John Marshall Roberts Spreading the Message, Empathy is the Key to Greener Society

Empathy can be a powerful agent in changing the world. Just ask John Marshall Roberts who is a bestselling author, social scientist, and CEO of Worldview Learning. Roberts describes himself as “a renegade social scientist who refused to fit in in the academic world that I came from”. In a GreenSmith Session ran by Paul Smith, the “sustainable firebrand” Roberts and Smith discuss the importance of empathy and how it can be a catalyst of change in becoming a grenner society during their podcast. Marshall explains,

“If we take that blame away, and throw in the word empathy, which leads to insight, then insight can lead to common vision, which can lead to collaboration, which can lead to actual problem solving.”

Recently, Roberts also had the honor of presenting at the TEDx in New Zealand. “If you’ve not seen him present, he’s got this irreverent, insightful way about him, when it comes to how to effect change in the world, on both a personal and global environment level,” says Smith, “Disarmingly honest, and able to cut through the mental static we all experience, he’s blown many a mind”. If you missed it, you can catch it here. In this talk, Roberts makes the case for empathy drawing from history, insight, and a bit of sense of humor.

So check out the podcast on GreenSmith and enjoy the video. Help spread the word so Roberts can spread this inspiring message on the main TED site.

Source: GreemSmith Consulting

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