First Time in the USA, A Quiet Rooftop SWIFT Wind Turbine For Homes & Businesses

Cascade Engineering has just launched its SWIFT Wind Turbine in the United States and Canada. Quieter than a whisper, SWIFT provides businesses and homeowners in windy environments an effective solution to lower energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Cascade Wind Turbine

Built on unique, patented technology, the SWIFT Wind generates electricity by harnessing the power of the wind providing a clean energy source for domestic, community and industrial use. Optimally sited, this turbine will produce approximately 2000 kWh of electricity per year. One of the quietest wind systems available, it generates less than 35 decibels of noise at all wind speeds

According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), the small wind turbine market is expected to grow 18-20 percent through 2010 — despite the lack of federal-level incentives to date.

A Sustainable Design For Your Sustainability Needs

Key benefits of the SWIFT Wind Turbine include:

  • Quiet, vibration-free rooftop operation to avoid noise disturbance
  • Sustainable design enabling it to become carbon and energy positive within four years
  • Safe, efficient and autonomous operation
  • Innovative design that makes it aesthetically and acoustically
  • attractive
  • Building mountable allowing use in urban and suburban areas

Bringing Your SWIFT Wind Turbine Home

Depending on the installed price, conventional electricity costs, wind speeds and incentives available, the SWIFT Wind Turbine can pay for itself in as little as three years. Currently, SWIFT turbines are available in the Northeast U.S., Great Lakes States and Western Canada. To find a dealer nearest you, visit

Image Credit: Cascade Engineering

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