How to Buy Metal Buildings Direct?

Metal Buildings Direct


A metal building is a popular building alternative for many reasons. They are strong, durable, and useful for a variety of different purposes. Additionally, metal is a relatively easy material to construct with. For these reasons and more, metal buildings are a popular option for adding a building to your property for any reason.

In this article, we’re going to focus on the financial side of things. We’re going to show you how to buy these buildings direct. For many, this is the easiest way to source one of these buildings. But when you’re deciding whether to buy a metal building, there are a few questions you might want to be answered, especially when it comes to direct.

What are the benefits of having a metal building? How much do they cost direct?

As well as these questions, you might also want to know where you can buy them from, and how you can purchase direct.

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about buying metal buildings direct, including where you can find them and more. You will get all you need to make your decision as to what metal building best suits your needs, and how you can purchase one in the most economical way possible.


What’s in this guide?

What is a metal building?

A metal building is traditionally made from steel, and they can be used for a wide variety of uses and purposes. This includes as a garage, as a home, for commercial use, as an airplane hangar, as a barn, for various storage needs, and much more.

They typically come prefabricated, which means the parts are manufactured offsite, then they are delivered and assembled on site.

This means that each building is made to exacting standards, and it will be easy to construct.

Sometimes you might not even need a builder, depending on the complexity of the building.

So while it may cost you more upfront for materials, you save money in almost all other aspects of construction. This includes on design, on planning, and on labor. Typically, these prefab metal buildings are much more economical overall.

You can use other materials in conjunction with your metal building, like using rock cladding for instance, to give a more rustic look.

What are the benefits of a metal building?

So, what are the benefits of having a metal building?

Take a look at this list to find out more.

  • Low cost
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Customizable
  • Long lasting

The main benefits to having a metal building are to do with price, as while steel buildings might have been quite expensive a long time ago, now with faster production times, steel is less expensive than you might expect.

In fact, in some instances, steel buildings are much less expensive than wooden structures, even though steel will be much stronger than wood.

Plus, because of the way that metal buildings are prefabricated, it means that you can also save on expensive building costs.

Types of Metal Buildings

Another benefit of steel buildings are just how many options are available to you. Depending on your needs, you will certainly require a different type of steel building kit. In this section, we are breaking down some of the more common types based on category.

These types may or may not be relevant to you depending on what you require. Take a look at some of the more common types of steel buildings and check out whether they suit your needs:


Perhaps the most common usage for steel buildings is commercial. Steel buildings are strong, durable, and easy to construct. This makes them quite perfect for a wide variety of commercial tasks. If you need a building for storage, for office space, for manufacturing, anything else, a steel building might fit the bill.

With commercial, your main concern might be utility and price. As long as the building is suitable for your needs, you want to make sure that it is cost-effective. Buying a metal building direct is one of the most cost effective solutions available, which makes it a great option.


Steel buildings are great for various storage needs as well. Whether you need a warehouse, a metal garage, a steel carport, or a large place to store anything, a steel building is a viable option. They are cost effective to build, and can be built with enough space for very large storage requirements.


Although a less popular choice for residential use, it is still a realistic option. Many choose metal buildings as homes because they are not only cost effective, but quite customizable and unique. You would be surprised at all the design alternatives available to you which can have a metal home rivalling traditional houses.


That’s not all, steel buildings have many other uses that weren’t covered above. They are perhaps the only choice for airplane hangars. They have also seen quite a bit of traction in the agricultural world. From a horse barn, to agricultural storage, to livestock houses, and more.

The important thing to keep in mind with steel buildings is that they are flexible, and can adapt to meet your needs.

How Do I Choose?

With all the options available to you, you might be wondering how to even get started. The important part with any construction problem is to keep your own needs first and foremost.

Before you survey all the design, manufacturing, and purchase options, be sure that you have a proper idea of what you want. Start with a consideration of your needs, and then decide what kind of structure would meet those needs. Consider what you will use the building for, how big it needs to be, and other factors such as terrain, weather, and plot size.

Once you have a great idea of the type of building you want, you can begin choosing from the variety of manufacturers and suppliers available. Read on to find out more about what to look for, as well as the manufacturers you should be considering when buying direct.

What are the materials typically used?

Although metal buildings are usually made from 26 gauge steel, some metal buildings will also use aluminium, either as the primary material, or in combination with steel.

Many of the skyscrapers seen today will utilise aluminum, as it is a light and flexible metal.

However, in some circumstances, it is more expensive than steel.

When it comes to the exterior or interior wrap or cladding, however, there are far more options of customisation.

Here are a few of the most popular choices.

  • Faux wood or wood
  • Stucco
  • Rock
  • Faux stone or stone
  • Brick
  • Corrugated metal

The material that is the right choice for you depends wholly on what look you want for your exterior or interior, like your branding or personal style.

For instance, you might want to choose a faux wood exterior for use when you have a restaurant for example, or you might select vintage brick for a fitness centre.

How much do metal buildings cost?

