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In the name of sustainability and sanity, the era of the oversize home is hopefully giving way to the small home, becoming a phenomenon of the past, where little regard was given to energy, materials, and land consumption. As the economist E. F. Schumacher once opined: “Small is Beautiful.”

The following three designs (220 to 900 sq ft) provide some interesting examples of far smaller dwellings, some of which can be moved on wheels.

Minim House

small house 1 minim 700
The cabins of boats, RV’s and many tiny homes are efficient, but often lack a breathability that invites one to stay. Minim House is 210 square feet of very efficiently designed space, with a floorplan that visitor after visitor says “feels spacious” and “not tiny”.

From MinimHouse: “Designed by Foundry Architects and Brian Levy, Minim House design stands on the shoulders of others: House 227 from the great folks at Yestermorrow, the hidden platform bed from Front Studios, the not-so-tiny homes from Stephen Marshall at Little House on a Trailer, the Solo designs from MiniHome, plans from Wheelhaus, and Idea Box’s MiniBox.  Yet the design integrates some of the best elements from these plans, adds its’ own unique elements, and responds to my perceptions of the current state of small house-on-wheels design and use.”

miniHome – SOLO 24 BUNKIE

small homes 2 mH_24-Solo_2W2

The Solo 24 makes a perfect guest cabin or cottage bunkie. With 288 sq.ft of living space it features a full 3 piece bathroom, a wet bar and a cozy sleeping loft. It also features an integral open concept 144 sq.ft. screened porch ideal for bug-free summer nights.From miniHome: “Welcome to the miniHome. Our prefab modular buildings are quite simply at the forefront of the global green revolution in home construction. Embodying the best in contemporary design, our affordable miniHomes exemplify the highest standards of modern residential design, materials and technology to create beautiful, energy efficient and enduring dwellings. Most of the science behind building a green home is taking into account smart design, energy efficiency and locally-sourced materials. The Sustain Design Studio team take these elements into consideration with each miniHome we sell. Working from this ethos, we will help to reduce your environmental footprint and keep your operational and maintenance costs low.”

miniHome – Solo 36 Bunkie

small homes 4 bunkie p1050553-sm
The Solo 36 Bunkie represents sustainable independent living. Designed to feel like a contemporary condominium, the Solo 36 Bunkie has the advantage of being open to nature on all four sides. With everything you need to accomodate guests or even to live in, the Solo 36 Bunkie is the perfect alternative solution for year-round living or quiet week-end getaways.

Make your own search for small or tiny homes — many that come on wheels. This represents a new movement for green building champions.

Sources: Gizmag, MinimHouse

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