Honda Smart Home is Built for Your Green Lifestyle

Honda Smart Home

Built in collaboration with UC Davis in California, the Honda Smart Home is a three-year green building project that will house university staff and other tenants, who have volunteered to have their energy needs and use monitored to see if a home like this could suit “typical” American families. With a combination of solar panels and energy efficient building methods, the 2,000 square-foot home includes a 10 kWh battery pack system that can store excess solar power during cloudy days while needing very little energy for itself.

Engineers from Honda have worked with UC Davis to both maximize the home’s energy efficiency, Pono Home-style, and make sure it plays nice with Honda’s newest generation of award-winning plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. You can find out more about the Honda Smart Home project in this article, below, originally written by Chris DeMorro and published at our sister site, Gas 2. Enjoy!


Honda Smart Home Design With EVs In Mind (via Gas 2.0)

Car companies are integrating their products deeper into our lives, and the Honda Smart Home is built with future electric vehicles in mind. More than that though, the California-located smart home is designed to be energy positive, pumping energy back…

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