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Metal Institutional Building Kits

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Building Overview


Institutional buildings are civic buildings that can be either privately or publically funded and include things such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Using steel can help you to stay within your budget, establish a safe environment and be used for a variety of purposes.

Steel is an affordable material

Steel is a much cheaper material to build with than even wood or stone, primarily because steel is less expensive to produce now and there is more supply and demand for steel.

Plus, steel isn’t at risk for many of the problems that come with wood such as rot or insect infestation.

Steel is also resistant to the weather, rust and corrosion with the right treatment, and it isn’t flammable. This means you might save significantly on both time and the costs associated with maintenance.

Prefabricated kits can be constructed quickly

Prefabricated buildings mean that each one of your structure’s parts is manufactured elsewhere, then brought to your location to be assembled by your team.

Some structures can be constructed in as little as a few months.

You can use these buildings for many uses

Whether you need to use these buildings for a school or nursing homes, you need to make sure that your customers or students will remain safe and can be tailored to your needs.

This means functional staff-only areas and those that are open to the public.

Customise your institutional building

Working closely with a steel building provider, you can customise your institutional structure to match your needs, like the size, the number of windows, doors and things like the paint for your steel building and branding.

You can also choose things such as whether you want any additional materials for your interior or your exterior. This might include things like faux wood, stone or brick.

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