Many different factors might contribute to the final cost of your metal building, including the following:

  • Size of your building
  • The materials used
  • Your location
  • Whether you need a builder
  • If you need special permissions

The best thing you can do to minimize the cost of your building is to have exact plans and specifications in place beforehand. If you make an accurate plan, with regard to the above factors, you will be in a good position to approach each cost decision. You will know what is necessary to your project, and where you can make things more economical. Effective planning is the first step.

Company Customer Rating Starting Prices Warranty
Metal Homes Direct 4.6/5 $5,800 40 years
Morton Steel Buildings 5/5 $29,000 50 years
VersaTube 4/5 $2,176 20 years
Freedom Steel 4.7/5 $14,000 25 years
Victory Buildings 5/5 $4,020 20 years
Viking Steel Structures 4.2/5 $4,630 N/A

How do I buy metal buildings direct?

There are a couple of traditional options when it comes to buying your metal building.

Firstly, you could approach a local dealer who might be associated with different metal building suppliers in the US.

However, this can sometimes mean extra costs, third-party involvement and it can sometimes hold up your purchase.

On the other hand, you could approach one of these metal building suppliers direct.

This can help you to save money, you get one point of contact, and you can explain your specific needs and what you want to achieve.

What are the steps?

Here are the steps to purchasing your metal building direct from a supplier.

Step 1

First of all, you need to establish what exactly you will need from your metal building, such as the dimensions. This will include the length, width, and height of your desired structure.

This is where you will likely speak to a specialist who will be able to let you know if your metal building can be realistically built on your site.

Step 2

Next, your consultant or specialist will usually give you a quotation based on the size of your building as well as the cost of steel.

There will usually be elements factored in such as things that can affect the market price of steel.

Step 3

You’ll then need to try and lock down your metal building price.

Typically, when you put down a fraction of the deposit, you will be able to lock in a price for a set amount of time.

Step 4

Many suppliers will then offer you a 3D drawing or CAD drawing of your metal building, which will include all of the details such as openings and frames.

Your drawings will then be stamped by an engineer, which means that you can continue with pulling building permits for construction.

Step 5

Next, you’ll pick all of your openings exactly and anything else like insulation, which will give you proper cost estimates.

Nothing will be finalised until you have approved all of the plans.

Step 6

One of the last steps is to make sure that the plans have all been approved, and you can release your specifications for prefabrication.

Having a prefab building means that everything is manufactured off-site, so it saves on many costs and labour.

Step 7

Finally, it’s time for delivery!

You will arrange a date and time to have your prefab metal building delivered, so you will need to make sure that you have all the equipment available and on site.

This can save on time and your overall pricing.

Top 5 direct metal building suppliers

1. Victory Buildings

Victory Buildings

Type: Metal building supplier

Locations: Florida

Victory Buildings are a five-star rated company where you can buy your steel buildings directly for a low cost, and excellent customer service from a team of Veterans in Florida and South Georgia.

They can offer affordable prices, American-made products and completely prefabricated buildings.

Building types include barns, carports, RV shelters and garages to name a few.

2. Morton Steel Buildings

Morton Buildings

Type: Steel building supplier

Locations: North and south Dakota, Idaho, Michigan, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New York, Virginia, Kentucky and more.

Morton Steel Buildings has a history that spans back over 100 years, with locations all over the United States in most states, with sales offices and shipping points.

You can purchase Morton’s steel buildings directly from their salespeople, with many structures that can be used for many purposes including residential buildings, equestrian, commercial and community spaces.

Factors that affect the price of your building are things like the size of your structure, your building site and your specific needs.

3. Factory Steel Overstock

Factory Steel Overstock

Type: Metal and steel building supplier

Locations: Colorado

Factory Steel Overstock is a unique metal and steel building supplier because they offer more than one way to create or deliver a steel building which suits your needs.

For example, you can benefit from being able to choose from one of their standard kits which will be exactly duplicated, or you can create your customised building.

They have a 4.2/5 rating on Google, with many customers stating that the process of purchasing their building was easy and the team is helpful and friendly.

4. Big Buildings Direct

Big Buildings Direct

Type: Metal building supplier

Locations: Illinois

Big Buildings Direct is an Illinois-based metal building supplier who provides their steel structures directly to you, the consumer.

On offer are metal barns, garages, and other buildings, such as those for commercial use and custom building kits.

Another benefit to choosing Big Buildings Direct is that they offer you starting prices on their website so you can have a decent idea of how much your steel building will cost you.

5. Worldwide Steel Buildings

Worldwide Steel Buildings

Type: Metal and steel building supplier

Locations: Missouri, Minnesota

Worldwide Steel Buildings is another direct to consumer supplier, who can provide you with many different steel buildings, such as those for agriculture, garages, greenhouses, recreational uses, and even for your home.

They will manufacture your prefabricated steel buildings in their factory located in Missouri, and provide you with almost everything you need to build your kit.


In conclusion, buying metal buildings direct can help you to save money and time.

As well as giving you more opportunity to work with a team of skilled professionals.

Have you learnt everything you need to know about buying metal buildings direct?

Finally, do you want to learn more about different building products and materials?

Check out the Green Building Elements guides or compare quotes below.