Freedom Yurt Cabin Is Eco-Friendly And Affordable

Freedom Yurt Cabin is affordable and energy efficient

Freedom Yurt Cabin is affordable and energy efficient

A traditional yurt is a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. Many see a connection between the yurt and the tepees used by many Native American tribes.

Freedom Yurt Cabin is affordable and energy efficientFreedom Yurt Cabins of Aurora, Colorado has recently unveiled a modern interpretation of the classic yurt, one which includes energy efficient windows, good insulation and a real front door. It features a wooden frame made from Lodgepole pine and come with an integrated floor. The walls are made from integrated panels insulated with fiberglass and have an insulating value of R 9.7. The ceiling is made of polyisocyanurate rigid foam insulation board with an insulation rating of R 13.7. The interior ceiling is made of wood and supported by a steel roof ring. It is covered by a DuraLast heavy duty vinyl roof and has a clear acrylic roof dome that is placed over the central opening.

The cabins also feature Low-E windows and an insulated steel door. A concrete foundation is not needed to erect the cabin, meaning it can also be moved from place to place with relative ease. A yurt works great as an extra bedroom, a work space, or a party space. It can also be used as a holiday cabin or Tiny House. It comes unfurnished but the company plans to begin offering prefab interior accessories by the end of 2015, according to Jetson Green.

The yurt comes in kit form and can be purchased in several sizes. The company says 2 people should be able to assemble any one of its kits in a weekend.  The smallest has 12 wall panels and measures 217 sq ft. It costs around $12,000. The next size up is a 14 wall model measuring 296 sq ft (27 sq m), which costs under $14,000. The largest yurt has 16 wall panels. It has 377 square foot of space and costs $15,995. Contact the company directly to inquire about availability and shipping costs.

Below is a video showing how a Freedom Yurt Cabin is to assemble.

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