Miranda Homes is a Company That Leads the Way of Sustainable Construction

Home owners and home builders are looking for new technologies to simplify construction and to improve the impact that the home has on the environment.  Rob Boydstun changed his metal works company that built car carriers into a company that’s leading the way in recycled, prefabricated homes called Miranda Homes.

Many attributes contribute to the fact that these homes are more sustainable than traditional wood-framed houses.  Some of the contributing factors are that the foundation is poured in one day, thus eliminating waste and shortening the time it can be completed, also that the walls are built in a controlled-plant environment not on-site, then shipped to the site and assembled in one day, lessening travel and construction time, plus energy wasted in transport and materials.  These homes can be built in 45-60 days from ground breaking and require one-third less labor than wood-framed homes.

The wall panel systems are 100% recycled steel from junked cars.  Miranda Homes uses both rigid and blown-in foam insulation, thus reducing air-transfer that is typical with steel structures.  This insulation combination also controls passive vents and heat loss by piping.

Other bonuses to the prefabricated recycled steel walls are:

  • Pest/Moisture resistant
  • Outlasts traditional materials
  • Affordable
  • Technologically advanced

Mark Mecklem, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Miranda Homes states,

“Miranda Homes is always researching new products to see how they fit into our building principles and methods. We’re looking for products that improve safety for our people, reduce impact on the environment, and increase the quality, monthly savings, and longevity of our homes for the homeowners.”

They have currently seven different home designs to choose from and have partnered with Landwaves, Inc. to build a housing community in Oregon.  “Modern House Magazine” wrote of Boydstun’s company’s engineering progress,

“In the end, it’s not the style that makes these houses “modern,” rather the efficiency.”

Efficiency as a home builder is just as important as efficiency for the home owner.  Miranda Homes knows how important this is and is changing the construction industry by changing their ways making more sustainable options available to the public.

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Photo Source: Green Diary