Strip Mall Design & Construction

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Building Overview


Strip malls require a significant investment, due to the time, financial commitment and project management that is involved in constructing your new building.

So, how can steel help you? What are the benefits of using this material for your structure?

Customise your strip mall with branding and architecture

If you want your strip mall to stand out, being able to provide a unique shopping experience is essential, and having a bespoke structure can help you to achieve that.

You can customise the number of windows and doors you want as well as their size; you can choose aesthetic elements such as whether you want exterior cladding, or paint your building with your brand colours.

Easily replicate your building for chains or franchises

When you want to expand your business or create a successful franchise, being able to replicate your structure can help you to achieve your goals.

This means that your customers will instantly recognise your brand, and help your company grow.

Steel is an affordable alternative

Wood or stone can seem like an attractive choice for your strip mall, but did you know that steel can be a much more affordable alternative, and still stand out as well?

You can save money by using steel as the main base of your building, but then you can add cladding around part of your exterior, such as faux wood and rock for example.

You can depend on the integrity of steel

Steel is known as a reliable and resistant material because it isn’t at risk for many of the problems that can occur with other materials.

Steel won’t rot, rust or corrode easily, it won’t be infested with insects, and it isn’t flammable, making it one of the safest materials that you can use for your strip mall.

Metal Building FAQ's

How can you save money on a steel building?

Locking in a price when steel prices are low, along with a break in the production calendar can be a great way to save. Fill in the form to talk with an expert!

What customization options are available?

Insulated floors are popular with buildings that need predictable temperature, like aircraft hangers and homes.

Why go for a steel building?

  • Cheaper to insure than wood buildings
  • Lower maintenance & operating costs
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Can recycle after use
  • Strong and customizable
  • Very secure
  • Low time to build

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