Hansgrohe to Bring Simple, Compact Grey Water System to U.S.

Already a leader in water and energy conservation in bathroom fixtures, Hansgrohe is preparing to bring to the United States the Pontos Aquacycle grey water system.  Currently available in Europe, the Pontos Aquacycle is a compact and efficient way to convert bath and shower water into clean, filtered water for use in toilets, washing machines, interior cleaning, and exterior watering.  The Pontos Aquacycle ranges in size from a cabinet shaped basic model, cleaning roughly 237 gallons of water a day, to large, hotel use models that clean 3,300 gallons a day.

Silent and odor-free, the Pontos Aquacycle uses a four chamber system to filter the bath or shower water into clean, usable water: two main recycling chambers, a sediment disposal chamber, and a UV-sterilization chmaber.   No date has been set for the US release of the Pontos Aquacycle, but I’ve been told that Hansgrohe is targeting 2009.

The Pontos Aquacycle joins several other green products in Hansgrohe’s EcoRight series.  Their showerheads save water without sacrificing power by injecting air into the water flow with their patented EcoAIR technology, resulting in 30%-36% less water usage.  Their Croma Green handshowers and showerheads use a flow rate of only 1.6 gallons per minute.  Additionally, since 1993 their production facility in Offenburg, Germany has been powered by a huge photovoltaic power generator, reducing roughly 100 tons of greenhouse gases per year.

Check back for updates on Pontos Aquacycle release dates.

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Virginia Inventors Develop Signal Acquisition Mode Controller

US Fed News Service, Including US State News September 23, 2006 ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 23 — Timothy R. Miller of Arlington, Va., Gerard P. Lynch of Ashburn, Va., and Deepak M. Joseph of Oakton, Va., have developed a mode controller for signal acquisition and tracking in an ultra wideband communication system. web site debt to income ratio calculator

An abstract of the invention, released by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, said: “A system and method is provided for controlling the mode of operation in a UWB receiver. In one variation, the system and method determines the mode of operation by reading a set number of samples of the signal, estimating mode parameters, calculating a mode probability, and then transitioning in a finite state machine between a track and an acquisition state depending on the value of the mode probability. Exemplary versions of the mode controller include a signal to noise ratio calculator, a signal and noise power estimator, and an automatic gain control initialization circuit.” The inventors were issued U.S. Patent No. 7,110,473 on Sept. 19. go to website debt to income ratio calculator

The patent has been assigned to Freescale Semiconductor Inc., Austin, Texas.

For more information about US Fed News federal patent awards please contact: Myron Struck, Managing Editor/US Bureau, US Fed News, Direct: 703/866-4708, Cell: 703/304-1897, Myron@targetednews.com.

Call 800/786-9199 (in the U.S. or Canada) or 703/308-4357 for assistance from a U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Customer Service Representatives and/or access to the automated information message system.

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