Carolina! The treehouse uses harvested timber and offers an excellent array of modern amenities. The entire home is air-conditioned/heated to ensure comfort, regardless of season.

41. The Coop Treehouse in Custer, South Dakota

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Image Source – AirBnB

Stay a few nights in this dreamy treehouse cabin in South Dakota; you may never want to leave. The cabin is inspired by a birdhouse, which explains its whimsical design. The treehouse is built within a private property to ensure complete seclusion and privacy for guests. It has a beautiful kitchen and full bathroom to deliver unparalleled comfort and convenience. It has additional amenities like a hot tub, pool, and laundry facilities.

42. One-of-a-Kind Luxury Treehouse in Bloomington Springs, Tennessee

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Image Source – AirBnB

This exclusive and private luxury treehouse in the woods of Tennessee is unmatched. It is perched 15 feet off the ground and surrounded by thick forest trees. There is no better than this serene forest hideaway to leave your worries behind. It boasts an eclectic style that thoughtfully blends style inspiration from various eras. And yet, it exudes a sense of warmth and comfort that makes each stay welcoming. This cozy ambiance in the lap of luxury is where you can craft new memories!

43. The Treehouse On Lake Travis in Lakeway, Texas

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Image Source – AirBnB

Be enthralled by the stunning lake views on this gorgeous treehouse in Lake Travis, Texas. This treehouse underwent a recent renovation to equip it with modern, luxurious amenities that make your stay memorable. Whether you sit by the fireplace, enjoy your coffee on the balcony, or enjoy a spa-like experience in the bathroom, this treehouse has everything you need – and more! The unique decagon architectural design maximizes every space available to make you feel like royalty. The panoramic windows and vaulted ceilings give you all-day access to the gorgeous lake views.

44. Dreamy Living Treehouse in Park City, Utah

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Image Source – AirBnB

Escape into nature in this dreamy treehouse in Utah with a skylight. In the summer, you can enjoy a real treehouse adventure as the structure is built among 200-year-old fir trees. The main room of the treehouse has a 270-degree glass window, providing maximum opportunity to soak in the views. A large private deck is also where you can step outside and watch the world go by. During winter, you can cuddle up inside with the heating system and blankets provided for guests. It’s magical to see the entire forest transform as it is covered with a blanket of snow. This treehouse has been featured in Thrillist, The Washington Post, Lonely Planet, Travel + Leisure, and more! Here is your chance to see what the buzz is about!

45. Treehouse at Bliss Ridge Farm in Moretown, Vermont

treehouse rentals on airbnb 44
Image Source – AirBnB

Even though this treehouse isn’t available year-round (it is only open from May to October), you wouldn’t want to miss out on the charm of this stunning treehouse with a Dr. Seuss-inspired design. It is perched on a tree within an 88-acre organic farm. Designed by the same people behind DIY Network’s The Treehouse Guys, it boasts an authentic design that immerses it in nature. You can enjoy the seclusion of a quiet stay or explore the wilderness on foot.

46. The Joshua Tree House in Bridgewater, Virginia

treehouse rentals on airbnb 45
Image Source – AirBnB

Come and experience a private getaway tucked in the middle of the forests in Virginia. This 400 sq ft treehouse provides a peaceful retreat for two or a romantic couple’s getaway. It features a walnut spiral staircase, barn beams, a marbled tile shower, and a gas fireplace to keep you comfortable all year round. The bedroom has elegant lighting and skylight views. Wherever you stay, each part of the treehouse is cleverly designed and inspired to offer the best treehouse living.

47. The Treeframe Cabin in India, Washington

treehouse rentals on airbnb 46
Image Source – AirBnB

This modern A-frame treehouse is a one-of-a-kind getaway in Washington. You’re located in the heart of the forest and one with nature. If you’re looking for a new experience, you will enjoy your time in this treehouse cabin as you have the modern amenities that you won’t miss the comforts of home, but you will have the opportunity to re-discover your love for nature. The heated bathroom floors and the hot tub are just some of the modern amenities you wouldn’t expect in this modern treehouse. But it was built to ensure that guests will look forward to their next stay!

48. Cozy West Virginia Treehouse in Shepherdstown, West Virginia

treehouse rentals on airbnb 47
Image Source – AirBnB

Sitting between hickory and oak trees, this treehouse is your quiet retreat only four minutes from downtown Shepherdstown in West Virginia. It is the best overnight accommodation for fun-loving folks who want to escape the daily stresses of life. The treehouse features a front porch where you can sit while enjoying your coffee and the countryside’s stillness. Inside is a large nook where you can enjoy your meals or drinks, a mini kitchen, a dual cooktop, and a comfortable bed with bedding. There is a bathhouse located just outside the treehouse, among other essentials.

49. Modern Treehouse Getaway + Hot Tub in Pepin, Wisconsin

treehouse rentals on airbnb 49
Image Source – AirBnB

Rest and reconnect when you stay in this modern treehouse in Wisconsin! The forest setting and beautifully designed treehouse make relaxing a breeze. From the modern interior amenities, like a fully stocked and well-equipped kitchen, to the open-air hot tub and outdoor space with a fire pit, you couldn’t ask for more. This one-of-a-kind stay nourishes your body as it does your soul. You can reflect as you explore the walking paths on this property and listen to the hum of the breeze brushing against the leaves and branches. The sound of nature at its best is right at your doorstep.

50. Tree Top Tranquility in Casper, Wyoming

treehouse rentals on airbnb 50
Image Source – AirBnB

The name of this treehouse perfectly describes what you can expect during your stay in this treehouse cabin. Experience tranquillity as you escape the bustle of daily life and slow down. The moment you step inside this property, you can embrace the calmness of the surroundings, the serenity of the birds, and the panoramic views that await you.

51. Treehouse of the Royal Palm in San German, Puerto Rico

treehouse rentals on airbnb 51
Image Source – AirBnB

This property in Puerto Rico is your quintessential treehouse adventure experience! The treehouse is built amongst the jungle and blends effortlessly into nature. Palm trees are everywhere, and the interior of the treehouse feels like a jungle. And yet, you can enjoy the basic amenities to live comfortably throughout your stay. The owners built the interior to be spacious and open. The entire structure is 20 feet up in the air, so you tower over the botanical garden and jungle.